Sonntag, 14. Juni 2015

Starting the day with the Truffles

Dear Readers,

it's time for a new story:)

On this sunny Saturday morning Eustace Barrington Truffle left the house to do some short shopping for breakfast.
"Please take care my darling!", Victoria said, before she waved her husband.
"I'll be back soon, my dear!"

Eustace walked into the village center - many people were already outside: The Löffel seniors walked with their youngest granddaughter, family Hunter-Smith just entered the bakery, while the Fishers enjoyed their breakfast on the cozy terrace infront of the bakery.

"So many villagers...", Eustace thought, "I wonder if they will all visit our practice...."

 Friendly the wildboar greeted the Fishers and Mrs. Löffel...

...while three little labradors admired the delicious cakes in the shop window.

Amused about the triplets, Flora Löffel greeted Mr. Truffle,
"Good morning, Eustace! How can I help you?"
"I would love to buy some baguette and donuts for my little ones. They're for sure waiting impatiently for my return."
"Then you're at the right place. I just made some strawberry flavoured donuts this morning, children love them."
Eustace glanced, "That sounds wonderful, my daughter Felicity loves strawberries."

While the labradors left the bakery, Eustace followed Flora.

"Good morning, Eustace!", Hans greeted.

Together with the rabbit Eustace chose some donuts.
"They look all so yummy, I think I take them all."
Excited Hans gave him all the goods, "Thank you so much. You must tell me, if your little ones liked them! I have an appoinment at your sugery next week."
"Of course, I will tell you!", Eustace smiled.

Then he continued his way.

Meanwhile Victoria made the beds...

 ...laid the table...

...and walked into the children's room to wake the piglets up.
Surprised she recognized that Felicity was climbing the bed of her brother Charly.

"Felicity!", worried Victoria picked her up, "That's dangerous, my dear!"

"Mummy is here!", she yelled happily and gave her mum a hug.
Victoria also gave Susan Mary a morning kiss...

...while Felicity started to dig into their dresser. She was searching for her favourite dress.

 Charly hugged his mother tightly - he didn't sleep well.
"My poor sweetheart.", Victoria said caring.
"... and then I was sooo hungry!", murmured Charly with tears in his eyes.
"It was just a dream, you know that we never would let you starve!"
"I know..."

Victoria started to make the beds of her children, who played around. Well, Susan and Charly played, Felicity tried to put on a bathrobe.

A few streets away, Eustace found the village store.... and detected a duck, who looked at a huge advertisiting column.

Curious he walked by.
"Good morning, is that column new? I have never seen it before..."
"Good morning.", the man smiled, "Unfortunately I can't tell you, me and my family have just moved to Marigold Creek."
Eustace blushed, "Sorry, I should have known, I never saw you before. But I'm also new to this village..."
"Don't worry. I'm Ernest Puddleford."
They shook hands, "I'm Eustace Barrington Truffle, but please call me Eustace."

"Nice to meet you, Eustace. Since when are you living in Marigold Creek?"
"Just a few weeks, we just finished moving in. We had some stress with opening our dental surgery."
"Oh, you're a dentist! Fantastic!", Ernest was pleased, "I have some problems with my beak in the last days... Maybe it's just the stress of finding a house, but I'm not sure..."
"Oh my, will you come to the practice later? I can open...", worried Eustace looked at the beak, "It is a bit red, I see..."
"Unfortunately I must finish some documents today, which have to be brought to the post office, but would it be okay, if I come on monday?"
"Of course."
The two men said their goodbyes.

Eustace entered the store and took a look at the vegetables.

He chose some yellow pepper.

At that moment a little mouse boy walked by and showed Eustace some pretty bananas.

 "If you want to buy some vegetables, I really recommend those bananas - they are soooo delicious!"

 "Oh, thank you! That is a fantastic idea!", Eustace took the bananas, "My wife loves them."
"Me too!", the boy grinned, "Especially banana ice-cream."
"That is the best!", the wildboar agreed, "Together with some cream and chocolate sauce!"
"Oh yes!"

"Excuse me, Sir, I hope my son wasn't bothering you!", a mouse lady said.
"No, no, don't worry.", Eustace laughed, "He helped me!"

Assuaged the woman smiled, "Good. Nicholas is a good boy, he loves helping people, but we had some bad experience in Pumkinvilles..."

"The people in Pumpkinvilles are totally different from the people in Marigold Creek.", Eustace explained, "I fear everybody has made bad experience there."
The lady laughed, "That's good to know. I had a cultural shock there! We travelled from Sugarbush Valley to Marigold Creek. The villagers of Sugarbush were so friendly, but those from Pumpkinvilles... So rude!"
"And they always don't understand what one means."

The two had a little talk, until the mice said their goodbye and Eustace paid for the goods.

In the Truffles house Victoria combed Charlies hair, until it was shiny.

Susan and Felicity played their favourite game: Rubbing their noses until the first one started to laugh.

After an hour Eustace returned home.

As soon as he wanted to open the door, Charly abd Felicity sallied out and greated their daddy.
"Hello my cutie pies!"
"Daddy!", yelled Susan, who was carried from her mother, "I missed you!"
"I missed you too.", Eustace was pleased. He loved his little piglets and his beautiful wife so much, that he couldn't find the fitting words. For him he was the happiest and luckiest man in whole Sylvania.

The family walked in and took a look at the wonderful goodies, before they started to enjoy a an ample, delicious breakfast.

I hope you enjoyed that little story ^.^. Pictures of the house itself will be uploaded in the next week :)

Have a nice evening,

yours Kyra


  1. What a great stoy! So diverse! So many things to see! Like that you incorporated all the new villagers! Felicity is a real cutie, she made me giggle a few times! And the advertising column is fantastic!

    1. Thank you dear 'M' :). Yes, I tried to show many new villagers, glad that you liked it!
      Felicity is a little chaos piglet^^

  2. What an awesome story - it was great to see village life in Marigold Village :D And, I will say it again, those Puddlefords are super cute :) I really like that advertising column - did you make it?

    1. :D thank you! Aren't they? They really have a special look!
      No I didn't. It was an old playmobil column, whuch I found in the attic :D

  3. Adorable story with full of details! Susan and Felicity are so cute! ;)

  4. Very cute story! I love especially love the picture of the labrador triplets looking through the window. :D

  5. Wonderful story. I loved seeing Felicity trying to put on her bathrobe and your playmobil column fits in beautifully.