Donnerstag, 3. März 2016

A day at the pizzeria

Dear Readers,

a little story for a friday morning :). Enjoy!


"We'll have a great day, my darling!", Ewan Dale said and kissed his wife.
"I hope so. I'm so afraid we won't have any customers..." Barbara was worried. Today they opened their pizza restaurant. What if the villagers wouldn't be interested in pizza? They already had  a fantastic hamburger restaurant...
"Don't worry, I'm sure we will have customers!", Ewan smiled.

Ewan then sparked the fire (they had a traditional brick oven, so the pizza would be stonebaked) and put in the first pizza to test the temperature. Everything was fine and soon the delicious smell of a pizza spread through the restaurant.

Barbara meanwhile tested the telephone - What if a customer wanted to order a pizza and the telephone wouldn't work? But also the telephone was ok.

The pizzeria was just open for half an hour when suddenly the first guests appeared. It was family Bezuidenhout - also new villagers in Marigold Creek.

"Welcome to the pizzeria! May I accompany you to the table?", Barbara was excited.
"Yes, that would be very nice!", Willie Bezuidenhout agreed, "We are all so happy that you opened a pizzeria!"
"We love pizza.", his wife Mara explained, when they took a seat.

Barbara gave the menu cards to the rabbit family and waited until they had decided, before she asked for their order.

"We would love to try out the pizza speciale, the four cheese pizza and the classical pizza salami.", Willie said.
"If you want to eat the pizzas together, the best would be to bring them one after another to you.", Barbara smiled, "So you will have them directly out of the oven."

"That sounds perfect!", Willie nodded, "What a fantastic service!"
"It's our pleasure.", Barbara wrote down the order, before she asked for the drinks.
"Some apple juice, please.", Madelein said. 
"Beer for me.", Willie ordered.
"And orange juice for me, please.", his wife said.

Barbara told her husband about the order, who fastly prepared the first pizza.

Soon Ewan served the pizza speciale to the rabbit family and cut it infront of their eyes.

"Yummy!", Madelein yelled, "That is the best pizza, ever!" Her parents agreed.

After the Bezuidenhouts had finished their lunch, they said goodbye and promised to come back soon.
Suddently, there was an incoming call from Eustace Barrington Truffle, who ordered a family pizza.
Fastly Barbara prepared the order, while her husband put on his special pizza delivery clothes. Meanwhile Molly McBurrow and her husband entered the restaurant and ordered a romantic menu.

Barbara was so glad, that their business was working.
She waved her husband, as he drove away to deliver the pizza to the Truffles.

Pete Petite was the next guest at the pizzeria.
"Good afternoon, Pete.", Barbara knew him since her first day in Marigold Creek. Pete delivered their new couch.
"Good afternoon, Barbara. You are my rescue today!"
"Why that?"
Pete blushed, "I promised my wife to cook for today, but somehow my pasta got burned and the sauce was oversalted..."
"Oh... I see.", the sheep lady hid her amusement and said encouraging: "I'm sure we can help you out with a pizza. Or do you want to make you some pasta? We also have pasta here."

"No, I fear I have had enough of pasta for today.", the postman laughed and take a look at the menu card, "Wow, you have a lots of delicious things on there."
"Take your time to decide." Barbara smirked.

At the end Pete decided to go for a peperoni pizza.
"Thank you so much!", Pete said - still a bit embarrased, "Next time I will come with my whole family."
"Pleasure. Don't worry, I'm glad I could help."

Meanwhile Ewan arrived at the Truffle's house.

As soon as he had rung at the door, it opened and a very excited Eustace opened. Charlie Truffle one of his children was even more excited. He made a little jig, when he saw the pizza scooter.
"It's here, it's here! Pizza is here!", the little boy yelled.
"Hello, Mr. Dale.", Eustace greeted the man, "You see we're so happy to see you."
Ewan laughed, "I'm glad to here that. The pizza was made 5 minutes ago, so it is still fresh."
"That is perfect. My wife is at a doctor's symposium and I should have made some curry today, but somehow I was unable to start the oven. And also my children prefered pizza... And to be honest, me too."

Amused Ewan went to his scooter and fetched the pizza.
With a smile he handed it over, "Enjoy your meal and greetings to your children."
"Thank you very much!"

Eustace waved after Ewan, while his son already tried to get a piece of the pizza out of the pizza carton.

Ewan drove back to his pizzeria, where his wife already served more food to new guests. Their opening day was a big success!

The End


Want some pizza now? :D

Did I already say, I'm very busy? Yes, I did, I know. I need a whole week to finish that little story, because my less time. That's why I want to excuse myself for the long waiting times. I hope you don't mind.

Many greetings,

yours Kyra


  1. This just brightened my day, first because the Bezuidenhouts finally arrived at Marigold Creek and Ewan driving off in the delivery outfit on the scooter was just too cute! Thanks for a lovely story. Maybe the dads in MC need to attend some cooking classes!

    1. Glad I could cheer you up :). Thank you for your lovely comment.
      And "YES! That's a future story"- fantastic idea!

  2. I'm not the only one that does a little jig when the pizza guys rings the doorbell :)

  3. I love his delivery scooter, how sweet did Mr Dale look? Thank you for this gorgeous story - I want pizza for supper now!

  4. What a lovely pizzeria! I am sure the Dales will have a lot of new customers! Great photos and story!!

    1. :) thank you for your comment. I fear so - will be very loud in my cupboard then ;)

  5. Lovely! The pizzeria looks like such a sweet place.

  6. It seems the Dales are going to have a successful business! They are a really cute family.The new family of rabbits are very nice too.You´re picutres are great.I love the way you decorated the pizzeria, very cosy with a rustic touch.I wouldn´t mind having a pizza there :)

    1. Aww, thank you very much for your lovely comment! :)
      You are always invited :D

  7. Ah, your restaurant looks lovely!

  8. Hello Kyra,

    I really like the rustic look of the Dales' new pizzaria! It looks like a nice place to have a meal. :)

    Your photographs turned out very nice, too. :) I love the one where Ewan is serving the pizza to the Bezuidenhouts. :))

    Ich wünsch' Dir einen tollen Wochenstart!!


    1. Hi Nina,

      Thank you very much, glad you liked my photos! I'm always fighting with the light.

      Danke gleichfalls :)