Sonntag, 4. Oktober 2015

Cecil's (and my) vacation in Thailand

Dear Readers,

last week I've returned from my holiday in Thailand.
It was an awesome trip and we had much fun. 
But hey, let's show you, where I've been! 
You know, that Cecil was travelling with me, so let's hear the story from our beloved photographer....

"Welcome home, Cecil!", Bobby yelled, as he saw his friend entering the village.

"Bobby!", the mouse smiled, "You were already waiting for me?"

"Of course - you told me that you'll come back today and I wanted to welcome you."
"And he's not the only one!", Hans Löffel grinned and looked through the bakery door, "Come in, we are all waiting to listen to your stories!"

Surprised Cecil realized that all of his friends were waiting inside the bakery. As soon as he entered they all said "Welcome back! We missed you!"

Touched he put down his suitcase, "Oh, thank you everybody! I've missed you too!"
Cassandra Maces hugged her son tightly, "Good that you returned healthy!"

"May I offer you some coffee?", Flora asked, "And maybe your favourite donuts?"

"You are a treasure, Flora!", Cecil took a seat, "Yes, please!"

As soon as Flora had served the coffee, the children yelled: "Please tell us about your adventures, Cecil!"

The photographer laughed, took a bite in his beloved donut and nodded, "Allright. Let's start in the beginning..."

"We started our trip very early at 4 o'clock in the morning - we had to drive to Frankfurt airport. Unfortunately the navigation system tricked us 3 times, so we needed longer to arrive...", Cecil opened his bag and digged out a big photo album, "Here I'm in Frankfurt, waiting in the gate for the departure..."

"At around 11 o'clock our flight started.... We had a really cool tv/computer system, where we could watch tv shoes, movies or play video games..."

"Here we're flying into the night..."

"We arrived in Bangkok on Friday morning. I was very tired and took a quick nap in the comfortable bed..."

"But I soon had to get up again for our first trip in the city. Here you see me looking out of the window from the hotel room."

"The first sight we visited was the famous Erawan shrine. It's close to a huge cross-way and near the hotel Grand Hyatt Erawan. This shrine is a Hindu shrine and is sanctified to the god Brahma..."

"... you can pray there for love, luck, health, money and success..."

"... they had a very interesting dance with dragons there. Unfortunately I don't know the meaning of this dance. But it was fascinating!"

"After the shrine we walked to the MBK shopping center... I must admit that I've NEVER seen such a huge shopping mall. You know that our village store is a big shop, but compared to MBK it's really tiny..."

"They have almost everything... They had so much, I even didn't know where to look first."

"After the mall I was very exhausted. I enjoyed some fried rice with chicken in the evening."

"This is Bangkok at night - I took the pictures from the roof terrace of our hotel, isn't it pretty?"

"So the first day at Bangkok ended..."

"I had again to got up very early on the next day, because Kyraja, her boyfriend and her parents had planned a full programm. But first a picture of my sushi breakfast."

"We first visited the Chatuchak weekend market - one of the biggest markets in the world."

 "At the market you can buy EVERYTHING! Clothes..."

"...funny hats..."

 "...delicious food..."

"...more clothes..."

 "...more food..."

 "...figures and tons of other stuff (also miniatures, soaps, jewellry etc)."

"They even had animals! But I fear they weren't that happy to become sold like that..." 

"We didn't drove with one of the TukTuks, but that's because the drivers often bring you to strange places, where you didn't want to go..."

"What I especially like in Bangkok is the many green! It's such a big city, but still there are many pretty parks. It's quiet

"We spent the first half of the day on the Chatuchak market, but then we had to move on... Our next station was the famous Wat Arun."

"It's getting renovated at the moment, so you can't climb all stairs..."

 "The Wat Arun is a Buddhist temple near the Mae Nam Chao Phraya river. The walls are decorated with millions of porcelain parts."

"We drove home using the speed boat, which was a real adventure. It was loud, fast and we missed our station", Cecil laughed, "But we didn't care about that. Here you can see our hotel. It's the one with the round building on top on the right side."

"At the hotel we enjoyed these delicious pastries..."

"... and I took some photos of Bangkok in the afternoon sun."

"The next morning started as early as the day before... We had booked a temple tour. Here I am in the bus..."

"The first temple was the Wat Traimit. The building you see here is very new - it was built in 2008." 

"In this building, called "Phra Maha Mondop", a golden Buddha is kept inside."

"This Buddha is a very special figure, cause it's almost complete of massive gold. It was hidden under a layer of cement and detected by accident in 1955. It weighs 5,5 tons."

"The walls are handpainted and really pretty I think."

"Next stop was the famous Wat Po. Here lays a huge Buddha."

"He's 46 metres long and 15 metres high."

"This building has also such pretty painted walls..."

"The area around Wat Po is huge! There are so many pretty buildings."

"Sadly we had to leave Wat Po and moved on to the king's palace and the temples surrounding it."

Cecil looked around, "If you thought on those pictures you've seen much gold, then you have to breath in deeply... The king's palace is the most magnificent area I have ever seen!"

"Here you see the gold leaves."

"This is one of the demons guarding the area...."

"...and more demons and mystical figures..."

"In one gallery was a whole story painted on the walls... Here are a few impressions."

"And this is the real king's palace."

"We also visited some more shopping malls on this day, where we saw some cute and pretty things..."

"I asked this big teddy if he was related to Pete, but I fear he didn't understand me... He said something about a diamond family..."

The Petites laughed, "Don't know if we have such huge relatives."

"You could also buy really cool cars here... But I hadn't enough money with me to take one home."

 "More cute teddys..."

"And an interactive hamster figure."

"Look, who I also found in the Siam Paragon center!"

"So the last day in Bangkok ended and I had to pack my suitcase again. The flight to Ko Samui was fast - just an hour."

"Aren't those airplanes the cutest?"

"We arrived soon at our hotel, where we got greeted by some elephant figures and this funny pig."

"Our hotel in Ko Samui was so pretty. This was our bungalow, it was directly located on the beach, so I run immediately outside and inspired the beach!"

"It was a bit cloudy at the first day and it rained a bit, so I took an umbrella with me. But it was already really hot. Here you see me on the rocks, which were close to our beach."

"It wasn't cloudy for a long time, the day after the sun shined brightly!"

 "I walked along the whole Chaweng Noi beach, it's so beautiful!"

"What a clear water!", Cassandra Maces yelled, "Was it every day like that?"

Her son nodded, "Yes. I was impressed too."

"Here you can see one of the little portable kitchens. Here you could buy delicious spring rolls or fruits directly on the beach."

"I enjoyed the warm sand..."

"...and collected shells. I've brought you some too!"

"We relaxed most of time on the beach. We went swimming, read books and made lots of jokes - we were all good mooded. In the evening we often went to Chaweng - a little city, where you could eat and go shopping... Here a few impressions on what we ate."

"This was a baked banana with vanilla ice cream - very good!"  

"On this day we all wanted to have a steak."

"Okay I know... Hamburger are also no typical Thai food... But they were so delicious!"

"But here again some Thai food..."

"On one day we made a trip around the island, were we also visited the most important sights of Ko Samui..."

"... the Big Buddha. It's a 12 metres high figure..."

"... the look out point..."

"... the grandfather and grandmother rocks... I think I don't have to explain while this rock is called grandfather rock...", Cecil blushed, but then had to laugh out loud, "Children close your eyes!"

"... the famous mumified monk..."

"...a coconut plantation, where the monkeys got the coconuts..."

"...and an elephant camp."

"After such an adventuruous day I first needed some rest at the beach, but then I wanted to inspire the hotel a bit more, so I took a few photos of the hotel grounds, it's pretty flowers and it's animals."

 "I loved that pool in the hill - it was so romantic!"

"Here you could get a Thai massage..."

 "It may doesn't look that big on the picture, but it was a big millipede!"

"Those birds were real rascals!"

"And this was a giant toad - it was as big as Kyrajas hand."

"This dog followed Kyrajas father the whole day, but he behaved very well, so he was welcome."

"After another few relaxing days we went to Lamai to visit the famous "Walking streets". It was Sunday and in the centre of the village all streets were closed for cars and was just allowed for pedestrians. The "Walking streets" is a mix of street market and festival. But mostly you can find delicious food there." 

"Those are no potatoes - it's a delicious fruit called Longan."

"Unfortunately time flies, when you're enjoying yourself...", Cecil sighed, "...on the 28th September we had to fly back. First we flew from Ko Samui to Bangkok, where we saw this gorgeous figures..."

"... and then from Bangkok to Abu Dhabi and finally from Abu Dhabi to Frankfurt."

Cecil smiled into the group, "And now I'm back home. It was a fantastic holiday, but I'm also glad to be back in Marigold Creek. The climate is a bit more comfortable for my fur."
Bobby laughed, "I can imagine. I would have sweat so much."

"Could you cool down a bit in the ocean?", Luna asked.
"Yes, it was refreshing compared to the outside. But I must admit it was a warm ocean, I felt like walking into a bath tube."
The friends all laughed. It was good to have Cecil back. Everybody loved listenting to his stories.

"Did you also bought some things?", asked Flora curious.
"Oh yes, I bought some vases and crockery - here they are. I bought one for everyone of you!", Cecil answered and showed the porcelain to his friends, who were amazed about the pretty work.

They all enjoyed a wonderful afternoon together - Cecil had many more funny stories to tell of funny people talking about their "awesome" village to everyone (It has a bakery and a doctor!), pushy dogs and a weird employee, who asked Kyraja why a spoon is missing in their room (She had to tell this person, that no one had stolen a spoon(!!! O.o) and that there was just 1 spoon and not the alleged 2 -.-'').
When Cecil returned to his house, he felt great. 

Good mooded he took again a look at his photo album, before he went to sleep... It was a fantastic holiday!


I really hope you enjoyed our vacation photos. There are so many more and I could tell you so much more about the sights, but I fear I would never be finished with that post... :D So I tried making it short, but still show you a lot.

I of course also bought maaaany stuff. Clothes and bags...

... cute stuff, like those adorable Rilakkuma figures and those funny dresses...

And a fox shaped bag :D

Crockery and those beautiful handmade soaps.

And alcohol - beer, rum and Mekkong :D... And adorable elephants...

I'm sure I'll be back with more stories of Marigold Creek soon. I've missed you :).

Many greetings,
yours Kyra


  1. Oh no, I want to go now too! It looks like a shoppers paradise! And that cake stand! Wow! Thanks for sharing with us!

    1. :D it is a shopping paradise and I just can recommend it to you.
      It was my pleasure - thank you :)

  2. It looks like you had an absolutely wonderful holiday - you really deserve it! Those crockery and Rilakkuma things you bought are lovely.

    1. Thank you :). It really was wonderful - I wish I could return :D

  3. Seems like you have had a good time in thailand! I really like those miniature vases!

  4. Amazing trip, you're lucky you had your holiday in this beautiful land! Of course Cecil was lucky too! Everyone in Marigold Creek enjoyed his stories and presents!
    Wonderful photos, you made us travel with you!

  5. Very very interesting. I first saw this post on my phone and was attracted by your travelling note about Thailand. The photos are awesome. I will go there if there's a chance in the future. Thank you so much for sharing the details. The culture is so different. Food looks delicious. The stuff you bought look so cute!!

    1. :) I'm so glad you liked my post and that I could inspire you to visit it too. I just can highly recommend it - it's such a beautiful country and the people are very friendly.

  6. What a wonderful trip! Nice to see it from Cecils point of view :)