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Winton's first school day

Dear readers,

as promised: Here's part II of the school story. :)


Today was Winton's big day: The new school year had begun and it was his first school day.
Winton was so excited, that he didn't sleep the night before. But he wasn't tired at all. Although he was looking forward to school, he was afraid he could fail.

"Winton, dear, we are very proud of you.", Barbara Dale - his mother - said with a pleased smile in her face, "You will do great in school!"

"Of course you will.", his dad Ewan nodded, "You are an intelligent boy."
Winton blushed, "I hope so... What if I'm unable to read? Or if I can't count?"
"Don't say such a thing!", his mum pulled him in her arms, "You'll be a natural! Remember the tomatoes, we counted last week together?"

He nodded, "But I made a mistake. I said one, two, four, three, five... And not one, two, three, four, five."
Ewan put his hand on his son's shoulder, "But you know it now! See, you have already learned something!"

"If you are sure, dad...?", Winton said doubtfully.
"I am sure. I wouldn't lie to you!"
"We have something for you, dear.", Barbara said and conjured up a colourful cornet made of cardboard. 
Winton's eyes grow big, "Wow, a schoolbag!"

Those schoolbags were filled with sweets and little presents and were handed over to children on their first day at school. "Thank you mum, thank you dad!", excited Winton took the bag, "It is so pretty!"

"We crafted it in the last nights.", Ewan giggled, "But mum made the most parts, I was too clumsy. I filled it."

Together the Dales walked their oldest child to school, were already a few parents with their children waited.

"Hi Winton!", Lucky Snow-Warren yelled and run to the boy. He was also carrying a pretty schoolbag in his hands, "I'm so excited. I just heard that Miss Underwood will be our teacher!"

"Is she nice?"
"I don't know...", Lucky twitched his nose (like rabbits sometimes do), he was as nervous as Winton, "I hope so!"
"Hopefully she's not bad or mad!", Winton said, "I heard that teacher sometimes beat the pupils!"

"What?", Luna Löffel and Anabel Buttercup walked to the two boys, "Oh no!"
Their parents laughed quietly and winked at eachother.
When Lavender Brightfield arrived together with her parents the new first graders were complete.

"We are the only boys!", whispered Lucky.
"We must hold together!", Winton answered. 
"Yes!", they shook hands, "We must!"

At this moment four adults waved: Mr. and Mrs. Hunter-Smith, Miss Becky Underwood (who would be soon Mrs. Roberts) and Brie Maces.

"A wonderful good morning everybody!", Mrs. Hunter-Smith said with a warm voice, "We are so happy to welcome you all here. It will be your first year at school. Sure you are all very excited?"
The children nodded.

"But you don't have to be afraid.", her husband continued the speech, "You will have lots of fun here at school and learn great things. We are all a big family here in school. If you need help you can ask everybody. If you don't feel well, Mrs. Maces will take good care of you. She's our school nurse." Brie Maces waved.

"Before we will go into your new classroom, the pupils of the second grade wanted to sing you all a song and tell you a bit more about school life.", Miss Underwood said.

At that moment the second graders appeared and started to sing, while Mr. Hunter-Smith played the piano.

Winton was very impressed - the song was great and the older pupils appeared so wise to him.
The applaus after the song was a very loud and long one. The pupils had to bow a few times.

Then it was suddenly time to say goodbye to the parents and to follow Miss Underwood into the classroom.
Winton and Lucky took a place near the window - but most important was to sit together.

"Good morning everybody!", Becky's smile was inviting, "I'm Miss Becky Underwood, your teacher in English, maths and arts. I think we should start with a little round of introduction." She smiled at Winton, "Would you start please! Tell us your name, your age and your hobbies."

"Ok...", Winton smiled shyly, "My name is Winton Dale and I'm six years old. I like gardening ... and playing games."
"Thank you Winton, gardening is very nice! Which games do you like?"
"Ludo and Monopoly."
"Me too!", all classmates yelled at that moment.
Becky laughed, "Well, I see, we should play those games one day."
"Oh yes, that would be nice!", Luna Löffel said.

Now it was Lucky's turn to introduce himself. "I'm Lucky Snow-Warren and I'm also six years old. I like listening to stories very much."
"Then it'll be even better when you're able to read stories on your own."
Lucky nodded, "I hope to learn reading very fast." 
Winton agreed, "Me too. Grandpa promised me to buy more gardening books."

Becky was happy about the work habits of her pupils - they seemed to be very diligent. "Now to the girls.", she said and Lavender Brighfield started to talk.

Soon all pupils did know each other. It emerged that all pupils were interested in reading and liked playing outside. 
"I see that you all got fantastic school bags!", Becky said after a little break, "Should we open them now?"

"YES!", all children cheered.

In the next minutes you heard lots of amazed screams. The children all had been gifted with many wonderful things.
Winton got lots of his favourite bonbons, a pack of chocolate, new crayons and a dinosaur figure - exact that one, which he wanted to have for so long. Carefully he placed the dino on the table.

"WOW!", Lucky said, "A stegosauros! He is sooo cool! You are so..." He interrupted himself as he detacted a dino in his own bag, "Oh my!"
Winton grinned, "You got one too! Cool!"
"That is so amazing!", Lucky smiled all over his face, "Now we can play together!"
"I will name mine Benjamin."
"And mine is called Anton."
The two boys started to play with their dinosaurs. 

After all children had shown their new toys to eachother and shared their sweets, it was break time.
On the schoolyard was much action, all children were playing and talking with eachother. 

Winton and Lucky played with their dinos.

After the break Miss Underwood draw a big letter on the blackboard.

"Does someone know, which letter this is?"
Luna put her hand up.
"Yes, Luna?"
"An A?"
"Correct!", Becky nodded, "The A is the first letter in the alphabet."
She wrote a second letter, "This is a small "a".", she explained, "There are always big letters and there smaller equivalents. You need both versions to write words."
"The beginning of a sentence is always a big letter, right?", Winton asked. 

"Yes, Winton, very good!", Becky lauded.
Winton blushed, but he was very proud about himself that he did say something good.

Now every child had to go to the blackboard and write an "A". The big one and the small one.
When it was Winton's turn he was very nervous - writing was really complicated! 

He had red cheeks, when he was finished with his "A". It was a bit askew, but it was definitely an "A".
"Very nice, Winton!", his teacher said.

"For your homework you will have to write one full page of great A's and one of small a's. I know that's a lot, but practice makes perfect. And if you make your homework good, you will get a little surprise.", Becky whinked at the children.

Of course that motivated the whole class and within seconds you could hear "I will practice the whole day!" and "I will do my best!"

The last action of the first school day was a little game: Becky draw something on the blackboard and the children had to guess what it is. The funny part was that all objects, she draw, started with an "A".

"An apple!", the girls yelled.
"An ant!", the boys said.

It was much fun.
When the school was out, Ewan was fetched by his father and his younger sister (his mum was preparing the lunch). 
"Now tell me, how was your first day at school?", Ewan asked with a bright smile in his face.

"It was AMAZING!", Winton yelled, "I must tell you everything! I'm able to write the "A" now. And we had a great break. And then...."

The End


Did you like the story?

I love my school, but it is so hard to take good pictures in it, they always turn out very dark and I have to lighten them up with a program... Grrrr...

Have a good week!

Yours Kyra


  1. Oh you school is lovely and Becky a fantastic teacher! I loved all their super small toys. Where did you get those! Thanks for a great story!

    1. Thank you Eb :). I got them with the hair dresser's shop XD. They were included. The dinos I've got from a trade with Ashmimi.

  2. Such a lovely story, and I love the schoolbags! I've seen a Playmobil set of the children with their cones, is it a tradition in Germany for school starters? It's a really cute idea!

    1. Thank you :). Yes, it is a German tradition. Every child gets one to their first day of school.

  3. Your stories and photos are so beautiful and I always have a great time reading them!

    1. That's a big compliment! Now I'm blushing. Thank you so much! :)

  4. Your school is decorated very well, I loved little Winton - so cute!

    1. Thank you Aranera :). Winton is a nice little fellow :D

  5. I´m a teacher so I really enjoyed reading your post about first day at school. I love the way you decorarated your school. I also like your tradition of getting the schoolbags filled with little gifts and sweets, that´s cute!

    1. Thank you so much for your comment!
      Oh great! Which school form/age are you teaching? I'm studying German and history for teaching at school. Abd when I'm done with uni in a year I can finally start teaching.

    2. I´m teaching at a Primary School, I´m teaching second grade this year. I usually teach first and second graders.
      Your Sylvanian students look so well behaved and cute that I wouldn´t mind being their teacher but I´m sure they are delighted with Miss Becky!
      They´ve been very lucky to have such a nice teacher! She´s lovely!
      I have some troublesome students this year.A bit of a disruptive class and it´s being a tough year at times.
      Good luck in your last year at university!! All the best!

  6. What a lovely school and lovely children. Great story, Winton is so cute!