Mittwoch, 6. Januar 2016

A trip to the playground

Dear Readers,

at the moment I unfortunately don't have much time for my Sylvanians. It's my last year at Uni (which is very stressful), I'm engaged (so slowly first plans for marriage have to be made) and there's also lots of other things to be done.
That's why I won't post that often. 
But looking at my tiny villagers always makes me smile, so when I have time I'll write little stories. I hope I can do one once a month.

So luckily I had some time after New Year - and long story short, enjoy today's little story :).


It was friday morning and Katie Hawthorn welcomed Rosie Löffel, who was accompanied by her mother to the nursery.

Shinichi Bamboo, Sparky Huckleberry and the three little pigs Remus, Sirius and James Oink were already there and played around.

After all children had arrive, Katie gathered all children in the nursery, where they sang their morning song together(Bumblebee greets the day). The children were all very enthusiastic and excited.

The excitement had a special cause: Today Katie and the children would visit the brand new playground of Marigold Creek. It was built by Digger McBurrow and Andrew Woodbruck. All villagers - especially the mothers - were happy about the playground.

"We will now all go together to the new playground...", Katie told the children outside.
The little ones cheered loudly.
"But we have to follow a few rules. You will walk in pairs in a row, so I can watch you better. You won't run and you won't hide somewhere until we arrived at the playground." She paused, because Marcus Woodbrook piped up.

"But we can play hide and seek at the playground, right?"
"Of course you can.", Katie smiled, "And I'm sure you'll find perfect hideouts."

"Mum told me that we have picnic.", Remus Oink said excited.
The nursery teacher nodded, "Right we have a picnic there. Mr. Buttercup and Mr. Brightfield arranged some delicious things for us. Should we go now?"
"YES!", all children yelled.

So no sooner then said, Katie took a little basket filled with yellow fruits and guided the children to the playground.

When they arrived, Cypruss and Hornbull were already waiting for them.

"Hello Katie!", the men greeted, "You were fast! We just finished decorating the picnic tables."

"And I feared you were waiting too long."
"No, no. Don't worry.", Hornbull grinned and waved Elizabeth - his youngest daughter.

Katie once again gathered all children around her, "Before you can start playing, remember that you have to take good care during playing. Be friendly and respectful to eachother. Don't beat or hustle someone. And when you want to ride the carousell, wait until Mr. Buttercup or Mr. Brightfield helps you. Okay?"
"Oooookay!", the children agreed. They couldn't wait to start playing.
"Then I wish you much fun now!", Katie laughed. Within seconds all children spread out.

It was clear that some of the boys wanted to ride the carousell first, so Cypruss helped them to climb on.

"Huuuuiiiii!", they cheered when it started to move.
"Please sit down!", the goat man warned, "It's dangerous to stand. You could fall!"

"Yes, yes.", the boys said and tried to behave.

Meanwhile Monty McBurrow and James Oink played on the fantastic slight, which belonged to a pretty tree house.
"You have to try out the slight! It is sooooo fast!", Monty said excited.

"Okay.", James nodded.

He climbed the tree house and woooshh he slided down. "That was great! Let's do it again!"
Together they entered the treehouse.

Elizabeth, Rosie and Maple were telling eachother jokes...

... while Sirius Oink swung. Hornbull helped the little boy to swing even higher. Sirius squeaked of joy.

Later the girls wanted to ride the carousell.

"Can I fall?", Elizabeth asked her dad.

"No, dear. Just sit and don't jump around.", Hornbull said calming, "Than nothing will happen."

"Do I sit right?", Rosie asked.
"You sit perfect!", Hornbull smiled.

While they rode the carousell, Katie explained the apple game to the boys. It had been Andrew Woodbrooks idea to install a bigger version of the famous Sylvanian game "Grab the apple." Goal was to harvest toy apples as fast as you could. But that was tricky - some apples could be stuck.

"I've got one!", Andrew yelled and put "his" apple in the basket.
Katie watched them with joy.

It was already lunch time, when the adults explained it was time for the picnic.

From all the playing the children were very hungry - they dashed at the food. There were lots of sweet fruits and soft cakes. For drinking Petunia Brightfield had prepared delicious ginger lemonade.

Katie, Hornbull...

...and Cypruss enjoyed the homemade lemonade as well.

After the lunch the children were a bit tired and it was time to go home. But before that Katie allowed them to play hide and seek.

That was lots of fun! 

Tired, but good mooded Katie accompanied the children to the nursery, where their mothers fetched them up.
It had been a great day and the new playground was a full success!

I really like those two yoohoo and friends play sets, they are adorable and come with lots of accessoires, which are just the right size for Sylvanian babies.
Does anyone of you have such sets too?

Many greetings,
yours Kyra


  1. The yoohoo play sets look wonderful- so colourful and a great fit.

  2. The yoohoo playset looks great, are the Oink triplets new to your village?

    1. Thank you :). Yes, they are new. I got them in a trade :)

  3. Very cute story! Love the names of the piglets 😉

    1. :D thank you. Me too, I didn't like their original names.

  4. First, congrats on your engagement Kyra! I hope everything goes smoothly for you!! :)
    I love the playground sets, they seem perfect with the sylvanian babies. and your story was so adorable.

    1. Aww,thank you Julia! :-* I hope that too - especially that we can celebrate in those places we want^^.
      Glad you liked the story :)

  5. I remember the day I read your post about the yoohoo playset. It fists perfectly with Sylvanian babies and it´s lovely to see them having fun. Really cute story!!!
    Good luck with your last year at University and great news to hear you´re engaged!!!
    Looking forward to your posts, even if it´s one a month.

    1. Thank you very much :)
      I will try to post as often as I can.