Donnerstag, 3. September 2015

Molly's and Monty's day

Dear Readers,

it's time for a new story:

It was 8 o'clock in the morning and Molly McBurrow said goodbye to her husband, who was just before leaving for work.

 "See you later my dear.", Digger said, "And cross the fingers that it won't rain. I wanted to make the fundament of the Puddlefords' house today, it would be so bad, if it would become wet."
"I will think of you.", Molly said with a smile on her face, "But I'm sure the weather will be good. The Puddlefords must be very excited to  start with their house."
"Oh, they are!", Digger grinned, "Jemima even quacked a few times, while she told me that they had finally signed the contract for their ground."
Molly laughed, "Jemima is such a cute person, I can imagine her talking." 

Digger nodded, then he looked at the glock. "Oh my, it's already 8:05. I must hurry!"
"Take care.", Molly kissed her husband, who rushed out of the house after that.
Because they lived in an underground house, Digger used their tunnel system, which exit was the chimney (Of course there were two access parts - one for the smoke and the other for getting outside)

Meanwhile Milly was searching the fridge for some strawberry syrup. 
"Found it!", she said, "But it's the last one."

"Oh no! We need strawberry syrup for the cupcakes tomorrow!", Muddy yelled.
"For which cupcakes?", Molly wondered.
"Didn't we tell...", Milly interrupted herself, "Oh no, we forgot! Tomorrow we will make strawberry cupcakes with Mrs. Hunter-Smith in home economics. Our part was to bring two bottles of strawberry syrup!" The siblings walked to their mother. 

Molly lifted her brows, "You're a bit late telling me that."
"We're so sorry mum!", Muddy said, "What should we do now? We can't go to school without the syrup!"
Their mother sighed, "Of course not. I will visit the village store later and buy another one. But remember for next time: Tell me early, if you need something for school - and not the day before you need it!"
"Yes, mommy...", a bit ashamed the children said their goodbyes and left for school.

Molly walked downstairs into the children's room, where her youngest son was playing with his favourite toy: a yellow truck.
Today Monty had an appoinment at the dentist. It was time for his first preventive medical checkup.

"Monty, will you come upstairs with me?"
"Can I take my truck with me?"
"Of course, my dear.", Molly smiled, "We still have a bit time, until we go to the dentist."
"Must I go there?", Monty sounded worried.
"Yes. But I promise there will be everything okay. You're brushing your teeth everyday, you will be fine."
"Oookay...", the little boy said, but he didn't sound very positive.

Molly used the time until the dentist to finish the dress for Millicent Fisher, while her son was playing around.

But soon it was time to left. Molly left the burrow and waited for Monty to crawl of the tunnel, but he didn't came.
"Monty? What's happening?"
"I'm stuck!", yelled the boy with a frightened voice.
Irritated Molly took a look in the tunnel, "Sweetheart, you're the smallest of our family, you can't be stuck!?"

It was quiet for a few seconds, then Monty got out of the tunnel.
"There was a root. It hold me back!", he said...

...and hugged his mum tightly, "It was so scary!"
"Poor boy.", Molly laid her arms around him, "But now everything is good. I will tell daddy, that he take care of that root!"
"Yes, please! It's a monster root!"
"I'm sure it is."

Together they walked into the village...

...and stopped by Margarete Petite's shoe shop. They still had a bit time until the appoinment and Monty needed new shoes.

 Margarete welcomed the new arrivals friendly and offered her help.

Soon a fancy pair of blue sneakers were found, which Monty liked very much. 
"They look really comfortable!", Molly said, "Are they from the 'Shoe and Soft'- company?"
"They are. I just buy the children's shoes from that company.", Margarete explained, "They are better for their feet."

Molly didn't hestitate and bought the shoes for Monty, who was allowed to wear them directly.

Because it was time for the dentist, they walked to the clinic. A hurried doctor Eustace Barrington Truffle run out of the building. He was carrying a huge medical suitcase.

"Hello, Mrs. McBurrow. My wife is waiting inside. I'm on the run. There is an emergency at the Woodbrook's cottage!"
"Oh no, what has happend?", Molly was shocked.
"Mr. Woodbrook seems to have broken his rodent teeth, because of a hard plank!"
"That's horrible!"
"It is, but I'm sure we can cure him.", Eustace gave her a confident smile, then run towards Woodbrook's cottage.

"Poor Mr. Woodbrook!", Monty said, "But I don't have broken teeth, haven't I?"
"No, you haven't, sweetheart.", Molly smiled calming.

Together they entered the practice, where Victoria Truffle awaited them.
"Good morning Molly, good morning Monty! Are you ready for the check-up?"
"Not really...", whispered Monty and hid himself behind his mother's back.

"Don't you worry, my friend.", Victoria smiled, "I'm sure you have wonderful teeth. We will be done in a few minutes."
Fastly she checked the health insurance card.

Then they moved on to the dentist chair. As promised Monty's check-up didn't take long - his teeth were healthy.

Because Monty was such a brave little mole, he got one of the special sugar free strawberry bonbons, which the Truffles had in their pratice.

The McBurrows said their goodbye and continued their way.

"See, the visit at the dentist wasn't bad at all.", said Molly. Her youngest nodded, "Yes."
"Let's get some of the strawberry syrup for Milly and Muddy."
They went into the village store, where some villagers were already shopping.

Monty looked at the fresh, wonderful smelling fruits. "Can we buy some pears?"
"Of course, you can pick them."

After Monty picked the best pears, they searched for the strawberry syrup, but couldn't find it.
Fastly Eleanor von Stachel, who run the shop with her husband, offered her help.

"That's mysterious...", she said and looked into the fridge, "I knew that we got a whole delivery of syrup yesterday. I don't know why I can't find it."

Indeed there was no syrup in the fridge. Irritated Eleanor walked into the storage room, where she found the delivery. Her husband had forgotten to place them in the cupboard.

Luckily Molly could buy the strawberry syrup and some other groceries. When they went outside the village store, Elsie Buttercup drove by with her ice cream waggon.
"Do you want some ice cream, my dear?", Molly asked.
Excited Monty agreed, "Yes, please!"

"Good morning, Elsie!"
"Good morning, Molly. Hello Monty!", the cow greeted friendly.
"Do you have some ice-cream for Monty?"
"Of course, which sort do you want?", she looked at the little mole.

"Chocolate please!", he said.
"Here you go!", smiling she handed over the chocolate ice cream.

"How are you?", Elsie asked, "And how's Digger? I heard he's building the Puddleford's house."
"Thank you, I'm fine. And Digger too. Yes, they will start the fundament today.", Molly answered, "But tell me, how is the flat you and Gabriel moved in?"
"It's wonderful! I'm so glad we could move out of my parents flat - my mother almost killed me with her manner."
Molly laughed, "I totally understand, my mum is also very exhausting."

"How is the ice cream?", the mole lady looked at her son.
"It's fantastic! You should eat one too!"
Molly thought for a moment, then she agreed.

"May I have a chocolate one, too?"
Elsie laughed, "Of course, I'm sure you'll like it. I have added three different types of chocolate."

After Molly tasted it, she felt like she was in heaven. It was for sure delicious! 

She and Elsie talked for another few minutes, then the moles had to say goodbye, because some of the groceries needed to be put in the fridge.

Back home, Monty helped his mother to place the groceries into the fridge. 

Then Millicent Fisher appeared to try on her new dress.
"Oh my, it looks beautiful! Exactly like I had imagined it!"
"Glad you like it.", Molly was pleased.

Fastly Millicent put on the dress, "It's so comfortable!"
Molly nodded, "It suits you very well. You look fantastic!"

"Thank you so much, Molly! It is the prettiest dress I own!"
The mole lady blushed, "Naww..."
"Believe me, it is the prettiest one!", Millicent smiled all over her face, "I fear I must order more dresses soon."
Molly laughed, "You are welcome!"

They talked for a while, then Millicent went home, her daughters were coming home from school and nursery.

Because of that Molly started to prepare lunch. Soon the rest of the family would return and she wanted to serve them the best stew in whole Sylvania. Monty took the wooden spoon and declared, that he wanted to help. 

Together they started cooking.... 

The End

Aren't the moles the cutest? :D

Hope you enjoyed the story.

Many greetings,
yours Kyra


  1. What a lovely story Kyra! Thank you! Little Monty is very cute!
    I especially like the photos of them coming out of the chimney! Adorable!

  2. Such a cute story! The moles are so cute and I giggled at the older kids when they had forgotten to tell their mum about the syrup, I remember that I always forgot it too!
    I loved the dentist and Petite Shoes houses, they are really cool!

    1. :D me sometimes too, when I was younger. Thank you so much! :)

  3. Baby Monty is so cute! I also like the scenes with the chimney! I forgot they live under ground! Your village is lovely and all your buildings are so well decorated! They have your personal touch which makes them special! I enjoyed this story very much!

    1. Monty is my favourite sylvanian baby :). Thank you so much for the compliments!

  4. Aww baby Monty is adorable- I wanted to give him a hug when he got stuck. The chimney pictures are ace and I like the name Muddy- very appropriate.

    1. :) thank you so much! :D poor little Monty - I had to use tweezers to get him out of the chimney (must admit that it was an accident, but I thought it would fit perfectly fir the story^^)

  5. So adorable! I like the fact that they climb out of the chimney :D
    A very cute story, little Muddy is very sweet and I am glad that the dentist appointment went well!

    1. :) thank youuuuu! :D yes I thought it would be a nice solution, because I didn't make them a door^^
      Me too :D

  6. Aaah, fantastic! And Monty is so muvh like my boy!

    1. :) thank you so much! I can imagine - your boy is such a cutie pie!

  7. I just adore your mole family!! Monty is the best - and I especially love the part when they went up the chimney & he got stuck on a root!! :D