Samstag, 16. Juli 2016

JP Three Fairy Set

Dear Readers,

my wonderful fiance bought me the fairy set - he knew I liked them very much.

The three fairies have different body colours and... let's call it "body positions". So they have no moveable limbs.

They can turn their head though.

Every fairy has a pair of little wings on their back.

They come with some crowns...

Does anyone know how the fairies should be able to hold their wands, like they do on the promo pictures? I first thought they were magnetic, but unfortunately not. 

...and wands. There was a little booklet within my parcel, which - I guess - describes the fairies. I think they all have different abilities - but I need to find out what the description says. 
Awwww ^.^.

When I received them, I was really surprised how tiny they are!

And here is a comparison picture of the little flower fairy cmnpared to an adult Sylvanian, a child and a baby.

What do you think about the fairies? It's a bit sad that they can't move their arms and legs, but they are sooo adorable and I love all mystery things, so the fairies are perfect for my villlage.

Next time I'll finally have another story for you.

If you wonder why I have less background things in my background (lol), that has a simple explanation: We're moving in a new flat in August, so lots of my buildings, accessoires etc. are already packed away. Of course Marigold Creek will be completely back in mid to end of August :).

Until next time,

Yours Kyra


  1. What a cute surprise! I just logged into your blog to see if you have replied the comments from yesterday´s post and I came across these tiny fairies! Adorable! They look really small next to the other figures, even baby bear looks big next to the cutie fairy.I´d love to see them in action is one of your stories.
    Good luck with the move into your new flat!
    By the way! What a nice fiance you have!

    1. Haha, yes I thought the same about baby bear. He's a giant compared to the fairy :D. I'm planning the mystery story after the moving :). Thank you! I hope the moving can be done fastly, but after 5 years there is many stuff in our flat. Thank you - he is. Funnily he was the one who detected the Sylvanians in a store and showed them to me^^.

    2. Aww, I find that the fairies are so adorable! I hope that your moving into your new house is not that stressful...

  2. Thank you so much Emily! I hope it too! I don't like living for too long in an unfinished flat.

  3. The fairies are very sweet- thanks for placing them next to the other Sylvanians so we can see the size difference. They remind me a bit of Japanese tree spirits, only cuter x

    1. Thank you Sarah! Oh yes, you're right, maybe that's what they should be? Or better said maybe they're inspired by them?

  4. They are so cute and much smaller than I thought. Congratulations!

  5. Hallo Kyra,

    Sehr süss Deine drei Kleinen. :)) Ich mag auch ihre Zauberstäbe. Vielleicht kannst Du sie mit einem mini Stück Tesafilm fixieren, wenn sie damit posieren sollen. Oder einem durchsichtigen Gummi oder Faden. :)

    Ich hoffe mit dem Umzug hat alles gut geklappt!

    Liebe Grüsse nach Marigold Creek,


    1. Liebe Nina, vielen Dank für deine liebe Nachricht! Das ist eine gute Idee- werde ich auf jeden Fall versuchen. Danke dir - der Umzug hat gut geklappt - wir sind nur noch am Aufräumen :). Dann gibt es aber auch schon bald wieder neue Geschichten aus Marigold Creek :). Viele liebe Grüße