Mittwoch, 13. Mai 2015

Playmobil finds and (!) the finished Highfield farm

Dear Readers,

last weekend I visited my parents. While my boyfriend and I helped them carrying things from our attic, I found a huge box of my old playmobil toys. I was amazed by all those little accessoires and fastly found out that they have the perfect size for my Sylvanians.
So... I took some stuff with me, which I definitely want to show you:

Wow, right? I mostly took little accesoires, like plates or baskets with me, but I also found a complete dental practice!
I was soooo happy with this find, because my Truffle family can now open their practice.

The chair can be moved and fits for all sizes :D.

I also found other hospital stuff, which I will use for my practice, like this bed.

Edith shows us the flexibilty of the bed^^.

Then I detected some things like this old lawn mower...

...this cute umbrella....

... a parking meter...

... and an air gun. <-- I should say that I owned a lots of Cowboy and Native American playmobil stuff, that's why I have this gun^^.

I also found a Teepee and an advertising column (I will show you some pictures soon).

And last but not least this cute letterbox (I'm very excited that my Sylvanians will have a typical German letterbox)...

... and this bicycle :D.

I used some of my Western themed stuff in my Highfield farm house to finally finish it.

So I proudly present: Highfield farm - home of the Snow-Warrens:

Please visit this site to see all rooms in detail :).

And yes I know there's some fur on the wall... But I thought it fits to that farmhouse... And also it's no real fur... It's fake fur^^. My Sylvanians would never hung a relative of their postman Pete Petite on their wall O.o.

Yours Kyra


  1. Fantastic finds! Wow! Cant wait to see how you use it!

  2. Wow this is awesome! I never knew how well playmobil scaled with SF! I like the German letterbox and parking meter, how cute! But is that a bear fur on the wall?! even if it's fake, how will the Petites feel? Just teasing. ;D

    1. Me too, it was a big surprise :D.
      Oh my... yes... I hope Pete won't be angry ;D

  3. WOW that's an awesome haul!! I saw many Playmobil things and wanted to buy the pirate ship set for my Zelfs. Didn't know they would fit so well for Sylvanians! Now I'm sure I will get some in the future!

    I love the way you explained the bear skin hanging on the wall lol! You know I've decided that my Sylvanians will only have fish and vegetables :x I find it so weird for them to be eating meat since they're all friends with each other! I am considering removing eggs from the menu too because I have duck family. Luckily there are no SF chickens xD