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Two families - one house

Dear Readers,

finally I almost finished the decorating on Beechwood hall. To celebrate this, I've wrote a new story :)


Eleanor and Mortimer von Stachel took a seat in the little bureau of Mason Tuxedo. He took a few hours off to help the hedgehog family find a new home.

"Well, we really have an almost finished house here, but there is one little point, which might sound a bit strange to you in the first moment.", Mason began.

"Now, I'm really curious!", laughed Mortimer, "Tell us about the strange point!"
"You would have to share the house with another family. It's a two families house and the upper part is already sold.."
"So there already lives a family?", Eleanor wondered, "Who's that? I've never met them."
"That's because they are just on their way to Marigold Creek. They come from Evergreen Village. Mr. Bamboo told me that they're planning to open a toyshop here."
"How exciting!", Eleanor said, "So we would both be shop owners!"
Mortimer nodded, "I'm sure we could get along with eachother!"

Mason showed a picture of a nice building with a red coloured roof, "That would be the house..."
"It's beautiful!"
"So you are willing to visit it?", Mason smiled.

The two hedgehogs looked at each other.
"Yes, we are.", Mortimer answered good mooded.
"Great, I just take the keys and then we can. .."
Mason was interrupted by his daughter Angelica, who looked at Eleanor. "Will you take a look at our dollhouse?", she whispered.

The hedgheog lady smiled, "Of course I will."
Together they went to the great new dollhouse. Immediately Peppermint and Moonlight, the youngest of the triplets, run to them.
"You have a fantastic dollhouse!", Eleanor said.
"Have you seen the little cats?", Peppermint asked.

"I'm so sorry.", ashamed Mason scratched his head, "But they want to show their dollhouse to everyone."

"Don't worry.", laughed Mortimer, "We don't mind at all. Our children were the same in that age."

After the children let them finally go, the three persons left the house and walked their way to Beechwood Hall.

As they stood infront of the building, Eleanor said: "It really is an impressive house!"
"It is and it looks so inviting!"

Fastly Mason Tuxedo opened the door, so the two hedgehogs could inspire the flat.
It had two big rooms, which could be easily divided.

Mason looked discretely out of the window, while Eleanor and Mortimer discussed if they should take the flat.
"I would buy it.", the man said, "It's pretty and has lots of space. And about the other family... If we really don't like eachother - who minds? We have two separated flats!"
His wife nodded softly, "I thought the same."
"So... should we?"
A grin appeared on her face, "We should!"
Excited Mortimer pulled his wife in his arms and gave her a kiss, "Do you think the children will also like it?"
"For sure. It's bigger than our old flat!"

Hand in hand they walked back to Mason and told him about their decision.
Happily the tom cat let them sign the contract.

Just a few days later, the walls were wallpapered and the furniture stood in the right place. 

A week later suddenly the door bell rung. The children were at school and Mortimer was already working in the village store, do Eleanor was all alone at home. 
Curiously she opened the door and looked in the soft face of a panda man.

"Oh, good morning!", Eleanor cleaned her hands at her apron.
"Good morning, Mrs. von Stachel. My name is Shinichi Bamboo.", he said with a kind voice, "Me and my family will live in the flat above you."

Surprised Eleanor smiled, "Nice to meet you! Please come in!" 

"Thank you!", Shinichi followed her in the house, "I wanted to talk with you, because we will move in this weekend - I fear it will get louder. Unfortunatly we have just this weekend for our moving. I hope this will be okay for you."

"Of course! Don't worry.", Eleanor said and waved aside, "Moving house is always stressful and we don't mind about the sound volume."

"Thank you, Mrs. von Stachel."
"Please call me Eleanor. We are neighbours."

"It will be my pleasure.", Shinichi said, "I'm looking forward to move here - Marigold Creek seems to be such a nice village."
"You will like it here, I'm sure. May I offer you some tea?"
"That would be very kind."

Eleanor and Shinichi walked into the living room.
"Your flat looks fantastic!", complimented the panda.
"Thank you - that's so kind of you to say!"

Together they enjoyed a cup of tea, chatting about their families. Then Shinichi said goodbye. He had to prepare the moving.

As said the Bamboos moved in the next weekend and they were loudly welcomed by the von Stachel.

"Hello!", Mortimer said, "I hope you had a good journey!"
The Bamboos were a family of six: grandpa Albus, the parents Shinichi and Akane and their three children Sayuri, Aki und Chiko.

"Thank you!", Akane Bamboo answered, "We had a good journey. It's so wonderful to meet you all!"

Instantly they all said hello and started to get known of each other. The children liked eachother immediately and the adults recognized that they were on the same wavelength. 

Greta showed Sayuri their room. The two girls got excited, because they both liked the same dolls.
"Do you like fairytales?", Sayuri shyly asked.
"Of course!", Greta smiled, "Especially the ones with witches!"
"Yes, they are the best!"
"Do you know that Marigold Creek also has a witch?"
"What?", Sayuri eyes widened, "Who? Are you sure?"
Greta nodded seriously, "She lives in the forest in a little scary house, I've heard."
"How scary! Is she bad?"
"I don't know, I've never met her... But Franz and I want to visit her house soon!"

Meanwhile Eleanor helped Akane with the bedding in the childrens room. She and Mortimer had decided to help their new neighbours.
"Thank you so much for helping Eleanor! It means so much for us."
"It's our pleasure! We know how stressful moving house is."
"It really is, especially with three children!"
Eleanor nodded, "Indeed. Chiko is still very young, isn't he?"
"He just turned one year.", Akane sighed, "It was a hard decision to move at this time."
"I can imagine..."

Mortimer and Shinichi at the same time started to carry the heavy furniture into the new appartement of the Bamboo family.
"Do you have a good stand?", Mortimer yelled downstairs.
"I hope so!", laughing Shinichi hauled up the table.

Meanwhile Aki and Franz climbed the big tree next to their house.
"Do you think anyone will need us?", Franz laughed.
"No, no.", Aki grinned all over his face, "And if so... They must find us first!"
The two boys were very proud about their hide-out.

Grandpa Albus Bamboo took care of little Chiko, who tried out his new play car, while the others were working.

Thanks to the help of the von Stachels the Bamboos could move in very fast. Just two days later everything was finished.
To celebrate the new house Shinichi and Akane decided to host a little party for the families. But of course Eleanor and Mortimer wanted to bring something too.

Together they enjoyed delicious cakes and donuts and the best wine Mortimer and Akane sold in their store.

It was a great party and the begin of a wonderful friendship and neighbourhood.


I'm sure we will here more about the two families soon- Especially when the Bamboos can open their shop^.^.

You will find more pictures of Beechwood Hall on my houses site, I will upload them now.

Oh and check out the Villagers page - there are some changes:
- the Löffel's have another boy (I got another Luna Löffel with the starter house and just couldn't let go of her. So I turned her into a boy - Antons twin brother William)
- Gabriel Hornigold have married Elsie Buttercup
- Cassandra Maces bio is up 

See you soon,
yours Kyra


  1. Aww! What a lovely story! :D The two Families are so so sweet and I just LOVE the way you decorated Beechwood Hall! :D The Löffels look like such a cute family, I love the addition of William and the new clothes :) And Cassandra Maces is hilarious :)

    1. Thank you so much :D
      I'm glad you like William - there will be a new Löffel story soon, than you will know him better :)
      And Cassandra will appear also soon ^.^

  2. Fantastic story! I love how they immediately clicked as friends. Now Im waiting for the pics of the house so that I can inspect it closely. Then Im a bit distressed!!!! How can Daisy's brother just get married!!! Without letting his sister know? Shame on you!!!! And I love how mysterious Cassandra sounds

    1. :) thank you so much! They will be really good friends I think.
      :'D oh my! How could I?

  3. Adorable story! I love the way beechwood hall looks.