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Cooking lessons

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It was monday (around 11:00 am), when Clarence Snow-Warren pitched the kitchen into chaos.

He wanted to surprise his wife with a fresh apple pie, but when Lettuce arrived at home (she did some grocery shopping), she found her husband lying on the floor, covered with flour, surrounded by apple pieces.
"Dear! Clarence!", she screamed, "Are you okay?" She rushed at his side.

"Yes...", he kept lying, "I'm so sorry... I will never enter your kitchen again."
"But Clarence, what happened?"
"I wanted to bake an apple pie... For you and the children... I harvested a nice basket of apples and started to peel them. Then I tried to make that dough, but somehow...", he sat up, "Suddenly the eggs and the flour...? I don't know..."

"My poor darling.", Lettuce hugged her husband, "Don't worry, I will bake a pie, while you eliminate the chaos, ok?"
"Yes...", sadly Clarence started to clean the kitchen.

Just a day later in Beechwood Hall, Mortimer von Stachel tried to fix his burned pancakes with some sugar (He believed that would help). Even he owned the village store and knew about all kinds of grocery products, he was unable to handle them correctly in the kitchen.

"Mortimer?!", Eleanor looked with big eyes at the pancakes, "What is that supposed to be?"
"Ahm... Pancakes?"

"Those are no pancakes, those are weapons! You could batter someone to death with those "pancakes". And they smell horrible!"
Huffy Mortimer turned his back on her, "I just wanted to help you with the breakfast."

"But, Mort...", Eleanor said with a sweet voice, "That is so kind of you, but you were never... that kind of man, who cooks for his wife. But that's totally ok! I love you the way you are!"
"If those words should have comfort me,they definitely missed their effect!"

"Dear, dear...", she patted him softly, "I'm sorry. I didn't want to insult you."
"Yeah... I know...", Mortimer threw away the "weapons" and watched his wife preparing new pancakes.

A few streets away Eustace Barrington Truffle provoked an explosion.... An explosion of boiling water and half cooked eggs. He could escape with a header just in time.

"What the hell is going on here?", Victoria Truffle entered the kitchen. When she saw all the mess on the bottom and on the oven, she squinted her eyes, "EUSTACE BARRINGTON TRUFFLE! Didn't I told you to stay away from the oven?"

"But, I just raised the temperature a tiny bit?", irritated and still shocked Eustace looked at his enraged wife, who fastly put away the pot.

"Those were my last eggs!", Victoria sighed loudly, "So no eggs for breakfast today."

Eustace was heartbroken, he had been hungry and thought that the eggs would be done faster, when he raised the temperature. He had never thought that they could explode. And now his wife was angry with him and the last eggs were gone.

"I'm an idiot...", he whispered with tears in his eyes.
Victoria immediatly felt bad about her harsh behaviour. She loved her husband and knew that he just wanted to help. Softly she gave him a kiss, "Don't worry, my ... It's no problem, we have enough to eat and later we will just buy some new eggs. Tomorrow I will show you how to cook eggs."

"Really? You will let me return to your oven?", Eustace hugged her tightly.
"Yes. Of course."
"Thank you, my darling! That means much to me!"

At the same day, just a few hours later another incident occured in the Petites home. While Margarete looked after their children...

...Pete wanted to flavour the stew, which simmered on the oven. He added some salt... which turned out to be sugar. 

"Oh no!", he whispered and got another spice from the cupboard, "Pepper for sure will help!" 

But unfortunately he again didn't look at the inscription... and added cinnamon instead of pepper.

When Maragrete entered the kitchen, she immediately smelled, that something was going wrong with her stew.
"Pete? Did you add cinnamon to the stew?", she said, lifting her eyebrow.
"I... I thought that it would be pepper!"
"Pepper? But the sign..."

"I didn't read the sign.", Pete scratched his head, "Is that very bad?"
Margarete looked at him, then started to giggle, "You are a joker!"
Pete laughed too, "So bad, my dear?"

"Yes...", she shook her head in astonishment, "I sometimes wonder how you are able to do such things. But well, for now, let's order a pizza. The Dales make a fantastic one!"

On Wednesday was ladie's day - Lettuce Snow-Warren, Eleanor von Stachel, Victoria Truffle and Margarete Petite always met in the cafe of the country market for a cup of tea and a piece of cake.
"I have to tell you, what Mortimer did this week.", Eleanor started and told her friends about the incident.
"My husband did something similiar this week.", Lettuce laughed.

I'm so sorry, that I didn't took more pics of the talk.
"Mine too!", grinned Victoria, while Margarete nodded in agreement, "So did mine!"
After they all told their stories, Lettuce said: "I have the feeling, we should do something about that. My husband was so sad after his accident. He just wanted to please me and all ended in chaos... It would be nice, if he would learn how to bake..."
"...and to cook!", Margarete agreed, "That would be wonderful. Pete is always home before me, if he could sometimes cook..."
"What about sending them to a cooking course?", Victoria thought loudly.
"Do we have something like that here?", Eleanor asked.
"Not that I know...", Margarete said, "But maybe we could ask the restaurant owners - Mason and Ewan to teach our men?"
Lettuce nodded fastly, "Great idea! I also think they will feel better, when they're taught by men and not by women."
"And Mason and Ewan are very friendly and understanding!"
All women agreed in one voice "Definitely!"
"So it is settled.", Victoria smiled.

Just a week later the big day had come.
The four man were standing in the Hamburger restaurant and waited for their first instructions. They all felt a bit uncomfortable.

"Good morning and welcome to our first cooking lesson!", Mason Tuxedo greeted them.
"Today we will learn how to make a vegetable salad, pasta and some nice cookies.", Ewan Dale explained.
"That sounds delicious!", Eustace meant, "But I fear I will never be able to do this..."

"Me too...", Mortimer said with a sepulchral voice, "I bet I will burn it down..."

"...even the salad!", Pete finished his sentence, "I always burn everything... Or take the wrong spices!"

"And I'm just too scatty and will mix everything wrong.", Clarence pulled at one of his ears, "I'm a kitchen's nightmare!"

"Don't you all be so pessimistic!", Mason shook his head, "We promised to teach you how to cook and we will be successful! It is much easier than it sounds!"

"Your words in my ear...", Mortimer said.

"Please come here, we will all work together..."
They all gathered around a table.

"We will first wash the vegetables, then cut them into pieces and put them into a bowl."
Very carefully the men did what the cooks told and showed them.
Although some of the salads and carrots flew through the air and "decorated" the bottom - in the end they had a full bowl of salad.

"Now comes the tricky part: the salad sauce!", Ewan said, "There are many salad sauces, but we will start with the classical basic sauce. You will need water, salt, vinegar, oil, pepper and parsley. If you want we can also add a little bit of lemon." He told them about the ideal amount of the incredients.

Together the four men managed the task fantastically. 
"Very well done!", lauded Ewan.

"Now we will continue with the main dish. First you have to fill in water into the pot, add a bit salt and wait until it's boiling. Than you can add the pasta.", Mason explained, "They will need about 10 minutes to be finished."

"10 Minutes?", Pete yelled, "No wonder, that I always burned them! I cooked them for an hour until the water was gone."

Mason and Ewan looked at each other, they tried to hide their laughters.
"Well... It won't happen next time!", Ewan smiled.
Pete nodded, "Yes."
Then Mason told the men how to make a simple, but delicious tomato sauce.
"I have never thought, cooking could be that easy!", Mortimer wondered.

Just before the lunch was ready, the two cooks gave the cookie recipe to the men. It was pretty easy: flour, eggs, sugar, a bit salt, vanilla sugar and baking powder. The dough was done fastly and the cutting out was fun. Clarence did a whole mountain of little cookies. (He decided to please his children with those cookies soon.)

Let's think of the noodles as special cookies XD

While the cookies wandered into the oven, the men invited their women into the restaurant to serve them their first selfmade food. After all they should see and taste, what their men were thaught! 

How big was the surprisement of Lettuce, Eleanor, Margarete and Victoria when they saw this fantastic meal.

They all took a seat and enjoyed the salad and pasta together.

"Wow, Eustace!", Vistoria was amazed, "You must cook it again at home! Our children will love it. It is so delicious!"
Eustace blushed, "I'm so glad you like it. Next week we will learn how to make breakfast omelettes. So I will be also able to make us a good egg meal!"
His wife smiled, "That would be amazing!"

"I'm also looking forward to next week.", Pete said to Margarete, "We will also learn how to make our own cereal. Isn't that fantastic? I always loved selfmade cereal."
"Me too.", she softly kissed his cheek, "I'm sure you will make us a great one!"

"It was a great idea to organize that workshop for us!", Clarence said, "Thank you!"
Mortimer agreed, "Definitely. And it was much fun too!"
Their wives smiled at each other, "We're so glad you liked it. And the result really is gorgeous!" 

"And when I've learned how to make apple pie...", Clarence begun.
"...and pancakes.", Mortimer added with a grin.
He laughed, "Yes, and pancakes! I will make them very often!"
Lettuce and Eleanor winked at each other - the cooking lessons were a big success!

The End


Finally I was able to post that long planned story. First I was too busy, then the weather was bad for pictures and then I was fighting with the editing of the pictures.

I want to thank Eaton Blackberry for giving me this fantastic idea of cooking lessons for men. Thanks to her we good watch Marigold Creeks men with their incidents :D.

Many greetings,
yours Kyra, who has many planned funny and nice stories for the coming weeks

PS: If you wondered, the von Stachel's childrens room is in a renovating process, that's why it was empty.


  1. Oh wonderful, i had so many loud giggles. Poor men, and I must say Eleanor, was quite nasty, but she redeemed herself. Im sure the wives and children will soon be spoilt!

    1. Thank you EB! :D, I'm glad I could make you laugh. Oh I think so too, I'm sure I've heard some of the men in their kitchens^^

  2. Oh, I think that Hugo Trunk will be glad to see this post from my village, he is very embarrased that he can not cook that well and will be happy to see that he is not the only one having difficulty. Eustace Barrington Truffles expression is so sad when he found out that they were the last eggs.

    1. Hihi, I'm sure Hugo will learn a lot and can cook for his family soon. Ewan and Mason are waiting for him :D

  3. This is a great story! Lots of funny scenes and comments. I really enjoyed it!You did a good job with the special effects!The smoke from the pot of boiling eggs in the Truffles looks fantastic. The men were hopeless in the kitchen but I liked the fact they wanted to try and be helpful. The cooking lessons are a very good idea.

    1. Thank you Cutata! I'm glad you liked my special effects - I was so scared they could look horrible.
      Maybe you want to send some of your villagers to Mason and Ewan too? :D

  4. I had a great time reading your story! So many funny scenes! I must confess I'm not any better in the kitchen myself although I can cook eggs! lol!

    1. :D Thank you, I'm glad I could entertain you!
      Hihi, don't worry. Therefore you can take the most wonderful sylvanian pics in the world! :)

  5. Hello Kyra,

    This is a great story. :) I enjoyed reading it and looking at your lovely Sylvanian home interiors. :)

    I'm glad that the men agreed to join together and participate in cooking classes - halfway through the story that had been my thought too!

    It's great that they will be able to care for their wives and children and prepare some yummy home-cooked meals. :)

    Ich wünsche Dir eine tolle Woche und viel Spass bei Deiner nächsten Geschichte!
    Schau mal bei mir rein, wie es Jemima ergangen ist... :)

    Liebe Grüsse,

    1. Hey Nina,

      thank you very much! I'm glad you like my homes - I'm still trying to make them more cozy. I always have the feeling that there are missing accessoires.

      Vielen Dank:). Ich wünsche Dir noch ein schönes Restwochenende - vermutlich werde ich nächste Woche eine neue Geschichte posten - konnte heute endlich die Bilder machen.

      Liebe Grüße

  6. This is wonderful! What a great idea for a story. The poor men, they all looked so sad at the beginning, and ended so happily.

  7. Nearly wet myself laughing when I read this : "Those are no pancakes, those are weapons! You could batter someone to death with those "pancakes". And they smell horrible!" I really felt sorry for the guys- the expressions and special effects were great :)

    1. :D so glad that I made you laugh! Thank you very much for your comment!