Montag, 23. November 2015

A big discovery - Decorating the Regency hotel (part 1)

Dear Readers,

as promised here's a first post/little story about the Regency hotel :).


Cecil Maces was walking through the forest - it was Friday afternoon and the mouse man was looking forward to the weekend. As always he enjoyed his walk through the wild, but somehow he had the feeling, that something was different today.

Other than usual Cecil decided to take another way back to the village. He walked along deep ravines, wondering that he had never saw them before.
Then - all of a sudden - he stood on a clearing and what he saw surprised him even more. 
Infront of Cecil's eyes was a huge, victorian looking building. The columns in the front seemed a bit oblique, but it was beautiful!

"Oh my god...", he whispered, while he searched for his small camera. Fastly he took a few pictures, before he walked closer to the building. Should he enter?
Although Cecil was really curious about the inside, he hadn't the heart to enter - it could be dangerous.

He decided to fastly walk back into the village and tell the mayor, who was Bruno Hunter-Smith. 

After Bruno had listend to Cecil's story and looked at the pictures from the villa it was clear to him:
"That house is our rescue! So many new families and Villagers are looking for some flats - they could live here!", Bruno declared with amazement, "I will call Digger McBurrow and Andrew Woodbrook to check the stability of the building. If it is allright, we should immediatly start rennovating! Thank you so much, Cecil!"

Cecil blushed, "Oh well... It was just a coincidence..."

As soon as said, Bruno, Cecil, Digger and Andrew walked to the mysterious building.

"WOW!", Andrew whistled, "That is what I call a villa!"
"And I wonder, why nobody knew about that building! It is so huge!", Digger took a closer look at the columns, "Well, those columns should be replaced, they aren't stabil enough... But the rest looks good.

"Yep - basic structure of the building is okay!", Andrew declared, "There of course should be more tests, but I can already say that we can safely enter the building."
"How exciting!", Bruno said, "Should we enter?"

Loudly the men agreed. 

When they entered the building, their amazement grew even bigger: The rooms were huge and although there was a thick dust layer everywhere the building was in a very good condition. 

"It for sure is the rescue of our village!", Bruno said, while Andrew and Digger checked doors and windows.
Cecil smiled, "I'm so glad I found the villa. What a coincidence!"
The men moved into the next room.

"Balustrade is in a fantastic condition!", Andrew yelled from the back of the room.
"And even the water pipes seem to be okay.", Digger explained to Bruno and Cecil.

 After the last windows were and the roof were checked...

... it was clear: 

"Here will be enough space for 11 families! We can make an official announcement."

... to be continued.


Now it's your time to decide, which flat I should start to decorate first. I thought that might be a nice idea :).

Here's a picture showing the flats and their residents. The first floor and upper floor in the middle section will be divided in two flats. So there will be a bit more space for more families.

I would be very happy if you would help me choosing the first happy family:

1. The Buttercup grandparents
2. Bobby and his daughter
3. The Fisher cats
4. The Roqueforts
5. The Macavities
6. The Puddlefords
7. The Löffel grandparents
8. ? 
9. The Hornigold's
10. ?
11. ?

8,10 and 11 need to wait a bit, until I have the families. :)

Thank you so much for your help.

Yours Kyra

A new parcel on my doorstep - talking about a fantastic trade with Aranera

Dear readers,

this weekend I received a fantastic parcel. It was from my lovely friend Aranera, who runs the great blog Evergreen Village.
I'm always looking much forward to our trades - it is so much fun! :)

This is what I got in this awesome parcel...

... and I got a lot :D.

I did know that I was getting the nurse set, the little mole girl and the handmade items, but I didn't know about the fantastic diorama, the cute "Hazel and Rhianna's day out" set and the amazing needle felting kit (I hope that I can try it out soon).

Aranera made this special "Winter for Peter Rabbit"- diorama just for me. She knows that Peter Rabbit is my favourite Beatrix Potter character and it was a great surprise to find him in the parcel.

Peter is wearing a handmade scarf and coat, just like the one he's wearing in the book. He also carries the carott, with which he is often portrayed. 
Under his coat Peter wears some dungarees.

The next item I looked at was my newest family member of the moles: a baby girl.

She tried out one of the hats I got from Aranera, but had to find out, that it was too big for her.

Luckily her father found her before she was too afraid.

Digger McBurrow is also wearing one handmade hat - aren't they too cute for words? I love those hats and I can't wait to give every villager a nice hat and scarf ^.^.

Beside the hats and scarves I also got this AWESOME roast dinner - including a roast, pees and carrots and two finished plates, a camera, a plate and a glass bottle.

I LOVE them :D. They are such pretty accessoires for my houses.

Hazel and Rhianna are so sweet together. I like the little shopping trolley and their outfits.

And I of course especially adore the face mold of the Dappledawns - their buckled ears are so cute. 

Last but not least I will do a little review on the school nurse set. 
I was looking so much forward to this set, because it includes Cecil's future wife Brie ^.^. Also the set makes my planned doctor's office possible.
The set comes with these items:

Rhianna and little Minnie McBurrow were the first patients to be checked by nurse Brie.

She checked their weight...

...their height...

...and their eyes.

"Please look this way... Right."

Dear Aranera - thank you so much for your fantastic parcel and all those great gifts! It was so wonderful to receive them :-*. Can't wait to use all the new accessoires and figures for my village.

Read and write you soon,
yours Kyra

Montag, 16. November 2015

Police Officer Bobby's operation

Dear Readers, 

finally...  Here it is: My new story! :)

Enjoy! .................................................................................................
It was 6 o'clock in the morning, when a loud knocking jolted Bobby out of his sleep.

Spacy the badger left his bed - his little daughter watched him with sleepy eyes. 

"Who is that, daddy?"
"We will find out, my dear!", carefully, armed with a pan, Bobby walked to the door.

"Hans!", irritated he looked at the rabbit.
"Oh, Bobby! It is terrible!", the man in front of him was shivering all over his body.

"What has happened? Please come in."
"Somebody has broken in our bakery! All cakes are gone and the buns were spread over the floor!"
"What?", Bobby was now shocked too, "Who could have done this? I mean, no one could steal those innocent cakes. They are too delicious..." He paused, "Oh... Wait... Maybe someone stole them, because he or she couldn't afford them?"

Hans lifted his brows, "But I always thought our prizes were affordable."

"That's right... Okay, let's ditch this idea. I will examine the crime scene.", Bobby said, "Please call Flora and Millicent into the bakery." 

Hans suddenly turned pale in his face, "You think it could have been Millicent? But she's such a kind woman and we are so happy that she works with us!" 

Bobby shook his head, "No, but I have to ask all of you a few questions. I also can't imagine that she did something bad. Why should she?"

A bit calmed Hans left the house of the police officer and talked with the two woman.

Half an hour later - Bobby had brought his daughter to Margarete Petite - they all gathered at the crime scene.

"Oh my - that looks terrible! All the good food!", Millicent nearly burst into tears, "I don't understand at all... Why would somebody break into a bakery?"

"We don't know..."
At that moment Cecil entered the shop, "Oh dear! What a desaster!"

He placed down his camera, "Bobby called me to bring my camera - we must take pictures of the scenery!"
"Of course...", Hans said, while the mouse started to take the photos.

Meanwhile Bobby started with the questioning outside.

"Flora, can you tell me when you left the bakery yesterday?"
"Of course. I left the bakery at around 2 p.m. I prepared lunch for the family. At this time Hans and Millicent prepared the oven for the last breads for this day...", Flora answered.

"Okay. And did you return to the bakery?"
"No. I met my husband at aroung 5 p.m. after he closed the bakery."
"So he closed the bakery? Does he have the only key?"
Flora nodded, "We just have one key."

Bobby wrote down what the woman had told him. He of course believed her, but something was really weird. He hadn't find any scratches or other damages on the front door or the windows. The housebreaker must have had a key... Or he or she was really talented.

Millicent was next. Nervously the young mother sat down.

"I swear, I haven't done anything!", she said, her voice was shivering, "I left the bakery at around 4 p.m. I said goodbye to Hans and then I walked to the Tuxedos to fetch up my children - they were playing at the Tuxedos house..."

Bobby softly patted her hand, "No one thinks you did something. I just have to check everything.
Assuaged Millicent breathed in deeply, "Oh my, I was so worried. Especially because I'm working here just for a short time."

"Oh Millicent!", Hans said caring, "Really, we don't suspect you at all!"
"You're doing an excellent job here.", Flora smiled.
"Thank you.", the cat blushed, "I love working here."

Bobby again inspired the front door. "The housebreaker had a key... I'm sure...", he murmured.

"But when the housebreaker had a key and we have just one key... That means...", Hans said shocked, "...He must have breaken also into our house!"
"You are sure that you locked up the bakery yesterday?"
"Yes, of course! It was closed this morning."
Bobby was even more irritated now, "What? So the housebreaker locked the building up after his malefaction?"

Helpless Hans shrugged, "It seems like that..."
"That's mysterious...", Bobby explained, "It's not a normal crime. Could it be that someone played a trick on you?"
Flora and Hans flashed a glance, "Who would do that?"
"Children?", Cecil thought loudly.
"But not ours!", Flora shook her head, "They would never do that!"

"But you also know that Anton and William love playing tricks!", her husband said carefully. 

Immediatly his wife grimaced, "Don't you even think that! Our children don't harm anyone! They are too little rascals, yes, but they would NEVER destroy our bakery!"
Defensively Hans walked a few steps back, "Sorry, my dear."

Bobby walked away - he didn't want to stand between the arguing couple.

He also thought that Flora was right - he knew the two boys and they were always friendly. They couldn't be criminals - and his long year experience in police work confirmed his thoughts.

"Morning, Bobby!", Karl Löffel, father of Hans, walked towards the bakery, "Did you already find that idiot, who destroyed the bakery?"

"Unfortunately not. It is very mysterious. There is no evidence of forced entry."

Karl put down his glasses, "I'm shocked! When Flora came down to tell us this morning, I was still sleeping... I had such a bad night and then such news..."

"I'm so sorry, Karl! Why did you had a bad night?"
"Stomachache... I don't know why, but it must have been a side effect from the medicine I took yesterday. Cassandra gave me something for my whiskers. They are breaking so easily!"
Bobby touched his own whiskers, "I remember that I had this too. Cassandras medicine really helped. But I hadn't any stomachache..."

"Maybe I just had bad luck.", the older rabbit sighed, "It's such a shame! Elfriede and I of course already started baking new cakes, but it takes much time."

After his talk with Karl Bobby asked every passerby, if he or she had heard or seen anybody breaking into the bakery.

But nobody could help.

When Bobby asked Shinichi Bamboo, who was walking along with his youngest son chiko, the panda was shocked, "Oh no, not the bakery! I just wanted to buy one of those fantastic cakes."

Chiko's eyes were filled with tears "N... No ca... cake, daddy?"

"I'm sorry, my dear.", he took his son on his arms. 

"And you have seen nobody near the bakery yesterday?"
"Nobody.", Shinichi shook his head, "I'm sorry that I’m no better help."
"I saw someone!", Chiko said, still crying.
Surprised Bobby looked at the boy, "Who was it? And when did you see him?"
"A rabbit...", Chiko sniffed, "I... I looked out the window and then there was a rabbit. It was a man."
"How did he look?"

Chiko pointed at Karl Löffel, who just brought new cakes for the bakery.
"Like him!"
Shinichi shook his head, "That's Mr. Löffel's father. Maybe you saw Mr. Löffel himself, when he closed the bakery yesterday?"
Chiko shrugged, "I saw a rabbit."

Bobby patted the little panda's head, "Was it dark when you saw the rabbit?"
He nodded.
"And was it after your parents said you goodnight?" 
The boy nodded again.
Irritated Shinichi flashed a glance with Bobby.

"Maybe we should draw a mug shot?", Bobby proposed.
"Well...", Shinichi hesitated, "Maybe Chiko mistake it. Sometimes he has much fantasy."
"We will do it. Just to be 100% sure - We have to gather and check all information we get."

After 20 minutes they had a finished mug shot. 
"He really looks like you, Karl.", Elfriede raised her brows, "Maybe it was that weird cousin of yours? How was his name again? Detlef?"

Her husband nodded, "Detlef could do something like that... Yes. And he looks a bit like me..."
Bobby was excited - maybe that was the person they were searching for.

"Do you have some family dispute?"
"Not that I know...", Karl thought loudly, "He was always a bit strange. The black sheep of the family. But he lives in Pumkinvilles together with his wife... I didn't hear anything bad or weird about him in the last two years - beside that he always wear strange ear muffs."

"Okay...", Bobby asked a few more questions then it was time to call the police department in Pumpkinvilles.

The officers promised to bring Detlef Löffel to Marigold Creek the next day, so Bobby could question him.

At 7 o'clock in the next morning, Bobby's phone rang.
"Officer Roberts is speaking."
"It happened again!", a desperate voice said, "All cakes are gone!"

"Hans? Oh my god! I will be there immediatly.", Bobby fastly took his daughter with him and left the house.

As the rabbit had said, again all cakes were gone, but this time the buns were left in place.

Helpless Hans sat on the bottom, holding an empty plate in his hands, "Why? I mean... Why?"

Bobby softly patted Hans shoulder, "I promise that I will find that madman."
"Thank you... Maybe it really was Detlef..."

As said the officer of Pumpkinvilles brought Detlef Löffel to Bobby.
Detlef was wearing a strange outfit, including his ear muffs.

"I did nothing.", he started, before he loudly spelled: "N-O-T-H-I-N-G!"
Bobby sighed, "So, tell me. Where have you been in the last two nights."

"At home. As every day. My wife can proof it!"
The police officer wrote his statement down, "And what did you do there?"
"Eating, watching TV, eating and sleeping. As always. Ask my wife! So we can shorten the time."
Rolling his eyes, Bobby got his phone and called Detlef Löffel's wife.

"Yeeeeeeeees?", a screaming voice answered, "If you are that bad police officer from Marigold Creek I will tell you one thing in one word: NO!"
Bobby tried to stay friendly, but it was hard. Such an unfriendly person. "What did your husband do last night?"
"Eating! Watching TV! Eating! Sleeping.", she said, while she sounded like she would spit out every word.

"Okay, thank you very much for your help."
"Ts." The hooting sound of the phone told him that she had hung off.
"Well, it seems that you have an alibi.", Bobby harrumphed.
"Like I said.", Detlef turned his back on the police officer, "And tell my cousin that I am desperatly disappointed that he suspected me."

With those words he left the crime scene.
"Dear...", Bobby sat down.

"He is always that rude...", Karl took also a seat (He again brought some more fresh baked cakes), "I'm sorry." Then he squinched up his face, "Damn, my stomach kills me! I feel like I've eaten a ton of bonbons!"
"Did you again took Cassandra's medicine?", Bobby asked - he was feeling really sorry for the man.

"Yes.", Karl carefully touched his belly, "When I woke up this morning I felt so ill, I almost couldn't leave the bed."
"Maybe you should go to Cassandra and ask her for another medicine."
"Right.", Karl groaned, "I will go to her tomorrow."
"What will you do now about the housebreaker?"
"The only option we have is to wait and observe the place. Maybe he will come back and try to break in again."
The rabbit nodded, "Good idea. You could catch him red-handed."

No sooner than said the police officer Bobby Roberts couched near the bakery behind a big bush.

Hours passed by. Customers went in and left the bakery. Flora and Millicent Fisher went home. Hans locked the door at 5 p.m. Soon it was getting darker.

Bobby yawned.
Than it was 10 p.m. and still no sign of the housebreaker. Bobby streched himself. Maybe he wouldn't come today.

At 11 p.m. Bobby almost slept in, but then a quiet clicking called his attention. 
He looked over the bush and what he saw surprised him... or better said - shocked him.

"Oh my god.", Bobby stood up and walked after the housebreaker.

It was Karl Löffel.
"Karl?", he asked carefully.

But the rabbit didn't react, his eyes were fixed on the cakes. Slowly he fetched the first cake and started to eat.

"Karl? Can't you see me?", irritated Bobby waved in front of Karls eyes, "Are you sleepwalking?"

Bobby got his mobile phone out of his bag and called Hans Löffel immediatly.
"Hans, you must come to the bakery... I found the housebreaker..."
"Oh my. Is he dangerous?"
"No... Just come here... And bring Elfriede with you... She might miss her husband."

A few minutes later Hans, Flora and Elfriede Löffel appeared at the bakery. Meanwhile Karl had eaten the first cake and headed for the next one.
Elfriede was speechless, while her son tried to hide the cakes from his father. Karl acted as he would be in trance.

"He is sleepwalking, isn't he?", Flora watched the happening with growing amazement.
"I think so..."

Elfriede suddenly throw her hands up in horror, "The medicine! Cassandra told me that it can has some side effects like sleep walking. Oh why haven't I thought about this before?"

"That explains his stomachaches.", Bobby tried to suppress his laughter, "He must have eaten all the cakes by himself!"
"And he thought the whole time that it would be from a side effect from the medicine...", Flora giggled, "At the end it really was one, but not what we expected..."
"No wonder little Chiko Bamboo had seen someone who looked like dad.", Hans said, still trying to rescue cakes from his fathers attacks.

"Poor Detlef. It must have been so hard to be suspected by his own family.", Elfriede had a bad conscience.
"But how can we wake him up?", Bobby scratched his head, "He didn't react to my questions."

"I've heard that you shouldn't wake up a sleepwalker.", Flora thought loudly.
Her mother-in-law agreed, "Best would be to accompany him home and bed him..."

Carefully Elfriede put her arms around her husband and pushed him outside the bakery. With encouraging words she towed Karl back to the Löffel's house.

"What a night!", Bobby said. 
Hans sighed loudly, "You can say that again."

"It will be a big shock for Karl...", Flora put the cakes back into the cupboard, "He was so mad at the housebreaker."
"I'm sure mum will find the right words.", Hans scratched his head, "She's good in such things."

The three adults looked at each other, than sighed all at once.

It was for sure an exciting night and everyone was glad that the mystery was solved.

"Thank you so much for your help, Bobby!", Hans said and shook hands with the officer.

"It was my pleasure.", Bobby smiled, "I'm glad I could help.

The End


I hope you liked the story! I had much fun writing it - especially creating Detlef and hos weird wife :D.

I will be soon back to show you my newest achievement: the regeny hotel.

Write you soon,
Yours Kyra