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Winton's visit at the school nurse

Dear Readers,

as you see the Dales are very popular in my posts now XD. But they are just so sweet and I got them from my fiance, so yes... they will be featured often.


Winton Dale was accompanied by his mother to Brie Maces - the school nurse.
His first school day was close and so he had to be checked first, if his psychomotor skills were developed for school.

When they arrived a littly queue was already waiting in front of the school. Lucky Snow-Warren was waiting with his mother - it would be also his first school year. The two boys were close friends, they had met each other on the playground a few weeks ago. Since then they were meeting at least 3 times a week.
So Winton started to chat with Lucky, while their mothers did the same.

"I see the the nursery children will be also checked today.", Barbara said and smiled, "I remember the day I brought Winton to the check-up. He was so shy!"
"Oh yes, Lucky too.", Lettuce laughed, "He was hiding behind my back the whole time. Next year Alice will be old enough to visit the nursery. Time goes by so fast. I almost can't believe it!"
"Indeed.", the sheep lady nodded, "I still remember buying their baby shoes."
"And their first pyjamas!", Lettuce had a soft expression on her face.

While they were talking, the next clients were called in and so the queue became smaller and smaller. 
Soon Winton had to say goodbye to Lucky, then it was his time.

"Good morning, Mrs. Dale, good morning Winton!", Brie greeted them. 

"Here's Winton's immunisation record.", Barbara said.
"Ah, perfect! Thank you.", the nurse fastly checked the data, "Great, you have all immunisations. How do you feel today, Winton?"

"Good I think...", the boy answered after his mother nodded appelatively.
"That is nice, so please come with me, we will make a few examinations."
Winton got weighed...


...and the eyes checked.

Then he had to walk on a line and draw some shapes.
"Very nice!", Brie smiled and pointed at the bed, "Now, please lay down, I will just check your belly and then we're done."
When she carefully patted his stomach he had to giggle.

"Sorry, I'm just ticklish!", he excused.
Brie laughed, "Don't worry. Me too. So, we're done."
She shook Winton's hand and then his mum's, "You're completely healthy and ready for school."

Winton was pleased - he was looking forward to school.
"Thank you very much, Mrs. Maces.", Barbara said goodbye.

Together they walked to the village store.

Winton cheered, "Now I'm allowed to go to school!"

"I'm so proud of you!", she kissed his forhead, "Should we buy some ice-cream to celebrate?"
"Oh yes!!!", happily Winton agreed.

Together they went into the store - Winton should decide which ice-cream he would like to have.

"The biscuit sandwich please!", he said.
"Very good choose.", Barbara took the packaging her son gave her, "Those are my favourites too!"

It was a nice start in the day and Winton could hardly wait for his first day of school.

To be continued...


This fast the first part of my school story, tomorrow you will read the rest of if :).

Yours Kyra


  1. Well Im beginning to like the sheep too, just by seeing him in your stories. I loved the pic of Brie measuring Winton. She looked astonished either because he is so short or is it tall for his age. Wonderfully told, can't wait for the next part!

    1. One day you will have them too in your village ;)
      :D he looks very tall on that pic I agree!

  2. I can't wait for part two! Winton and the rest of his family are beginig to grow on me

    1. And part II is up, tadaaa! :D. Thank you very much!

  3. Awww! Winton is such a little character, he seemed so good at the Doctor's.

  4. I love the Dales and Winton is really cute. I love the pictures where Brie is doing the check up. She seems a very nice nurse.