Freitag, 18. Dezember 2015

A fantastic parcel from Ashmimi arrived

Dear Readers,

recently I received a parcel from Ashmimi, who runs the fantastic blog Mimi's Little Sylvanian Town. She has a great talent in making accessoires and furniture for her Sylanians and shows her skills in lots of tutorials.

We had agreed in a little trade, so if you are interested, what I sent her, you will find it on her blog :).

Mimi did send me some great ribbons for Christmas decoration, cute butterfly wings for Halloween outfits (You have to check out her amazing outfits here), and teeny tiny animal/dinosaure figures, which have the right size for Sylvanians.

Then I received this fantastic loft bed.

I like how you can open the drawers and doors.

Also the clothes rail is a nice touch too.

She also got me a cute pink tree and those adorable little piglets!

I just LOVE the piglets, they have such cute faces. 

Here you see a piglet compared to one of the little figures.

Last but not least Ashmimi sent me the beautiful lavender bedroom! And I must say I'm impressed by this set very much. It is so pretty and has so many details!

It comes with lots of accessoires - even with a lipstick.

It comes with a dress and a t-shirt (or is it a nightgown?) But unfortunately I don't know what that pink thing is I got with the set. Do you have an idea?

Thank you so much for those wonderful items dear Ashmimi! I love all of them!

Many greetings,
yours Kyra


  1. What a great trade! Yes, ashmimi is very talented when it comes to miniatures! (You are too) :)

  2. What a lovely trade, the 3 little pigs are very cute indeed, & the lavender bedroom set is really pretty!

  3. I love the bedroom set, and the little dinosaurs are so sweet!

  4. Lovely parcel!! I really like the bedroom with so many little details. The three piglets are also adorable.

  5. Alright...I've been trying to leave comments on your blog with no avail for some time now. I keeps giving me errors at the end....>.< Oh well, here I am trying one more time! hehehe

    Thank you so much for doing this trade! It was very exciting! If you find things on my blog that you can't get there, let's do another trade! :D

    1. Bad blogspot! But I'm glad that it worked out :)

      I have to thank you - it was such a great trade.
      Of course :). I'm always looking forward to a new trade :)

  6. Great parcel, I love the loft bed and the bedroom set is so pretty.

  7. Very cute package & trade! :) I love the lavender bedroom set too, I have it as well. I have the pink 'towel' sort of thing that comes with it and I'm not sure of its purpose either!!

    1. Thank you Julia :).
      :D okay - I see it really is a mysterious thing

  8. Lovely trade. I'm going to have to get some butterflies to make a fairy costume. Have you made any?

    1. Thank you Sarah:). No, I haven't made them yet - I unfortunately didn't have any time.

  9. Thank you so much for doing this trade! It was very exciting! If you find things on my blog that you can't get there, let's do another trade! :D Parcel lebaran Bandung