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School project week

Dear Readers,

finally I can present you a new story. I was a bit ill after I returned from holiday, so I couldn't write the story earlier. Hope you enjoy it!

Paddock already was awake when his mother entered the children's room.

"Good morning, mum!", he yelled and jumped out of the bed.
Daisy kissed his cheek, "Why are you so good mooded, sweetheart?" 

"Today our project week starts! And only second graders will have so much fun!"
"That's sooo unfair!", Anabel, his younger sister, snuffled, "We have silly maths..."

Daisy gave her daughter a tight hug, "Next year you will have a project week too."
Anabel nodded, but she wasn't completely pleased. She didn't like maths and she would have done almost everything to escape from it.

After breakfast Paddock walked with his two sisters to the school and nursery complex. 

They took care that Elizabeth, the youngest member of the cow family arrived safely at the nursery, then they headed for their classes.

In Paddocks class his best friends were already waiting for him.

"Paddock! We feared that you might be ill!", William Löffel looked assuaged, while his twin brother nodded fastly.

Muddy McBurrow pointed at the blackboard, "Has anyone an idea, why there are two white papers at the wall?"
The three girls in the class, Sophie Snow-Warren and Lily and Rosie Tuxedo shook their heads.

At this moment Mrs. Hunter-Smith, the class teacher, entered the room.
"Good morning!", enthusiastic she placed a giant basket filled with coloured paper and coloured crayons, "Today our project week will start. You for sure wondered what it will be about. Well... It will be a great week of history, geography and biology!"

"Whaaaaat?", the pupils were shocked, "But that's not a project week!"

Sienna Hunter-Smith grinned all over her face, "And I thought you like those subjects... Well..." She walked over to the blackboard and turned around the white papers.

SUGARBUSH VALLEY was written on the left paper, EVERGREEN VILLAGE on the right side. 

"This project week will be about those two villages. I know that all of you have relatives their and I want that we will know more about them."

"The sister of my uncle lives in Sugarbush Valley!", Paddock yelled, "But we unfortunately don't see them very often..."
"Mine too.", Anton, William and Muddy said at once.
"And ours live in Evergreen Village!", the three girls explained.

Sienna nodded softly, "In this week you will encounter those two villages. You will learn about their environment, their history and their actual village structure. But because this shouldn't be boring, it will be your task to find out about those things. Build two groups and design posters. Gather all the information you will find on the paper."

"Can we bring photos?", Sophie asked.
"Of course - that would be wonderful."
"And can we also draw some flowers, if we don't have photos?", Muddy scratched his head, "I know that there are those pretty flowers in Sugarbush, but I don't think we have a photo of them..." 

The teacher smiled, "Yes, you can do this. It is very creative."
"And can we also tell something about our relatives?", Paddock was excited, "Funnily they are also called Buttercup and they are farmers too! I could find out more about their business... "

Sienna nodded again, "That is a very nice idea, Paddock. You can be as creative as you want and you can tell us everything about the villages."

The teacher explained a few more things, then they built their groups. It was clear that the boys wanted to work together and so the girls.

First the children gathered in their groups and started planning what they wanted to find out.
"We should show the shops of Sugarbush Valley!", Muddy said.

"Yes and their mayor should be mentioned!", Anton thought loudly. His brother nodded.

In the classroom the girls talked about their plans.

"Our auntie lives in Evergreen Village. And they have such a cool campervan!", Rosie Tuxedo said.
"And my aunt owns a boutique...", Sophie smiled.

"Ohh, that's so cool!", Lily was amazed, "She must have such pretty clothes!"

"Yes, she has some gorgeous dresses. Last week she sent me a new dress... I will show it to you tomorrow."
"What a cool aunt you have!"

While the girls drifted off to more clothes, Paddock already designed his poster about Highfield farm, which was owned by the Buttercups of Sugarbush Valley. He carefully draw some frames, in which he wanted to glue in some photos.

After the first break the children looked at some home town almanacs, where they found some information about the two villages. 

Carefully they wrote down the most important things.

After the first day of the project week, Paddock returned home. He was very excited. He already had told his sisters everything about the fantastic project, but he had to tell his parents too.

"That is very interesting.", Hornbull said, "Your teacher had a nice idea! I'm sure I have taken lots of photos of Highfield farm - I can give them to you later."
"Thank you, dad!!!", Paddock cheered.

The next day the children sorted all their photos, which they got from their parents.

"Aunt Azalea sends us some pictures of their van. I hope the post will be fast enough...", Rosie told the teacher. 
"We called her yesterday.", her sister added.
"I'm sure it arrives in time.", Sienna said calming, while she gave the children some chocolates, "Here you go. It raises your creativity." 

She winked, "Enjoy."
Motivated the children continued their work.

In the next days they completed their posters and secretly practised their speech.

Finally it was Friday and Paddock was very nervous. He had presented his speech to his parents the evening before - everything had went fine. But still he felt unprepared.

All children, their siblings and their parents were gathered in front of the school, sitting on cozy warm plankets to cover themselves from the wet grass.

"Welcome to the presentation of this years second class project week!", Mr. Hunter-Smith started his speech, "The children worked very hard this week for their presentations and we are very proud of them." 

He smiled, "They all gave their best and we think that they got fabulous results. So, without no long opening speach: Let the presentations begin!"

"We will start with the girls, who will tell us more about Evergreen Village."

Shyly Sophie Snow-Warren came forward, Rosie and Lily hold up the first poster. It showed plants and the village map.

Picture from Aranera

"Evergreen Village was found by the Neptunes, Pickleweeds, Cottontails and Brambleberrys many many years ago. It lays in the beautiful Evergreen Forest and has a huge river, called Plum Creek. My uncle Peter told me that it can split into four main areas. They are called: Cherrybrook, Sandy Bay, Market Town and The Forest."

She pointed at all areas with her finger, "In market town my aunt runs a beautiful boutique. Here's a photo."

Picture from Aranera
She added a few more sentences, then she changed place with Rosie Tuxedo.

"You will find many more shops and restaurants in Evergreen Village. They have a fantastic music store...

Picture from Aranera
... a library...

Picture from Aranera
... a gorgeous ice cafe - there is always happening here...

Picture from Aranera
Picture from Aranera
...and even an art shop!" 

Picture from Aranera
Picture from Aranera
Rosie explained more about the shops, then it was her sisters turn.
Lily smiled, "Of course they also have a bakery, which is the Watermill Bakery. You will find there just the best of the best!" 

"The actual mayor is Sir Montgomery Kenneth. He is a very kind man - at least our uncle says that."
All parents giggled at this point. Lily blushed, "Did I say something wrong?"
"No, not at all, my dear.", Sienna said, "You're doing very well."

"Okay...", Lily continued, still red as a tomato, "The next family we wanted to present are the Beamans - our relatives. They are a very cool family, because they live in a campervan! Uncle George is a mechanic and that is something really special, because Marigold Creek hasn't a mechanic yet."
"That's correct!", Hans Löffel said, "And it's a good point. We need one!"

The other parents agreed of one voice.
"This is the family in front of the campervan.", she pointed at a picture, "Isn't that a very cool house?"

Picture from Aranera
Picture from Sylvanianstorekeepers.
Especially the younger children loudly agreed - everyone wanted to live in a house on wheels.

After Lily's speech it was the boys turn - and Paddock was the first to speak.

With glowing cheeks he started: "Sugarbush Valley is a really pretty town, which lays near Blueberry Hill and Eaglewood. The actual mayor is Hugo Trunk. Here is a picture of him and his family. He is also a very nice mayor."

Picture from Eaton Blackberry
"And this is my uncle's sister Daisy Buttercup and her family. They are also farmers - like my own family. The Buttercup farm is very important for Sugarbush Valley, because they deliver the city with many healthy goods."

Picture from Eaton Blackberry
Paddock looked to his listeners, "They grow wheat and many fruits."

He also explained more about the farmland and the crops, which his relatives were growing.

Picture from Eaton Blackberry
"And Daisy also sells some ice-cream - like my aunt Elsie."

Picture from Eaton Blackberry
After Paddock it was Muddy McBurrows turn, who told more about the buisnesses in Sugarbush Valley.

"They have a fish monger, which is awesome, because we don't have one yet. I've heard that they just sell the best fish in whole Sylvania."
The parents laughed amused.

Picture from Eaton Blackberry
"They also have a dentist..."

Picture from Eaton Blackberry
"...and they have a really friendly gardener family." He smiled all over his face, "They are my relatives."

Picture from Eaton Blackberry
"Sugarbush Valley has something really special...", Anton Löffel started, after Muddy had ended his speech.

"They have a village commune. It's a giant complex, where many families live.", his brother continued.

Picture from Eaton Blackberry
"We think that we should have something like this in Marigold Creek too."

"Oh and they also have a tourismus and realtor center. ", William said.

Picture from Eaton Blackberry
"Our relatives are the Chocolates - they own a very cool pizza restaurant."

Picture from Eaton Blackberry
Picture from Eaton Blackberry
After the presentation a big applause could be heared in the whole village.
"Thank you very much for those fantastic speeches!", Mr. Hunter-Smith lauded the children.

Proudly the parents walked to their children and had a talk with the other families.

"You did so great, Paddock!", Hornbull smiled.

"We are so proud of you, darling!", Daisy hugged her son.
"Thank you mum, thank you dad.", Paddock was also very proud of himself. 

It has been a fantastic project week - he had learned a lot about Sugarbush Valley and Evergreen Village. Hopefully the next project week would come soon! 

I really had problems with the weather while I took those photos. You see some of the photos have a real weird lighting. I hope you don't mind, but I had planned this story for so long and couldn't wait anymore^^.

My big thanks go to Aranera and to her lovely Evergreen Village and to Eaton Blackberry and wonderful Sugarbush Valley. Thank you very much for let me use your awesome pictures :).
Unfortunately I couldn't show you all fantastic shops and restaurants of those two villages, but I'm sure you can find out, when you visit the websites :).

Yours Kyra


  1. That was such a lovely story to read :D I really like how you incorporated SV and Evergreen into it! Also I can totally understand Annabel's annoyance at having to learn maths, haha - and I agree with Sienna that chocolate is veeeery important for learning. Also it is very kind of you for all the heart-warming praise, your village/blog is marvellous and never fails to cheer me up :)

    1. It was my big pleasure - I'm so glad that you liked the story. *blush* Aww, thank you!
      Yes- chocolate is so important :D

  2. Not sure if I should clap or blush tomatoe red like Lily. It was so great! Than you for including me, Im so honoured!

    1. :D it was my pleasure. I'm glad my villagers have relatives in Sugarbush.

    2. :D it was my pleasure. I'm glad my villagers have relatives in Sugarbush.

  3. Cute story! I love William's shirt, did you make it? It sounds as if the children have had a very fun project week!

    1. Thank you :)
      No I got it in a set, but I like it too :D

  4. I loved this story - I discovered your blog through the wonderful Sugarbush Valley site. I have really enjoyed exploring your blog, you are very talented!

    1. Aww, thank you very much for your praise :). I'm glad you like my blog.

  5. Adorable story as always! :) Thank you very much for your kind comment on my blog!

  6. What a lovely photostory! It must be fun to collaborate with friends for this :) And I never realised how cute the brown labrador dogs look! I need one now ><

  7. Thank you :)
    Oh yes - they are! I fear you must get them ;)

  8. What a wonderful way to introduce new places and blogs to your readers :) Don't worry about the weird lighting, I think it differentiated the borrowed "photo" images used for the story.