Montag, 23. November 2015

A big discovery - Decorating the Regency hotel (part 1)

Dear Readers,

as promised here's a first post/little story about the Regency hotel :).


Cecil Maces was walking through the forest - it was Friday afternoon and the mouse man was looking forward to the weekend. As always he enjoyed his walk through the wild, but somehow he had the feeling, that something was different today.

Other than usual Cecil decided to take another way back to the village. He walked along deep ravines, wondering that he had never saw them before.
Then - all of a sudden - he stood on a clearing and what he saw surprised him even more. 
Infront of Cecil's eyes was a huge, victorian looking building. The columns in the front seemed a bit oblique, but it was beautiful!

"Oh my god...", he whispered, while he searched for his small camera. Fastly he took a few pictures, before he walked closer to the building. Should he enter?
Although Cecil was really curious about the inside, he hadn't the heart to enter - it could be dangerous.

He decided to fastly walk back into the village and tell the mayor, who was Bruno Hunter-Smith. 

After Bruno had listend to Cecil's story and looked at the pictures from the villa it was clear to him:
"That house is our rescue! So many new families and Villagers are looking for some flats - they could live here!", Bruno declared with amazement, "I will call Digger McBurrow and Andrew Woodbrook to check the stability of the building. If it is allright, we should immediatly start rennovating! Thank you so much, Cecil!"

Cecil blushed, "Oh well... It was just a coincidence..."

As soon as said, Bruno, Cecil, Digger and Andrew walked to the mysterious building.

"WOW!", Andrew whistled, "That is what I call a villa!"
"And I wonder, why nobody knew about that building! It is so huge!", Digger took a closer look at the columns, "Well, those columns should be replaced, they aren't stabil enough... But the rest looks good.

"Yep - basic structure of the building is okay!", Andrew declared, "There of course should be more tests, but I can already say that we can safely enter the building."
"How exciting!", Bruno said, "Should we enter?"

Loudly the men agreed. 

When they entered the building, their amazement grew even bigger: The rooms were huge and although there was a thick dust layer everywhere the building was in a very good condition. 

"It for sure is the rescue of our village!", Bruno said, while Andrew and Digger checked doors and windows.
Cecil smiled, "I'm so glad I found the villa. What a coincidence!"
The men moved into the next room.

"Balustrade is in a fantastic condition!", Andrew yelled from the back of the room.
"And even the water pipes seem to be okay.", Digger explained to Bruno and Cecil.

 After the last windows were and the roof were checked...

... it was clear: 

"Here will be enough space for 11 families! We can make an official announcement."

... to be continued.


Now it's your time to decide, which flat I should start to decorate first. I thought that might be a nice idea :).

Here's a picture showing the flats and their residents. The first floor and upper floor in the middle section will be divided in two flats. So there will be a bit more space for more families.

I would be very happy if you would help me choosing the first happy family:

1. The Buttercup grandparents
2. Bobby and his daughter
3. The Fisher cats
4. The Roqueforts
5. The Macavities
6. The Puddlefords
7. The Löffel grandparents
8. ? 
9. The Hornigold's
10. ?
11. ?

8,10 and 11 need to wait a bit, until I have the families. :)

Thank you so much for your help.

Yours Kyra


  1. Hornigold for me! I think it is super awesome that you introduced the new addition to your village in this way!

    1. Thanks for voting :)
      And thank you so much for your praise - glad you like it.

  2. The Buttercup Grandparents or the Hornigolds :D

  3. I think the Hornigolds aswell =)

  4. What a wonderful Hotel!
    It's a great idea to make several families live here! ;)
    For the first family, I choose Les Roquefort !
    Big hugs <3

    1. Thank you very much for voting :). Somehow I had the feeling that you would for the Roqueforts :D
      Many hugs

  5. What a good way to introduce the hotel!!
    I vote for the Loffel grandparents but to be honest with you it doesn´t make a big diffrence who goes first. The main thing is sooner or later you´re going to accomodate all the families and they are going to feel very comfy in their new flat.

    1. :)thank you so much for your vote!
      That is right - I'm glad you see it that way.

  6. The Loffel Grandparents first! it would be nice and relaxing in the hotel before the loud families got in!
    lots of love, emily xxxx

    1. Thank you for voting! :)
      Yes, that's right. They for sure want ro relax a bit.

  7. I love your stories! I really missed reading them! I would like to see the flat for the Buttercup grandparents because I have a soft spot for grandparents (^_^)

    1. Thank you dear Jane! :) I hope you'll find some time to relax.
      :D thanks for voting. Yes, the grandparents are very cute.

  8. I can't wait to see the next step for this building :) Looks like promising start!

  9. This building is beautiful. My vote would go to the Roqueforts but whichever you do first will be great.

    1. Thank you very much for voting - the winner is now announced :)