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Love is in the Air part 1

Dear Readers,

tadaaaaa! Here it is: my monthly story. Hope you enjoy it - I'm very happy to introduce Miss Underwood ^.^


The red bus stopped and Miss Becky Underwood walked outside.

As soon as she placed her suitcase beside her, the bus drove away.

So this was Marigold Creek. Becky looked around. 

It was a nice little village with a few shops and cozy looking houses. Some villagers walked through the streets. She saw a farmer with his son. They had a wheel barrow filled with delicious smelling vegetables....

...a woman walking along with two little children...

....a father with his daughter on his shoulders...

...and another family entering a pretty looking hamburger restaurant.

Becky Underwood had moved to Marigold Creek, because of a job offer from the elementary school. In a newspaper article she had seen that Marigold Creek was searching for a teacher, who was willing to teach the new first graders. It was the perfect offer and after a nice talk with the Hunter-Smith's, who were the headmasters of the school, the decision was made. Becky was the new elementary school teacher.

Soon she had also talked with Mason Tuxedo, who managed to gave her a little flat. 
Today she had finally left her old hometown behind and Becky was on her way to her new flat.

Thanks to Mason's descriptions she fastly found the building - and her flat.

After looking around  (she was pleased with what she saw), Becky started to unpack her belongings and making her new home comfortable.

It was still two weeks until the new school year would start, so she would have enough time to settle down in her new home village.

On the next day Becky walked to her new workplace: the elementary forest school.

Mr. and Mrs. Hunter-Smith were already waiting for her.

"Good morning, Miss Underwood!"
"Good morning!", she looked around, "The school looks fabulous! Now I know why it's called Country Tree School - it is part of a tree!"

"It amazes me every morning.", Bruno smiled, "This tree makes the school very cozy."
"And the children like it too.", Sienna invited Becky into the building, "This is your new classroom."

"Oh... Wow...", Becky was excited, "Your walls even have wallpapers! My old school was just white... Or better said grey. It wasn't a good learning atmosphere."

"I can imagine. No, we want to make it as comfortable as we can. Warm colours are important for a school.", Sienna agreed.
"Yes- and not just the children like them."
The adults laughed.

"Here the children can place their books or crafting material.", Bruno explained and showed the cupboards.
Becky nodded, "Very nice."

After walking through the classroom, Sienna and Becky walked upstairs.

"This is another smaller classroom - we also allow the children to work there alone. For example if they work in smaller groups."
"Very nice! It's good to let the children also work alone."

"And what a nice few! So idyllic!", the badger lady looked outside the tree.
"I must admit I often come here too.", Sienna laughed, "You can watch the butterflies."
Together they went down again. "Nearby is the forest nursery. Are you interested to see it?"
Becky nodded fastly, "Of course."

It was lunch break at the nursery, so the children were allowed to play outside - of course under the eyes of Katie Hawthorn.

"Good morning, Katie!", the Hunter-Smith's greeted, "May we introduce you to Miss Underwood? She's our new teacher and will teach the new first graders."
"Oh fantastic!", Katie smiled, "Nice to meet you!"
"Nice to meet you too.", Becky immediately liked Katie. She was a friendly white mouse with pretty dark eyes.

The four adults talked until the break was over, then they returned to the school, where the Hunter-Smith's gave Becky some books, which she could use for preparing the lessons. They also talked about the school laws.
In the afternoon they said goodbye and Becky returned to her flat.

She wondered what she could do, but the growling of her stomach told her to do some shopping.
It was a good decision to go shopping, because Becky hadn't any grocery things (not even a snack!) in her new home.

So she went into the village center, where the store was located. 

As Becky went in an obliging hedgehog lady greeted her, "Oh good afternoon, may I help you? I've never seen you here around. Are you new to Marigold Creek?"

"Yes, I just moved here.", Becky nodded, "I fear I will need to do some bulk buying. I have nothing at home."
The woman guided her to a nice big shopping cart, "I think this is what you need."

Becky smiled, "Yes, indeed. Thank you!"

"If you need my help please call me, I'm Eleanor von Stachel."
"Becky.", they shook hands, "Becky Underwood."

The badger enjoyed walking around in the grocery store. They had everything she needed. First she bought some pasta, then vegetables.
While she was walking through the shelves, a police officer and his daughter entered the store. 

The little girl wanted some ice-cream, which her father allowed her immediately.

"How sweet.", Becky thought by herself, while she was checking the bananas.

In her thoughts she didn't recognize that the man was watching her with big surprised eyes.

She continued her shopping and finally went to the cash register to pay.
"Did you find everything was you needed?", the hedgehog man behing the cash register asked, "If not we are happy to order you the things you want."

"Aww, that is very kind of you!", Becky was surprised - she was never treated that friendly in a shop before, "But at the moment I have everything what I need. Thank you!"
"You are welcome.", he smiled and packed her things in a big bag.

The bag was very heavy and as soon as Becky walked out the store the pasta and some juice fell out of the bag onto the bottom.

"Oh no!", she checked the content - luckily nothing was damaged.

"Ähem...", he heard someone harrumphing, "M... May I help you, Mrs.?"
Becky looked up - directly in the beautiful dark eyes of the police officer, who was a badger, just like herself.
"Oh...", she blushed, "That... That wou... would be very kind of you."

A bright smile appeared on his face, "It is my pleasure. I see that your bag must be very heavy. Let me carry it for you home."
"Thank you so much, Mr.?", she looked at him.
"I'm Bobby Roberts. And...", his cheeks turned red, "This is my daughter Marie."

"Oh, so you are married?", her heart seemed to stop for a moment. Of course he was married - he had a daughter. For sure he just exercised his duties as a police officer."
"No I'm not!", Bobby answered fastly, "My exwife left me and my little girl."
"That is horrible!", Becky felt sorry for the man and his daughter. How could a woman leave her own child behind?

"Nevermind.", he smiled and took the bag, "I'm done with that."
They walked a few steps, than Becky shyly said: "Oh and I'm no Mrs. I'm just a Miss. Miss Becky Underwood."
The smile on his face grow bigger, "It is a real pleasure to meet you Miss Underwood."

During their way to Becky's flat they talked continuously about all and everything - about their familiy, jobs and homes.
Becky never felt like that before. It made so much fun to talk with the policeofficer and she felt very comfortable in his presence.

When they arrived, Bobby followed her inside the flat and carefully put down the groceries.

"Mr. Roberts...", she smiled at his daughter, "And Marie. May I invite you to some pasta? I haven't ate yet and I would like to thank you for your help." 

Marie looked up to her daddy, "Please, daddy! I want to be with Becky!"
Bobby grinned, "Well, my daughter wants to stay... And her words are my command. No, of course, it is also a pleasure for me to stay with you."

While they talked together, Becky started with the cooking. She was so happy that Bobby and Marie had stayed. 

Soon she had found out that Marie loved fairy tales and that she and Bobby liked the same movies. So after the dinner Becky read one of her favourite fairy tales to Marie, who was full of excitement hearing that story. 

"Thank you so much for that wonderful afternoon, Miss Underwood.", Bobby said, when it was time to go home, "It was the most wonderful day Marie and I had since a long time, right my dear?" The little badger nooded fastly.
"Please call me Becky.", the woman blushed a bit. 
"It will be a pleasure, Becky.", he spoke softly, "I hope that we will meet again?"
"That would be great!"

They said their goodbye and as soon as the door was closed, Becky let herself fall onto the bed.
Her heart was beating fastly in her chest and a warm feeling spread in her body.

"Police officer Bobby Roberts!", she whispered dreamy, "You are the most wonderful man I ever met!"

Outside Bobby made a little jig - he was totally in love with Becky Underwood. He couldn't believe his luck to meet such a beautiful and intelligent woman, who wasn't married already. And Becky liked his daughter too.

"Is Becky my new mum?", Marie asked at that moment.
"What?", irritated Bobby took his daughter in his arms.
"Please! She is a wooooooooonderful mum! The pasta was delicious. And... And she reads so nice!", the little girl said excited, "And she is very pretty!"

"Oh yes, that she is!", Bobby laughed, "Would that be okay for you? Would you like to meet Becky more often?"
"Yes, yes, yes!", she cheered.

At that moment the door of the Buttercup farm, who lived beside Becky, opened.
"Oh hello Bobby, hello Marie!", Hornbull greeted, "Did you just come from our new neighbour?"

"Yes, we helped her with her shopped groceries."

"Hoho!", he grinned, "She is a pretty lady. Wouldn't she be perfect for you?"
"Hornbull!", Bobby laughed, but turned a bit red around his nose.
The bull winked at his friend, then whispered in his ear, "Why don't you invite her for a nice meal at the restaurant? You can't miss out that chance. She seems to be a very kind woman."

"You are right.", Bobby nodded, "You are totally right! I will invite her tomorrow!"
"Good man!", Hornbull said, "I cross my fingers for you! You really deserve a nice woman."
A bit irritated, but also amused Bobby said goodbye to the farmer and went home.

At the next day he stood up early and bought a nice rose bouquet at the Brightfield's flower shop - Marie helped him to pick up the finest roses. 

Bobby was very nervous, when he finally stood in front of Becky's door. What if she didn't want to go on a date with him? Or if she wasn't at home?

He knocked on the door.

Meanwhile Becky cringed because of the knocking sound. Who might that be?

When she saw Bobby at the door her heart jumped. 

"Bobby!", Becky opened, "Hello. What are you...?" Her eyes detected the big, beautiful flower bouquet in his arms.

"Ähm... I... I wanted to ask you, if you want to go on a date with me...", he spoke with a nervous voice, "We could... could eat in the hamburger restaurant. I know it's nothing special, but... I would also understand if you don't want to. I'm not the most exciting person. So if..."
"Stop!", Becky interrupted him. She glanced all over her face, "I would love to go a date with you! And hamburger sounds perfect!"

Bobby sighed assuaged, "I'm so glad! Here, those are for you of course. I hope you like roses."
Touched Becky took the wonderful smelling flowers, "They are beautiful. Thank you so much, Bobby. If it is okay for you, I will take them with me. They are too pretty to store them now in my flat."

"Of course you can keep them. I'm glad you like them!"

Softly Bobby took her hand, "Come, let me present you the best hamburger restaurant in Sylvania!"

As they went in the restaurant a friendly cat lady accompanied them to a table and wrote down their order.

After she was gone, Bobby said: "After yesterday I knew that I had to see you again, Becky. I... I just want to say "Thank you". It was so wonderful to meet someone who shares the same interests like me... It was so much fun to talk with you about all the things..."

"Yes!", Becky agreed, "I think I had never meet someone who also likes "Mrs. Bee and her husband". Everyone thinks it's a boring..."

"...long winded film", they completed the sentence together and laughed.

Together they enjoyed a delicious meal, talked more about "Mrs. Bee and her husband", about little Marie and Becky's job at the local school."

After that Bobby invited her to a dessert - Albus Bamboo was driving around his candy cart.

"What can I offer you two?"

"I think we take a...", Bobby started.
"...heart lollipop.", Becky answered with an amatory glance.
Bobby nodded, "Exact, what I wanted to say."

Albus regarded them with favour and handed over the lollipops, "Here you go."

Hand in hand they enjoyed their dessert and had just eyes for eachother. 

Bobby accompanied Becky back to her flat - it was already very late. 
"Thank you for that wonderful day.", Becky said lovingly, "I will always think of it."
Bobby smiled, "I must admit I would love to see you every day... After today I just can't imagine a day without you."
"I feel the same." she whispered.

With a flowing move Bobby took Becky in his arms, "Then we should repeat this tomorrow and the day after tomorrow.... and the day after that day..." 
He grinned and then gave her a long kiss.

The end


Wasn't that romantic? :D

You for sure wonder why there is a part 1. Well, that's because Bobby isn't the only bachelor in town ;). There's also a lonely Cecil Maces waiting to meet the love of his life.

Have a nice week!
Yours Kyra


  1. So terribly sweet and yes romantic! After an awful day, this cheered me up!

    1. :* I'm so glad I could cheer you up! And of course that you liked the story:)

  2. Hahaha, I love that photo of Bobby peering around the shelves in the supermarket - absolutely hilarious! The story as a whole was so heart warming, I really enjoyed it :D Can't wait to see what happens with Cecil xD

    1. XD that is my favourite photo too. Thank you very much! I hope to write the Cecil story soon, but I can already tell that it will have some action scenes^^

  3. Aww! What a beautiful love story! I also like your nice street scenes and colourful pictures!

    1. :) thank you so much sylvanako! I'm so happy you liked the pictures. That's a big praise! :)

  4. Oh i looved it! So heart warming and precious to see your bobby meet his love :) cant wait for the next part! X

    1. Thank you so much! Yes, I'm so glad that he finally met his wife - he was so lonely :D

  5. I LOVED IT SO MUCH! It was a delight to read your story, so heart warming and romantic! When I read your last bios I told you I was very happy about Bobby meeting Becky but after reading your story I´m even happier. Becky is such a nice woman and the way they met, the idea of the bag, the date... everything is so well thought. Congratulations! Reading your story made my day:)

    1. :D soooo glad you liked the story so much! I must admit I like Becky too, I like her even so much that I think of finally getting her and Bobby a whole house for them XD. Thank you for your lovely comment

  6. Lovely! Becky & Bobby look so cute together. And little Marie! So adorable!

    1. Thank you so much Chill :). Marie is a sweetie, I agree :D

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