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Talking about Woodbrook's cottage (part 1)

Dear Readers,

Without opening speech: Enjoy! :)

"Andrew?", Aubrey Woodbrook called her husband, "Andrew? Where are you?"

She sidestepped a large piece of wood and a few cartons, "I can't find you!"
"I'm here, sweety!", the head of Andrew Woodbrook appeared under another few layers of wood, placed on a table.

"That can't go on like that! We're living in chaos... Since weeks!", Aubrey squinched up her face, "When are you finished with our beds... And with the kitchen?"

"Almost done... Almost done...", Andrew stood up, "I just finished the the table for the Hunter-Smiths."
"But...", the beaver woman raised her arms, "But I talked about our OWN table. We need one! And it's urgent!" 

"Okay, don't worry, my dear. I will start with our table immediatly. Can you please call the Hunter-Smith's and tell them about their table?"

"We don't have a telephone yet, Andrew!", Aubrey sighed loudly, "I will visit Sienna and take the children with me, they are again playing with the packing cases and I fear they could damage our dishes!"
"Okay, but please come back soon, I miss you!"

The beaver man smiled like a little rascal and kissed his wife, "I know it's hard with me sometimes. But I promise that I will finish our furniture soon."
"That would be nice.", Aubrey laughed, "I just hope you don't find another project!"

While she walked in the second floor, she had to smirk - her husband was incorrigible. He was a wonderful carpenter, but he just couldn't prioritise things.

As Aubrey expected their children were playing hide and seek between and in the packing cases.
"Isis, Nefertiti, Ethan! Please come here, we're going to visit the Hunter-Smith's!"
"Why that?", Isis appeared behind a packing case.
"Found you!", yelled Ethan and pointed at his older sister, "But where's Nefertiti?"
"We will tell them about their new table. Also I thought you might want to play with Charly and Ruby?", explained Aubrey to her oldest daughter.

"Oh yes. Good idea. They were very nice when we talked with Mr. and Mrs. Hunter-Smith."

Aubrey nodded. The family just moved to Marigold Creek and had to organize lots of things. One of them was the school enrolement of Isis in the elementary school, the Hunter-Smith's, who were the headteachers, helped them a lot.

"Nefertiti has fallen asleep!", giggled Ethan and pointed at a packing case, where his little sister slept- nestled down in some clothes. 

"Aww.", Isis grinned, "We should take a photo!"
"Already here!", Andrew appeared all of a sudden and took a photo.

"Sometimes you can be scary...", murmured Aubrey, before she, Isis and Ethan left the house. The parents decided that Nefertiti would better stay with her father... and Andrew promised not to forget to watch his daughter.

The beavers left the house and just a few minutes later, they arrived at the house of the Hunter-Smith's.
"Good afternoon, Aubrey! And hello you two!", Sienna greeted, "How are you?"
"Fine, thanks, and you?"
"I'm good, but you can see it yourself - we're so busy with decorating the house... We're living on a building lot!"
"I know exactly what you mean, it's the same with our house. But I have good news for you: Andrew has finished your kitchen table. That's why we've visited you."
Sienna's expression brightened, "Oh, those are wonderful news! We have to tell Bruno."

Meanwhile Ethan, Jack, Dylan and Helena started to play "I spy with my little eye".

"Bruno is preparing some things for school, we're planning a project week."
"That sounds fantastic!", Aubrey said, "What will it be about?"
Sienna smiled, "About the partner cities of Marigold Creek. The pupils should learn about Sugarbush Valley, Evergreen Village, Whisper Wood and Mystique Valley." 

Isis, in the meantime, followed Ruby and Charly Hunter-Smith in their room.
"Wow, you have such an amazing room!", she said astonished, "It's so big!"
Ruby smiled, "Thank you. But we also have to share it with our three little siblings."
"Yes, but it is so pretty!", Isis laughed.

Charly walked to his bed, "Have you read the new J.K. Howling book- Parry Totter and the steaming cauldron?"
"Not yet, but my daddy has ordered it.", Isis answered, "How is it? But please don't tell me the end!"

"It is GORGEOUS!", Charly grinned, "It's even better than the book before!"

"I lost at Rock, Paper, Scissors, so Charly is allowed to read the book first.", explained Ruby and sighed, "I'm so curious, I wished I would have won..."
"I can imagine. I'm curious too."
"Luckily Charly is a fast reader!", laughed Ruby, "I think I won't have to wait that long. And hopefully you will get your book at the same time. We could read together!"
Isis smiled, "That would be amazing!"

The three children sat down on the cozy rug and talked about the famous Parry Totter books, while...

... their parents talked with eachother. Meanwhile Bruno had returned and was happy to hear about the news.
"I will accompany you later.", Bruno said good mooded, "Then we can have a kitchen table this evening!"

Sienna showed Aubrey their house.
"The bathroom is the only room which is finished. Beside the window frames and the curtains of course.", the dog lady laughed, "Digger McBurrow promised us to come in the next days and take the measurements. He was busy with all the new houses here."
"I know.", Aubrey answered, "So many new families have moved to Marigold Creek, including ourselves."

Aubrey looked around the bathroom, "You have chosen a beautiful design! And I just see, we bought the same sink." Sienna laughed, "Really? And how do you like it?"
"Very much- it has the perfect size!"

"I agree. I'm so lucky we bought it.", Sienna nodded and walked in the next room, "And this is our bedroom." She blushed, "Sorry, I haven't made the bed yet..."
The beaver lady shook softly her head, "Don't worry. It is so much more neat than our house at the moment."
"But I'm sure you can finish your house soon.", Sienna said.
Aubrey sighed, "I hope so."

An hour later - the women first enjoyed a cup of coffee together - Bruno accompanied the Woodbrooks. Isis and little Ethan were allowed to ride on the wheelbarrow.

Excited Andrew opened the door, "Bruno! You are already here! In 10 minutes! That was fast!"
"10 minutes?", Aubrey was irritated, "My love, we were gone for 1 1/2 hours!"
"Oh really?", Andrew scratched his head, then he laughed, "Time flies, when one's working."
"You're right, my friend.", Bruno said, "I always forget the time, when I'm working."

Together the men carried the big new table on Bruno's wheelbarrow.

"Thank you so much, Andrew. The table looks fantastic! Sienna will be over the moon, when she sees it!", Bruno said.
"My pleasure!" The men shook hands.
"And your corner seat and the tables you've ordered will be also done soon.", promised the beaver.
"That's fantastic!"

While Bruno started his way home, Andrew leaded his wife into the house. "I must show you something!", he said.

Inside the house Andrew showed her a table top, "This will be our table, my dear!"
"Andrew... You really started with our furniture?", surprised Aubrey looked at him.
Her husband nodded, "Of course, my darling. I gave my promise to you! Will you test one of our new chairs?"

Excited Aubrey took place, "It's so comfortable! And it looks fantastic. Oh, Andrew! Thank you so much!"
The beaver grinned, "My pleasure, my lady!"

Aubrey gave her husband a big kiss, "I love you! Please forgive my stressed behavior today."
"Naaw, it was my fault, my dear. I know that I'm not the most organized man.", Andrew laughed. 

Together they tidied up the room and carried down their sofas.

"It is a beginning.", Andrew said smiling, "And tomorrow I start with the rest of the table. I'm sure we are finished with our home soon."

"That would be amazing!", Aubrey nodded and together they enjoyed a peaceful evening.

Finally I could finish a story... I took the pictures a while ago, but I hadn't any time for SF, because the next exams are coming and I'm learning a lot...
You see that is the first part of the story- I hope the other ones can be done soon. Also you have for sure recognized that I started building a new wooden house for the Hunter-Smiths. It takes a long time until I can finish it, but I hope I will able to document it a bit :D

Have a nice week,

Yours Kyra


  1. It was so wonderful to read a story from Marigold! And it was so much fun. Andrew is really talented. And the Hunter Smith home looks fantastic!

    1. I heard that Andrew has also a mission for Sugarbush Valley :).So I'm very glad you like his work! Thank you so much :)

  2. Aw! So cute! :D I love the 'Parry Totter' books :) I hope they enjoy learning about Evergreen Village ;)
    Also, I think the Redwood family must thank Andrew for their gorgeous kitchen stools!

    1. :D I think Parry must be a very mysterious Sylvanian.
      I'm sure they'll do, but we will see it in a coming story :).
      Andrew is very happy that the Redwoods like their stools! I should send his greetings!
      Thank you :)

  3. Cute story! Andrew made a very good job for his neighbors...he is very kind and he made a beautiful furnitures for his family too...I think that he is a good man! ;) I love the children's bedroom! :)
    Have a nice evening! Big hugs.

    1. Thank youuu :).
      I think so too - maybe I should ask Andrew if he makes some furniture for us too? :D
      Many hugs, Kyra

  4. Such a lovely story. I expect Andrew will be busy making furniture over the next few weeks :)

  5. Thanks for the peek into the houses Kyraja! I enjoyed seeing the furnishings and furniture :) Lovely story, I really enjoyed seeing the beaver children on wheelbarrow. But you left me wondering what happened to Nefertiti in the mean time D: Did she sleep well or did some mischeaf, because I doubt her father remembered to check on her in the "10 minutes".

    1. Thank you so much :). I think the children enjoyed their little ride :D.
      *giggle* goosd question! I think it will be answered in the next part of the story.

  6. I wish Andrew could be my

    I follow your blog by email. Your story is always a light in my busy days. Thank you!

    1. I'm glad that you enjoy my stories and that I can cheer you up :)
      Hopefully I can do a new story soon - unfortunatly I have lots of Uni work at the moment.