Dienstag, 11. August 2015

Tutorial: How to make a kitchenette

Dear Readers,

because I love trying out any crafting stuff I found out that balsa wood is fantastic to make furniture for Sylvanians. 
It's not that expensive and can be easily cut with a scissor. I started making beds and a lounge, which you will see in future posts.
But for today I have a brandnew tutorial for you: 

How to make a kitchenette.

You for sure had that problem too: You want to furnish a house for your Sylvanians, but you don't have enough space for an oven and a fridge/or cupboard, because they're too big. 
If you know that problem, get yourself some balsa wood, a scissor or cutter, acrylic paint, glue and FIMO (you can also use beeds and carboard instead of FIMO).

Step 1: Take your measurements. My kitchenette is 12 x 10,5 x 3 cm.

You'll need those parts for the basic construction:

- the backwall (12 x 10,5 cm)
- two side parts (10,5 x 3 cm)
- one middle wall (10,5 x 3 cm)
- a top and a bottom part (12 x 3 cm)
- two little shelves (3,5 x ca. 2,5-2,8 cm)
- one bigger shelf (8 x 2,5-2,8 cm)

And those parts for the oven and basin part:

- one "frame"-part (8 x 2,5-2,8 cm)
- 4 sideparts for the basin (2 smaller ones: 2 x 1 cm, 2 bigger ones: 3 x 1cm)
- 1 bottom part for the basin (3 x 2 cm)
- 1 oven/basin front part (3,5 x 8 cm)
- 3 different size rectangles for the decoration of the front

Step 2: Let's start with the basic construction!

You need: the backwall, the two side parts and the middle part.

Cut them out. You see, I've drawn some lines on my backwall to show where the other parts should be located. It's easier to orientate yourself while gluing the parts together.

Carefully glue the side and middle parts on there place.

While drying you can easily secure them with some pins.

Cut out the top and bottom part.

And glue them in place.

Step 3: Cut out the frame for the basin

Turn it around and add the side parts of the basin.

Add the bottom of the basin and let it dry

Meanwhile you can cut out the oven front and add some rectangles. They should look like a door and drawers.

Step 4: Glue in the shelves.

Add the basin unit and glue on the oven front part.

Wait until it's completely dried.

Step 5: Now you can colour your kitchenette.

Step 6: With FIMO create some handles, cooking plates and a water tap... And you're done :)

Mrs. Fisher was so kind to show us the kitchenette "in action" ^.^

I'm sure you can also use cardboard for the kitchenette, but than better use a thicker one.

I hope you enjoyed that tutorial.

Read you soon,
yours Kyra


  1. Remarkable, it is just fabulous. Congratulations on another fantastic home made item. And that picture with the baby inside is just too cute for words!

    1. Thank you so much! I must admit that I’m really glad that it turned out that good. I feared it could look weird before I coloured it.

  2. What a lovely tutorial for a very useful and great looking item of furniture! It doesn't look too hard and I will definitely be buying some balsa wood ;) I also I love the picture of baby Fisher inside the cupboard :D

    1. It really is a makeable item and I'm sure you'll do great!
      Thank you so much :)
      The Fisher baby is a very curious one :D

  3. Brilliant- you are so talented and you must have loads of patience- job fantastically done!

  4. You are so smart and talented! Wow! I never knew it could be done like that! Thank you for the clear instructions and the detailed photos!!! You are really generous to show us the tricks to make our own!

    1. Thank you dear Jane! I'm glad you like my tutorial.

  5. Smart! Thanks for the tutorial! I like all your creations. The last picture is adorable.

  6. Wonderful! & it looks really well-made. You're so creative to come up with these sort of things, I don't understand how you do it! The photo at the end is just precious!!