Montag, 27. Juni 2016

A new fantastic parcel from Sugarbush Valley

Dear Readers,

yesterday I received a parcel from South Africa from my wonderful friend Eaton Blackberry (Check out her fantastic stories here: Sugarbush Valley ).
It was - and still is of course - a wonderful gift and the perfect start into the day. 
Tadaaa, this what I got:

I knew about the doughnut store, because it was part of our agreed trade, but the cute yellow bear baby and the adorable rabbit figure was an awesome surprise!

The doughnut store comes with a table, a pretty counter, carry boxes, the yellow bear mum, 12 doughnuts, 2 muffins and 2... ahm... baked sticks? Maybe sponge cake pieces/sticks? If you know what they are please tell me - in Germany we have similiar looking sponge cake sticks, which we use for Tiramisu ^^. The set also comes with 2 plates, a heater, a tea pot, 2 cups and 2 serving tweezers (lol... I searched the dictionary for the right word, but didn't find it, so please bear with me!).

And that's how it looks all set up. It looks so delicious, I would love to taste one of those doughnuts :D.
This is the table with the plates, heater and co. I really like the plate's print. 

Little Louis Yellowstone also likes the gorgeous treats his mum is baking (and selling). 

Of course his mum will give him a muffin - and I think he really deserves some sweets after such a long jouney.

"All mine!"

I'm very happy to welcome Eloise and Louis Yellowstone to Marigold Creek - for sure they will soon settle in completely. Eloise told me that she wants to talk with Digger McBurrow and Andrew Woodbrook if they could built her a shop, where she can sell her doughnuts^.^.

Dear EB - thank you so much for this wonderful parcel. I'm so happy about my new villagers and for sure the other villagers will be happy about the doughnut store too. I'm looking forward to our coming trading plans ^.^.

Read and write you soon,

Yours Kyra 


  1. What a cute set, I hope that Eloise and Louis settle into Marigold Creek well!

    1. I hope so too, but I think they will - they

    2. They're glad that they're not the only bears :D. Thank you :)

  2. It was my greatest pleasure! It is always wonderful to do trades with you. Im sure Eloise and Louis will be super happy in MC! I loved this little post and the picture of Louis with the muffin is gorgeous!

    1. He enjoyed the muffin very much I think :D. Thank you so much - can't wait for our coming trade :D

  3. Lucky you! That´s a cute set. I´ve been looking forward to buying this set since first time I saw it and after seeing your pictures I want it right now!. The baby bear is really cute (I´ve just bought it a few weeks ago) Good luck to Eloise and Louis in Marigold Creek .I´m sure they´ll be very welcome.

    1. I can highly recommend it. It is a lovely set and I think the bear mum fits perfectly to the donuts... lol... that sounds a but weird, but you for sure know what I mean :D. Thank you :)