Montag, 23. November 2015

A new parcel on my doorstep - talking about a fantastic trade with Aranera

Dear readers,

this weekend I received a fantastic parcel. It was from my lovely friend Aranera, who runs the great blog Evergreen Village.
I'm always looking much forward to our trades - it is so much fun! :)

This is what I got in this awesome parcel...

... and I got a lot :D.

I did know that I was getting the nurse set, the little mole girl and the handmade items, but I didn't know about the fantastic diorama, the cute "Hazel and Rhianna's day out" set and the amazing needle felting kit (I hope that I can try it out soon).

Aranera made this special "Winter for Peter Rabbit"- diorama just for me. She knows that Peter Rabbit is my favourite Beatrix Potter character and it was a great surprise to find him in the parcel.

Peter is wearing a handmade scarf and coat, just like the one he's wearing in the book. He also carries the carott, with which he is often portrayed. 
Under his coat Peter wears some dungarees.

The next item I looked at was my newest family member of the moles: a baby girl.

She tried out one of the hats I got from Aranera, but had to find out, that it was too big for her.

Luckily her father found her before she was too afraid.

Digger McBurrow is also wearing one handmade hat - aren't they too cute for words? I love those hats and I can't wait to give every villager a nice hat and scarf ^.^.

Beside the hats and scarves I also got this AWESOME roast dinner - including a roast, pees and carrots and two finished plates, a camera, a plate and a glass bottle.

I LOVE them :D. They are such pretty accessoires for my houses.

Hazel and Rhianna are so sweet together. I like the little shopping trolley and their outfits.

And I of course especially adore the face mold of the Dappledawns - their buckled ears are so cute. 

Last but not least I will do a little review on the school nurse set. 
I was looking so much forward to this set, because it includes Cecil's future wife Brie ^.^. Also the set makes my planned doctor's office possible.
The set comes with these items:

Rhianna and little Minnie McBurrow were the first patients to be checked by nurse Brie.

She checked their weight...

...their height...

...and their eyes.

"Please look this way... Right."

Dear Aranera - thank you so much for your fantastic parcel and all those great gifts! It was so wonderful to receive them :-*. Can't wait to use all the new accessoires and figures for my village.

Read and write you soon,
yours Kyra


  1. Wow what a fantastic parcel with so many surprises! Cant wait for Cecil and Brie to meet!

    1. Thank you so much :). It for sure was a great parcel - I was very surprised. :D me too.
      Wouldn't that be a nice Christmas story?

  2. Aww :* I was blushing throughout reading the review, you are so so kind and I honestly don't deserve all the praise :)) I am really glad you like the scarves and hats, I am always happy to send you more, I will probably also post a tutorial on my blog. Thank you so much for the wonderful parcel you sent to me - the review will be up this evening/next evening, I promise!

    1. You do deserve all the praise! :*
      I adore your winter clothes - they are very comfortable my villagers told me :D
      Thank you again so much for the trade :)

  3. Great post as always! :)You have any fantastic gifts from Aranera...she is very generous! I love Peter Rabbit too! ;) Every details are so cute! Enjoy your new things! :)
    Have a nice evening!

    1. Oh yes - she is really generous.
      Thank you :) I'm looking forward to write new stories with them.

    2. Peter Rabbit is fantastic - it was my favourite children's book

  4. What a nice parcel!!! Peter Rabbit is adorable and the sets and all the little handmade things are great too.
    I love the review you wrote about them. Cecil is going to be very happy. Brie seems to be a sweet and caring lady.

    1. Thank you so much! :)
      I think so too - hopefully it will be love at first sight :D