Sonntag, 3. April 2016

A wonderful parcel from South Africa

Dear Readers,

recently I received a parcel from lovely EB from Sugarbush Valley
The parcel lightened up my day, because it not just included the trade item we agreed on, but also fantastic birthday and Christmas presents!

This is what I got:

Eaton also included a mystery surprise figure from Lego for my fiance (he collects Lego) - thank you so much from both of us!

I love the necklace and the brooch, she got me. It fits perfectly to my wardrobe!

The forest nursery is very happy to got some pretty bathroom facilities.

And the first children started to use the bathroom - it seems that it works very well ;) :D.

The water-taps are also working perfectly. Clean paws for all children!

I got also the cute little baby bed and high chair, which will be for Peaches von Stachel :).

The biggest surprise of the parcel were the new Chocolate grandparents (They are a very fancy couple, I think)!

Welcome Caleb and Valerie Breeze! As you might have already read(if not, here's the story), the two of them are spending a half year in Sugarbush Valley and than the other half in Marigold Creek. It was EB's fantastic idea to have the "same" grandparents in both villlages, so we can use them both for our stories and can connect to the other part of the family in the other village :). That's why they share the same biographie. I love the idea and I can't wait to see the Breeze's official arrival in Marigold Creek. 

Thank you soooo much EB for that fantastic parcel, the gifts were a wonderful surprise and I admire every single part of it! I'm already looking forward to our coming trade ;D. Many hugs!

Yours Kyra

PS: I will upload the bios tomorrow.


  1. What a good idea with the grandparents! The other things in the parcle look lovely as well.

  2. Such a gorgeous parcel! I love the grandparents idea, how original! And the nursery furniture is so cute.

  3. It is my absolute pleasure! I love trading with you! Has Caleb and Valerie arrived safely?

  4. How cute the babies look in the nursery toilet!
    After reading Eaton´s last story I was expecting to see Caleb and Valerie in Marigold Creek and there they are. I hope they had a good journey and they enjoy the time they are going to spend near their other part of the family in MC.