Mittwoch, 27. Januar 2016

Some online shopping

Dear Readers,

I told you that I won't have that much time this year and unfortunately it really is true. I'm so busy with uni work, that I need to get up at 6 o clock in the morning and work until 8 p.m.- which really is exhausting.

On Sundays I have some free time - yay! So I try to take pictures on those days for coming stories. Last weekend I took the first half of pics for the new story, the second half should be done this Sunday. :)

But I also took some photos today, which I shortly want to show you.
I recently bought some things on SSK and their other website, called "The dollhouse boutique". If you haven't already looked at that site, I highly recommend it. They have fantastic items!

This is what I bought:

I won't review the baby bed, cause I haven't unpacked it yet.

But let's take a look at the two crockery sets. Aren't they beautiful? They're made out of porcelain and look really well made.

I can't decide which I like more. But I somehow think that silver one looks more valuable, but maybe that's just a personal feeling.

Mrs. Dale (I got the sheep family from my fiance - you hopefully will read more about them soon) was kind enough to help me showing the size of the crockery.

It fits perfectly to the Sylvanian scale.

I also bought this cuuuute kettle, a lamp and cutlery (which is made of metal, by the way).

Here a more detailed picture of the cutlery.

Although I think the lamp could be used in a Sylvanian doll house, I prefer it in my doll's diorama.

Fits perfectly, doesn't it?

The last set to review for today is the pancake set. I bought it, because I adore those little pancakes - and also because I have no time for crafting. The set includes those items:

Crockery, cutlery, a pan, 6 pancakes and three different toppings for the pancakes.

The Dale children are very excited, that they can have some pancakes today^.^.
Although I think the prize is a little bit high for this accessoire set I would recommend to buy it, if you don't have time or energy to make the pancakes yourself. It's definitely a delicious set for your villagers :D.

Until next time,

Yours Kyra


  1. The crockery is just adorable!

  2. Thanks for the review. I had seen these kind of ceramic coffee sets before and I didn´t buy them becasue I wasn´t sure if they would fit Sylvanian size. Now, I think I´m going to get one. The cuttlery is very realistic and the pancake set is definitely in my wishlist.
    By the way your dolls diorama is so lovely and the lamp looks great there.

    1. My pleasure - glad you liked it and that I could help to decide to buy some of the stuff (it really is amazing!). Aww, thank you - I must admit I'm very proud about that diorama (made it completely myself)

  3. Such lovely sets! I love both crockery sets, I think the silver one looks most expensive too but I like the simpler design of the second set. And the lamp and cutlery is gorgeous - I'm impressed the cutlery is made of metal! I adore the kettle on its heater - so, so sweet <3

    1. Thank you! I totally agree - they both have their amenity (is that the right word? :D)
      Me too and the cutlery has such nice details.

  4. Wow- I've just been admiring your doll diorama as it's so lovely. Ooo and the pancakes- yum, the porcelain crockery look great too.

    1. Aww, thank you!
      hihi, yes, I could have some pancakes now too^^

  5. Great review - I keep thinking I must get a few things from the Dolls House Boutique.
    PS. I'm thinking about getting myself an Ai doll as a treat, and I noticed your doll blog has been wiped!

    1. Thank you Niamh :).
      Oh really? Nice! They are so cute!
      Hmh... Yes, that's cause I wanted to create a better blog, but somehow can't find the time for it *blush*. I hope that I can update it better in the future

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