Freitag, 15. Juli 2016

Review: Canal Rowing Boat

Dear Readers, 

after I knew that I would get the yellow bear mum from EB, I thought she would need a child (Of course I didn't know that wonderful EB already had planned to send me a baby as surprise).
When I was searching Ebay, I detected a brandnew and sealed Canal Rowing Boat-set for only 5€! So I immediately bought it.

The set includes the yellow bear girl - I named her Sonett, a boat, an umbrella, two magazines, a camera, a suitcase, two lollipops and a blanket.

What I really like is that Sonett has open hands, she can hold the umbrella...

... and her delicious lollipops.

The paddles have also 2 small handles, so Sonett can easily hold them.

When she's not sitting in her boat, she studies her magazines.
I like that you can store the little accessoires in the suitcase, so they won't get lost.

Sonett took a last photo, then she packed her boat and started her journey to Marigold Creek.

Her mum and her brother are already waiting for her, but that's another story for the future :).

In my opinion it's a nice little set. I like the colours of the boat and her camera is much fun too. Also it's very nice that her hat is made out of felt and not plastic. But I must admit that I don't like Sonnets dress -  I think she has to visit Molly McBurrow soon.

I hope you enjoyed that little review. Now I just need a "real" river or lake.

Read and write you soon,
Yours Kyra


  1. Cute set, thank you for the review! These bears are really growing on me!

    1. Thank you :). My pleasure. I agree they have something special

  2. What a cute set! That was a really good bargain you got for that, Sonnet is such a cute little bear though I agree with you, I do not really like the dress, it does look a bit like a nightie or night dress!?

  3. What a fantastic find! I can´t believe you found it brand new and only for 5€!!
    That´s amazing! Congratulations! A few months ago I was looking for this set from SSK. I remeber it was around 13 pounds plus postage. The Osborne bears are a very cute family. Looking forward to seeing Sonnet and her mother and brother in Marigold Creek.
    As for the dress, I like the pattern of the fabric but the shape is a bit odd. It doesn´t really suit her well. I´m sure you, or rather, Molly McBurrow can make a lovely little dress for her.

    1. Thank you - oh yes, I was surprised myself. I will let my eyes open for you to find the set for a good prize, they are an adorable family and I think they would fit perfectly into your village! :)
      I hope I/she will^^