Mittwoch, 6. April 2016

At the hair & beauty salon

Dear Readers,

time for a new story :).

Hazel Dappledawn yawned and felt around for her glasses.

"Here they are, grandma!", Rhianna laughed.
Hazel giggled when she saw her granddaughter clearly, "You are the best! How did you know, that I would search for my glasses?" (Hazel took care on her granddaughter after her son and his wife got lost during a trip on a ship. They had never found them, but Hazel believed that they were still alive.)

"I know you.", Rhianna whinked at her, "I've made us some tea and biscuits for breakfast!"

"Since when are you up?", the woman was amazed, "You already made breakfast? That is so kind of you!"
"Just since half an hour.", she answered.

Together they enjoyed a delicious breakfast, before Rhianna had to go to school.

Hazel fastly washed the dishes and then walked downstairs to open her hair & beauty salon. She was running her shop since many years and had customers every day. 
As soon as she unlocked the door, Daisy Buttercup rushed in.

"Good morning, Hazel! I'm so sorry to overwhelm you, but I just heard that today a photographer will come and take photos of me and Hornbull beside our new market stall. But I look terrible!"

"You don't look terrible, dear, but of course I will take care of your hair.", Hazel smiled and softly pushed Daisy to the hair washing chair.
She foamed the hair; than washed the shampoo out...

...and started to comb it. With a few cuts she trimmed the hair and blow-dried them.

"Wow!", Daisy yelled, "You are a goddess! I look perfect!"
"Haha.", Hazel laughed, "Thank you, dear! I'm glad you like it!"
"Hornbull should be very proud on his wife now!", Daisy choked.
"Of course he will be!"

Daisy Buttercup paid for the treatment and then said goodbye.

While Hazel cleaned the bottom, the next customer already appeared on her doorstep. It was Aubrey Woodbrook, together with her two youngest children. They all should get a fast haircut.

While Marcus let his hair cut fastly...

...little Nefertiti Woodbruck had a problem: She feared that Hazel could cut her hair too short.

Hazel calmed her and promised to cut just a teeny tiny bit of the hair.
After Aubrey, Bernard Snow-Warren arrived. But he wasn't alone. He was companied by Karl Löffel.

"Good morning, gentlemen!", Hazel greeted, "How can I help you?"
"Our wives sent us...", Karl scratched his head.

"They said we need a hair cut...", Bernard rolled his eyes, "But we think it's not neccessary."
"Take a seat please and we take a look."
 She tousled through the hair of the men.

"Well, what about if I cut the hair in the neck and at the ears? It really is a bit long!"

"Oookay...", the men agreed.
"So, who should be first?"
"Karl!", Bernard yelled, while Karl said "Bernard!"
Hazel giggled, "You behave like children! So I have to decide." 
She started with Bernard...

Then it was Karl's turn.

"See, it looks much better now!", Hazel showed them their look in a mirror.

"Oh well, yes, you're right.", Karl agreed, while Bernard nodded.

Hazel accompanied the men to the door.

"Tell your wives my greetings!", she laughed.
"Of course.", Bernard said with a grin.

At that momet they heard the sound of a car.

"Who might that be?"
As the car drove closer, Hazel could identify the passengers.

It was Caleb and Valerie Breeze - the parents of Flora Löffel and Teri Chocolate from Sugarbush Valley. 
"That's Valerie and Caleb!", Karl Löffel said surprised.
The Breeze's left their car.

"Karl, Bernard! What a lovely surprise!", Valerie Breeze said and greeted the father of her son-in-law, while her husband greeted his brother-in-law Bernard Snow-Warren. 
"Did you had a good journey?", Karl asked.
"Yes, we had. But it was a very emotional farewell from Terri and her family.", Valerie sighed.
"I can imagine.", Bernard nodded understanding.
"But Caleb, what is that for a car?!", Karl asked with big eyes.
"Oh that is our surprise for Flora and Hans!", proudly the man walked to the new car.

"What?", the other two reacted amazed.
"Yes, Valerie and I thought it would be a nice gift."

Valerie walked to Hazel, who greeted her softly. "It's so nice to have you back again!"
"Thank you dear, I'm also looking forward to the coming half year! Would you mind making my hair a bit? I'm a bit tired from the journey and hadn't the time to refresh myself."
"Of course, you're welcome." 
The women went inside.

"I will give you a head massage first.", Hazel declared, "Nothing is more relaxing."

When she started Valerie sighed, "Ah, that is fantastic! You're the best, Hazel!"

Meanwhile the men checked out the new car.
"There is lots of space!", Bernard said (he had crawled into the cargo bay).

Hazel combed Valerie's hair.
"It already looks much better!", Valerie said gladly.

After the pampering, the two women took place and talked about Valerie's time in Sugarbush Valley and about the news from Marigold Creek. 

While the men made a little test run.

"Let's start!"; Caleb started the car.
"Step on it!", Bernard laughed.
"Whoa! What a car!", Karl yelled, when the car bolted off.

"It has 140 rp!", Caleb screamed back (*rp= rabbit power)
"That is amazing!", Bernard had to hold his ears.

After Caleb had driven the two men back home, he fetched his wife to finally visit their family.
"Thank you so much for the treatment!", Valerie said to Hazel.
"It was my pleasure. Will we go shopping next week?"
"Of course we will!"
Hazel smiled, "I'm looking forward to it!"

As soon as they said goodbye, Jemima Puddleford, Hazel's next customer, arrived.
"Hello, Jemima!", Hazel greeted, "How are you?"
"Fine, thanks, but my down feather need to be thinned out, it has been to hot in the last days!"
"Of course, I can totally understand. I also just cutted my own undercoat. Come in."
"It's so uncomfortable! Especially on the head!", Jemima followed her into the salon.

When Rhianna returned home, her grandma was still treating Jemima Puddleford. She could hear the two women laughing and talking about the newest news from Marigold Creek.

Rhianna smile, before she entered their flat - that was a typical day for her grandma!

The End


I hope you enjoyed the little story. I again had big problems with the lighting, somehow that shop is complicated to take photos with. But I was happy to finally introduce Hazel Dappledawn and her grandchild :)

Yours Kyra

Sonntag, 3. April 2016

A wonderful parcel from South Africa

Dear Readers,

recently I received a parcel from lovely EB from Sugarbush Valley
The parcel lightened up my day, because it not just included the trade item we agreed on, but also fantastic birthday and Christmas presents!

This is what I got:

Eaton also included a mystery surprise figure from Lego for my fiance (he collects Lego) - thank you so much from both of us!

I love the necklace and the brooch, she got me. It fits perfectly to my wardrobe!

The forest nursery is very happy to got some pretty bathroom facilities.

And the first children started to use the bathroom - it seems that it works very well ;) :D.

The water-taps are also working perfectly. Clean paws for all children!

I got also the cute little baby bed and high chair, which will be for Peaches von Stachel :).

The biggest surprise of the parcel were the new Chocolate grandparents (They are a very fancy couple, I think)!

Welcome Caleb and Valerie Breeze! As you might have already read(if not, here's the story), the two of them are spending a half year in Sugarbush Valley and than the other half in Marigold Creek. It was EB's fantastic idea to have the "same" grandparents in both villlages, so we can use them both for our stories and can connect to the other part of the family in the other village :). That's why they share the same biographie. I love the idea and I can't wait to see the Breeze's official arrival in Marigold Creek. 

Thank you soooo much EB for that fantastic parcel, the gifts were a wonderful surprise and I admire every single part of it! I'm already looking forward to our coming trade ;D. Many hugs!

Yours Kyra

PS: I will upload the bios tomorrow.