Freitag, 10. April 2015

Welcoming a new family and some wonderful surprises

Dear Readers,

this Wednesday the door bell rung and I went downstairs, looking who that might be. As I went out through the door in the first floor (I live in the 6th floor by the way)  there was...nothing. Nothing but a little sign: "You weren't there, please fetch your parcel there and there".  

I couldn't believe why the postman couldn't have waited just a minute longer. I mean they know where I live and they know that it needs a bit time from the 6th to the first floor. So angry me walked on the street. Suddenly I saw the transporter of the postman and - yep, that's the funny part - run after him, waving with that silly little note.
Luckily he stopped and I got my parcel. But - and that's the unbelievable part - that postman really tried to tell me I should be faster! O.o
I even took the ascensor to be faster! How long did he waited - 15 seconds? Grrrrrr!!!

But when I saw from who the parcel was, all my anger was forgotten! The parcel was from lovely Aranera!

And when I opened it, I was all over the moon! So many wonderful things waited for me. 

We agreed in this trade a while ago and I knew that I was getting the Bamboo panda family and some fantastic handmade things.

What I didn't know was that Aranera got me some gorgeous surprises.

First she also bought me another panda, Mr. Albus Bamboo, who will the Bamboos grandfather. So I proudly present the newest members of Marigold Creek:

You see Alexandra was very happy to be reunited with her youngest, who was waiting desperatly for her to arrive.

I was a bit surprised, how big the pandas were. Compared to a Petite bear they seem to be huge! :D But I really like them, they have soft and pretty faces.

The next surprise was another new villager: a little Fisher cat babie!

Milicent and Mallory were glad she arrived safely. Aren't the babies just the cutest in the Sylvanian world?

To my big surprise Aranera gave me the lovely Village Sweet Stall and the Welsh Dresser set.
I love the details in both sets.

The dresser has a beautiful design, the little teapot is too cute! Also I like the "glass" doors in the top.

The sweet stall has lots of goodies in it. Cookies and waffers...

...lollies and all kinds of bonbons and chocolate.

The sweets can be hold by a figure, like grandpa Albus shows us. Albus, by the way, will also own the little sweets cart.

I also got some fantastic handmade scarves, gloves and hats.
Luna, Anton, Bruno and Molly were happy to show them to you.

Here's also a view of the back of Mollies hat - I think it's really fancy! What do you think?

Thank you so much for another absolutely wonderful trade, Aranera! I'm always looking forward to our trades - they make so much fun! :) :*

I hope you enjoyed this little tour - the new bios will be uploaded in the next days.

Have a nice weekend,
yours Kyra


  1. You lucky woman! Wow! Now I cant wait for the Bamboos to move into their house

    1. Thank you - the Bamboos are searching for some furniture ^^

  2. What a lovely trade! I agree, sylvanian babies are so cute!

  3. What a lovely trade! It was a pity the postman was so impatient but nevertheless they reached you safe and sound ^^ Aranera is so kind and generous!

    1. Thank you :). Yes, she really is! Yep- thst postman was unbelievable!

  4. Congrats on the great trade! It sounds like that postman was dreadfully rude, but at least you got the parcel in the end :D Aren't those bamboo pandas just to die for?! And the Welsh Dresser is divine :D


  5. Oh I'm so so so so happy you liked your parcel! What an annoying postman though! XD I think Albus will love running the sweets cart, I had the same idea when I packed up the parcel! :D

    1. :) :) thank youuuu so much for those wonderful gifts! Now I hope that my parcel arrives you soon :)
      That's funny - yes, I'm sure he loves it!

  6. Yay on getting that parcel! The panda family is really too cute for words. I didn't really think I would be getting them but your picture is making me rethink this. So so cute! The handmade clothes are awesome! Very well made!

    1. Thank you so much :). I thought the same, when I first saw them, but then I had the panda baby in my hands and then I just thought "Awwww" :D

  7. Lol. I know you were upset at the postman at first but I laughed when I read how you described it here because it was so vivid. Glad you got the parcel eventually and it was a wonderful one. It’s very generous of Aranera to send you so many good things. I always want the Panda family. They look so cute and make me miss my hometown (in China yes!). And she even found the panda grandpa whom I’ve never seen before. The candy cart is incredible detailed. The handmade costumes look amazing. You two are both very creative crafters.

    Reading your blog always make me happy. And it actually makes me miss playing Sylvanian Families. I spent a lot of time playing Re-ment with Blythe dolls. Now I think I need make time to go back to Sylvanian world.

    Thank you for always sharing good stories Kyraja!

    1. :D it was a wild hunt ;) :D
      Thank you very much! Arnera really is very talented!

      Aww, thank you! I'm glad I could make you happy :). But playing Re-ment is so much fun too. :)

      It's my pleasure :)

    2. (Chloe: The Panda grandpa doesn't exist, it's just a panda figure I made into a grandpa for Kyra :) )

  8. Awesome trade! The Bamboos are sweet looking! What a rude postman though, poor you! :(

  9. Wow, we have the nicest postman ever! The hat on Mrs McBurrows is amazing!!!!!

  10. Really cute trade!! I love the panda family you received (I hope you'll post a story about them sometime! :D) Love the treat cart too! But seriously, those hats & scarves are amazing!!! I really love Mollies hat! Sorry about your postman too, I've had experience with bad postmen as well! Not in parcel deliveries, but our old one used to run over the side of our lawn countless times!!

    1. Thank you so much! :) Yes - I will post a story about them soon - I already started to take the photos :).
      Oh my! Those postmen! That's so annoying!