Samstag, 26. März 2016

Love is in the air - part 2

Dear Readers,

I'm proud to present you the second part of my "Love is in the air"- series.



It was a quiete and peaceful afternoon. Cecil Maces was standing close to a little pond. He was fishing.

Relaxed he took a seat and watched the animals around the pond. A bird was watching him.

After a while Cecil felt that a fish had bitten the bait. Excited he jumped up and pulled the fishing-rod in the air. Actually he had caught a big fish!

"Yippieh!", he yelled, "What a caught!"
At that moment Cecil heard a loud scream and then someone calling for help.

"What was that?", he asked himself, but decided to look immediately.
Fastly he run through the forest.

"Where are you?", he yelled.
"Here!", a female voice answered.

Behind some trees, Cecil detected a big hedge. And in that hedge he found Brie Norwood. She was the school nurse. Cecil had seen her a few times, but never had the heart to talk with her. 
"Miss Norwood!", he said, "Are you okay?"

"I... I don't know. I was searching for some nice flowers and then I somehow fell from that rock and got stuck in that hedge!", she sounded very irritated, "I'm so glad you found me, Mr. Maces!"

"I will help you.", Cecil blushed. She knew his name! He had never thought that...
Carefully he took her hands and then pulled.

Suddenly the hedge eased and Brie plumped on Cecil.

"Oops.", she giggled, before her cheeks turned red, "I'm sorry."
"N... No, don't worry.", Cecil lauged, while she tried to get up.
"I hope I didn't hurt you!", Brie said.
"Not at all."

At that moment she grimaced, "Damn..." She sat down, "I fear I have gotten a thorn in my right foot."
"Oh no.", Cecil said caring, "I'm sorry."
"How should I walk back?"
"I will carry you.", the mouse smiled, "Don't worry, Miss Norwood."

"Really?", her eyes grow big, "But... But I'm heavy and it's a long way to my school practice..."
"You are not heavy.", Cecil shook his head,"And I'm glad when I can help you."
"O... Okay.", she smiled shyly, "Thank you."
So Brie climbed on Cecil's back and they started their way home.

"I must go to the pond nearby, if that is okay for you. I was fishing and I caught a fish."
"Of course.", she was quiet for a moment, then she asked, "Where is that pond? I didn't know we have one here?"
"I also detected it just a few days ago.", Cecil explained.

"Oh my!", Brie was surprised when she saw the pond, "It is so pretty!"
"Isn't it?", Cecil wanted to let her down carefully, but he got irritated by a bird watching him.

"What a cutie!", Brie laughed looking at the bird, "He reminds me of Ernest Puddleford."
Cecil had to agree. The bird really looked a bit like the duck. (Joking around a bit here ^.^)

When Brie was sitting near the pond, she felt her foot hurting very bad. "Ouch...", she moaned, "That's not what I wanted for today."

"I can imagine.", Cecil took a look at her foot, "It doesn't look good. That thorn is deep inside your skin! Should I bring you to doctor Macavitie?"
"No, that's not necessary. I have tweezers in my school practice. But it would be very kind of you, if you could accompany me there."
"Of course.", Cecil packed away the caught fish and let her crawl on his back again, "It's a pleasure to help such a pretty lady!"
Oh no! he thought Did I spoke this out loud?

Brie giggled, "Thank you for the compliment, Mr. Maces."
With a red head he walked back into the village.

Why did he always say such embarrasing things? For sure she thought he was a complete idiot.

They came by the McBurrows and Buttercups house. 

Hornbull and Daisy Buttercup just opened their new market stall. The vegetables smelled wonderful - Cecil decided to get him some carrots later.

When they arrived Brie's practice, Cecil was exhausted. Although Brie was a very light mouse, his back was hurting after that long walk.

But he didn't want to show her that. That's why Cecil fastly took a chair and took a seat.

"I can do that.", Brie said caring, "I know you are tired."
"But you are hurt!", Cecil meant, "Let me help you. I'm not a doctor, but I think I'm able to pull out that thorn."
A warm smile appeared on her face, "You are so kind, Mr. Maces. It is such a pity, that we haven't met earlier."
The man gathered all his courage, "Please call me Cecil!"
"Allright. And I am Brie."

Happy Cecil took her small foot in his hand. "I fear that will hurt a bit now...", he said, took the tweezers and grasped for the thorn.
Brie was a brave woman, she just jerked when he pulled out the thorn.
"Thank you.".
"My pleasure.", Cecil streched himself, before he disinfected the wound and placed a patch on it, "You should sleep a bit. You look very tired."
Brie nodded, "Maybe you're right." When she laid under the warm bedding, she felt that she really needed a bit sleep. That trip had been exhausting.

"Thank you, Cecil...", she murmured again, than her eyes closed. She was asleep.
Cecil watched her. Inside his belly he got a warm feeling. Was he just falling in love with her?
He had always admired her, but now the feelings were more intense.

Two days had passed, when Cecil finally decided to buy some flowers for Brie.
He just had to see her again and wanted to give her something special too.

That's why he sought Cypruss Brightfield out.
"Good afternoon!", Cecil greeted.
"Good afternoon, Cecil! How can I help you?", the gardener had a soft voice.

"Uhm... I'm searching for some flowers for Brie Norwood."
"Oh, Cecil!", Cypruss looked worried, "I fear I have to more flowers! Angus Buttercup bought all of them just five minutes ago."
"Oh... Well..."
"But I have a pretty bonsai here.", Cypruss proposed, "It has no blossoms, but it will last much longer!"
A smile returned to Cecils face, "That is a nice idea!"

"Moment please!", Cypruss walked away to get the bonsai. 
When he returned, Cecil glanced, "What a nice plant! I'm sure Brie will like it!"

He paid for the bonsai, before he started his way to the school nurse.

Brie just checked Rhianna Dappledawn, who had caught a cold and didn't feel so well, when Cecil appeared.
"Take care that you stay in bed for the next days.", Brie said, "No school for you!"

"Okay...", Rhianna sighed, "But the math test...?"
"You can write it after you've recovered, dear. Don't worry!"
The girl nodded.
"Get well soon!", Brie wished, before she turned to the photographer, "Oh, hello, Cecil!"
"Good afternoon, Brie. I... I...", Cecil was very nervous, "I... I wanted to say "hello" and also... give you this bonsai..."

"How did you know, I love bonsais?", Brie was amazed.
"You do? Phew! I'm glad!"
Softly the mouse carressed his cheek, "Thank you so much."

"Will you go on a date with me?", Cecil blurted out.
Brie immediately nodded, "Yes, yes I will!" 
The mice looked at eachother, than burst out laughing.
"That was a fast answer!", Cecil grinned.
"I hoped that you would ask me for a date.", she winked at him. 
Cecil was exuberantly happy - he was such a lucky men!

They agreed to meet at the next day at the pond and have a picnic - Cecil took care of the food. Together they laid down the blanket.

It was a very romantic picnic. Cecil had made pancakes and brought some refreshing fruit tea.

"That is the most wonderful day I had since a long time!", Brie sighed dreamily.

The two mice laid on the picnic blanket and watched the clouds going by.

"Yes?", she turned her face to Cecil's.
"I fear I am in love with you!!"
"Oh.", she aspirated, then he could hear her whisper: "I love you too."
Cecil's heart made a big jump. She loved him!

He leaned over her and... kissed her.

Later the two sat near the pond and enjoyed the warm spring weather.

"I'm so glad, you found me in that bush!", Brie said.
Cecil laughed, "Me too, my dear, me too."

The End


Have a wonderful and blessed Easter tomorrow!

Many greetings,
yours Kyra


  1. Aaah, terribly cute. And so funny too. Loved the pic where they lay on the ground looking at each other. The one of Brie in the bush is somewhat funny.

    1. Thank you, EB. :D yes, that was my intention. Poor Brie!

  2. The photo of them on the blanket is so romantic and sweet :) I also love that pond, and the duck joke - what a great story!

  3. Congratulations again!! When you wrote the first part of "Love is in the air" I thought the second one couldn´t get any better than that but I was wrong. I loved the first one and I love this one too. I couldn´t say which one I like more. The only thing I know is that you have a talent for creating wonderful stories. The pictures are just perfect from the first one next to the pond to the last ones , so romantic!! the picnic, that kiss!! Aww, I loved it so much!

    1. Aww, Cutata, that is so lovely! Thank you! I'm so glad you enjoyed my story that much!

  4. Hello Kyra!

    How quickly those two have fallen in love! Like Romeo and Juliet, only much much happier. :D

    Cecil was quite a gentlemouse in the way he carried Brie home and tried to help her with her foot even though he was already tired.

    Good luck to those two, I hope they have great times ahead as a couple!

    Hope you had a pleasant Easter Sunday. :) How was it? The weather has been much sunnier now for the past days, hasn't it? And warmer. :) Today I saw some trees with spring blossoms on them. Beautiful. :))

    Liebe Grüsse!

    1. Hihi, yes it was definitely love at firet sight!
      XD love that word 'gentlemouse', but yes, that's what he is :D.
      Thank you, yes I had. I got a Sylvanian car as a present from my fiance XD. And you? Hope you had a nice Easter too?
      Luckily yes. The weather changed so often the last weeks, it drove me crazy! I'm glad it's finally spring!

      Liebe Grüße,

  5. Ah so sweet. It was very funny when Brie got stuck in the bush and so romantic when she fell on top of him! I have no idea how you managed to pull off the piggy back but it looks great :)

    1. Thank you Sarah!
      That was very complicated, I must admit! XD. I think I tried it more than 20 times, before Brie was sitting right :D

    2. Your patience paid off :)

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