Sonntag, 1. Mai 2016

Saloon car review

Dear Readers,

for Easter my fiance got me the red saloon car for my Sylvanians. So finally they are able to drive around :D.
The car will be used for the families, who need it. But officially it belongs to my Löffel family. They are my first family and I will always feel something special for them, so that's why they have the first car.

So let's take a look at the car:

Five Sylvanians can take place in the car. 

The car comes with a few accessoires. You can pull out a picnic table.

... and your Sylvanians can enjoy a picnic together.

You can also add some small tables on the back of the seats, so the children can have a meal during the drive.

The child's seat for the smallest Sylvanians can also be attached on the back of the seats.

But of course you can also place it beside the driver. Don't forget to always belt on!

In the cargo bay is also much place for storage.

I'm very sorry, that I can't present you a new story today. I had everything ready, but then the weather turned so bad, that I couldn't take any pictures :(. Hopefully the weather will be better soon.

Have a nice week,

Yours Kyra


  1. Yes, hopefully the weather changes! The car looks much better than the x confertable one.

    1. Slowly it's getting better :)
      Thank you so much. I agree, the new one us kind if strange

  2. I really like the baby seat and clip on table features :)

  3. Thank you so much for your review about the saloon car. I´ve tempted to buy it in several occasions even though I haven´t seen it in person just on pictures. Now, after your review I have a better idea of what it looks like and all the extras it comes with such as the picnic table ,the baby´s seat and the small tables on the back seats, that´s cute!Definetely, I´ll get it sooner or later and as in your case it will belong to my Chocolate rabbit family as it was the first family I wanted to have and as you say I also feel something special for them. Then I can always pretend that there are more families who own the same type of car and it can be used by more.Anyway, I just wanted to say thank you. I´ve looking forward for a review like this one for a long time and I´m glad you did it. What a long comment, I´m afraid!

    1. Thank you so much for your lovely comment. I'm glad I could help with the decision :). Aww, I'm happy to hear that you feel the same about your Chocolates :).

  4. What a cool car, I never knew about all the features! Thanks for the cool review!

    1. My pleasure :). Glad you like the car. Sugarbush needs one too ;)

  5. Thank you for this review Kyra! I don't have a SF car yet! This one looks very nice and I like the red color very much! The hidden features are awesome! I especially like how much space there is in the trunk which is quite unusual for toy cars (they hardly got any trunk space). You have a very thoughtful fiance (^_^)