Sonntag, 8. November 2015

Treehouse and traffic signs

Dear Readers,

I wish I could present you my new story today, but the weather won't let me take the pictures I wanted. And because I want to make a perfect story, I fear it will take a bit longer, before I can upload it.

But anyway, I have a post for you :). 
Yesterday we were shopping and I found those two sets for less money (2 and 10€). 

It was clear: Marigold Creek needed traffic signs ;). 

I had some friendly villagers with me who helped me showing you the size of the signs :D.

See this bad lighting? >.<
The second thing I got is this lovely tree house von Yoohoo and friends. I don't know how big the original Sylvanian nursery tree house is, but the Yoohoo house is big enough for little Sylvanians.

Sylvanian babies and Yoohoo figures are almost the same size.

The tree house came with a few accessoires, like the cups with leave trivets and the planket.

The children can harvest some apples...

... and the bottom is rotatable.

And the slide is much fun too!

The tree house also have a moveable bottom plate, so the children can use the elevator to drive in the second floor.

Rose and Maple played together until late afternoon - they told me that they enjoyed the most perfect tea together :D.

I really like the Yoohoo and friends tree house, it has some nice functions and it's perfect for Sylvanian babies. Of course it has less accessoires compared to the Sylvanian tree house and it has also less space, but I think for 10€ it is more than ok. I wonder if they have more such sets, think I have seen a beach set somewhere? 

I hope that I'll be soon able to post the story. Read and write you soon.

Yours Kyra

PS: Did the videos work? O.O


  1. What great sets for lower prices! The treehouse is really adorable, I loved seeing all its different functions - the videos did work ;)

  2. The treehouse is perfect! And I love the signs!

  3. The tree house looks great! (The signs too!)

  4. The tree house is really cute and it scales well with the Sylvanian babies.

  5. Lovely tree house and great price!! It suits perfect the Sylvanian babies. The signs are great too.

    By the way, the videos work.

    1. :) thank you - glad you liked the post.
      :D that's good- it lasted soooo long to load them up

  6. You have two great sets! I love the tree is absolutely adorable, every details are so cute! *__*
    Capucine and Eglantine want to play in your sweet house! lol
    I hope you will find more set like that! :)
    I don't know for the vidéos! :/
    Have a nice day!
    Big hugs

    1. :* thank you very much - I'm glad you like it.
      I hope I'll find the other sets - they look so cute.
      Oh no, can't you see them?
      Many hugs

  7. I don't see any vidéo...I'm so sorry! é__è
    Where are they ?

  8. I hate when the weather is bad when you want to take pictures! I've been wanting to update my blog this week since I have a couple of days off but it's been raining every single day ;(

    And what great finds you have! The Yoohoo treehouse looks amazing! I want one too! I remember seeing Beanie Baby versions of Yoohoo but didn't know they had a plastic toy line.

  9. Lovely set! I like the little leaf plates and teacups. too cute.
    Yes, the videos work for me! I like how you included them. :)