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The mysterious lady - my entry for the story contest

Dear readers,

already a month has past since Halloween, but I was finally able to do my Halloween story for the story contest in the Sylvanian Families forum. I had some trouble with the lighting - still haven't found the best place for taking pictures in the new flat. Anyway, I hope you enjoy my story :)


It was a cold and foggy morning, when Muddy McBurrow left the house for school. First he fetched up Anton Löffel.

„Uah! What a weird weather!“, Anton put on a woolen hat, „I hope it will be better tonight.“
Muddy agreed, „But if it stays foggy like that, it will also the perfect atmosphere for Halloween.“
„That’s right.“
Then the two of them walked on and soon they knocked on the door of  the Buttercup farm.
„Morning boys!“, Hornbull opened the door, „Paddock will be here soon. Will you come in?“
„Yes, thank you.“, they entered the Buttercups kitchen.
„Good morning!“, Daisy greeted, „Have you slept well?“
„Good morning.“, Anton shook his head, „Too short.“ Muddy laughed, „Me too.“
„You sound like Paddock.“, said Daisy amused, „By the way, is he still in his room? Paddock?“ She yelled louder: „PADDOCK! Your friends are here! Hurry up, or you’re to late for school!“
„Coming mum!“, the boy run down the stairs and waved his friends, „Sorry, I prepared my costume for later.“
„Haven’t you done this before?“, his mother asked irritated.
„Yes, but I made it better!“, Paddock grinned.

„We will look so cool!“, Muddy explained, „We’re the most horryfing ghosts the village have ever seen!“
Anton agreed proudly, „Indeed and we will scare the hell out of everyone!“
„Yay!“, the boys gave themselves a high five, while Paddocks parents laughed loudly.
Hornbull accompanied them back to door, „Take care…“
In school the planned Halloween trip oft he second class was the big theme of the day. All children talked about it. During class and during the breaks.
In the last break Sophie Snow-Warren and her friends went to the boys. „Listen.“, Sophie said, „Yesterday my grandpa told me a horryfing story.“
Anton looked at this cousin, „Which one? The one with the zombie bee?“
Sophie laughed, „No, not that one.“ But than turned serious again, „It’s about the ghostwoman, who searches for her child!“
Muddy, Anton and Paddock looked at eachother.
„What the hell is that for a story?“
The rabbit girl lowered her voice: „It is said that many hundred years ago a beautiful woman lived together with her child in a castle. Her husband was killed in the war. The lady loved her child very much and she played with it every day.

But one day a cruel and ornery man appeared and stole her child!

She was begging to give her the baby back, but he just run away. The lady searched for them everywhere.

 Even after their death. The legend says that you can see the lady all fifty years searching for her child. In a halloween night! She has porcellain white skin and eyes, which are shining like emeralds!“
„That’s a fantastic story, great uncle Bernard thought of!“, Anton grinned, but couldn’t hide that he was a bit afraid.
„Very creepy!“, Muddy shivered, „But it’s just story, isn’t it?“
Paddock nodded, „For sure.“
„I just wanted to warn you…“, Sophie said, „Because today fifty years have passed!“

The day passed very slowly. But then at around 7 p.m. it was finally the time! Muddy, Paddock and Anton met together with the other children on the market place, then they started trick or treatin

After an hour they already had a huge bag of sweets – and a few vegatables (Mona Hazelnut had a very healthy attitude.)
„As I said, we are sooo spooky!“, Paddock said happily, „We will make an all-time record with the sweets we have!“
„Indeed and…“, Muddy stopped.  In the corner of his eye, he saw something, „What was that?“
„What was what?“, asked Anton irritated.
„Nothing…“, the mole looked around, „I just thought that  I…“
At that moment Paddock shrieked, „Look! Look at that!“ Just three metres away from them a strange looking man with a young girl in his arms ran towards the restaurant and disappeared.

„What the…?“, Anton began disbelieving.
„It must have been a phantasm… Like a mirage…“, Paddock said.
„Yes.“, Muddy fastly nodded, „That was it for sure!“
„Help me!“, the chrystalclear voice of a woman spoke behind them.
Almost frightened to death the three boys turned around.
„Help me finding my child! Please!“, a pale lady, wearing an old-fashioned dress, looked at them with sad eyes. Eyes, which had the colour of an emerald!
Shocked Muddy said, „You are… You are that… that ghost!“

„What ghost?“, the woman looked around, „I can’t see a ghost. But please, please tell me! Have you seen my child? A man took my baby!“
„W… We have seen a man…“, Paddock bit on his lips, „He had a child on his arm.“
„Where?“, she asked excited.
„There!“, Anton pointed on the restaurant, „But, he disappeared…“
Without another word the woman ran towards the restaurant.

„Should we follow her?“
„Uhm…“, Muddy scratched his head, „Isn’t she that ghost? So shouldn’t we run away and scream?“
„Are you a man or a mouse?“, Paddock said, but wasn’t convinced himself.

„After all she’s a woman in trouble.“, Anton said, „Ghost or not. We should help her! Sophie didn’t say that she’s dangerous…“
„And maybe she’s no ghost. Ghosts are not real!? Aren’t they?“
The mole sighed, „Right. So it is settled.“
Nervously, but with the will to help, the boys followed the woman.
„He is running too fast!“, the lady cried, „I can’t catch him.“ She was desperate, „My poor baby!“

„Don’t cry!“, Muddy said, „We will catch him!“ With those words the boys ran as fast as the could.
Soon they could see the man again, but he really was fast.
Without thinking Anton grasped into the bag he was carrying and found the zucchini, Mona Hazelnut gave him. With all the power he had, the rabbit hove the zucchini at the man.
To his big surprise the man fell over and the baby on his shoulders tumbled over his back.
„Wow!“, Paddock was amazed, „Good shot!“
„Laura!“, the mysterious lady fell on her knees and hugged her child dearly.
Touched the boys looked at that scene, while the kidnapper disappeared with an ornery facial expression.
When the lady stood up again, she slowly walked to the boys. „I don’t know how I will ever be able to thank you. All those centuries without my daughter…. Thank you so much!“

„Oh well… It was a pleasure…“, Muddy said.
„We’re glad we could help!“, Paddock and Anton added.
„God may bless you!“, the lady softly layed her lips on each of their foreheads. The kiss felt soft, like a mild summer breeze. Then she walked away, hand in hand with her beloved child.
With growing disbelief the boys saw how they slowly vanished into thin air.
„Was that…?“
„That definitely was…“
„Trust me…“, Paddock said quietly, „That was the strangest Halloween we will ever have!“
Closemouthed his friends agreed.

At that moment Sophie and her friends walked over to them. They also had a full bag of sweets. „Hey, lads!“, Rose Tuxedo asked, „Is everything ok?“
Sophie giggled, „You look like you’ve seen a ghost!?“
The boys looked at eachother, but said nothing. No one would believe him that they actual met - and helped - a ghost. It would be their special secret - for ever.

The End
I hope you enjoyed that belated Halloween story :D. 

Yours Kyra

Samstag, 19. November 2016

Nina's Blog Giveaway

Dear readers,

I would love to introduce you to Nina's fantastic blog  At the Periwinkles' and the giveaway, she's hosting at the moment.
Nina creates wonderful, funny stories, which often have a mysterious touch. You will find talking plants and witches, but also cute innocent baby rabbits with a toyduck :). Please check her lovely blog out!

And this is a pic of what you can win. Isn't she so generous?

Good luck to everyone, who enters her gorgeous giveaway! :)

Yours Kyra

Dienstag, 8. November 2016

A morning with Flora Löffel plus new shops

Dear Readers,

finally I'm back with the story I meantioned. It is nothing spectacular, but I'm able to show you two new shops, so I hope you enjoy the story :)


Hans and the children had left just 5 minutes ago and Flora was glad that she could start today's housework in peace. Every Tuesday and Thursday she stayed at home completely and didn't help in the bakery. That worked fine.

Flora started to clean up the children's room. She made the beds...

... and put away the toys.

Then she took a seat on the couch and put on the TV. At 9 a.m. her favourite cooking show was on TV. She listend to the cook, who explained how to make some special surprise pancakes. 

At that moment the doorbell rung.

It was Pete Petite, the postman. 
"Good morning, Pete. How are you?"
"Fine, thanks. The weather is nice today and I have not many letters to carry around, so I'm really fine!", he laughed, "And one of those letters is for you, Flora."
"Ah, it is from my sister Terry!", excited she took the letter, "Thank you!"
"My pleasure. Oh and I also wanted to ask you, if you and your family would like to come for dinner next Saturday? We would be very happy and Margarete will make her special roast!"

"Thank you so much for the invitation. We will be very happy to come. Margaretes roast is legendary!", Flora smiled, "But we will bring some cakes, if that's okay?"
Pete laughed, "You don't have to, but of course we would be glad to eat your special cake."
"Then it's settled.", the rabbit lady set.

Because Pete had to finish his way, they said goodbye and Flora opened the letter.
Terry wrote about her family, the new shoes she bought and added a recipt for a pizza cake. She also asked about Flora and her family and hoped that they could meet this year.

When Flora finished the letter she sighed silently. She missed her sister. Hopefully they really would be able to meet soon. But there's no time to be sad - she told herself. She had many things planned to do. And the first step would lead her to the country market. She needed some shampoo.

So Flora walked to the Country Market. She greeted the other pedestrians, before she entered the store.

"Weeee.", a little mouse yelled happily, while she enjoyed the rocking horse, the store was selling.
"Be careful, Maelis!", Adeline, her sister said.
"Hello Flora!", Armande Roquefort, the father of Adeline and Maelis greeted, "It's the first time we're visiting the country market. Maelis is so excited about the toy departement."
Flora laughed, "I can see."

She talked a bit with Armande, before she greeted Willie Bezuidenhout - the owner of the Country Market.
"Good morning. Do you have the lavender shampoo in stock?"

"Morning, Flora. Yes, of course." he looked in the shelves, "Et voila, here it is."
"Thank you.", Flora paid for the shampoo, "My whole family is using this shampoo. It smells so good."

"And it makes the fur so shiny.", Willie smiled, "It's also my favourite one."

She said goodbye to Willie and went on to the Tailor's Shop, which was Molly McBurrows shop. 
"Oh Flora.", the mole woman scurried out of the building, "I'm done with Rosie's dress, but I have customers..."
"Don't worry.", Flora smiled, "I'll come back later."
Assuaged Molly breathed out, "Wonderful. Thank you."

There was a friendly coloured building next to the tailor’s shop.

Curious Flora entered the doughnut store.

„Good morning!“, the store owner, a pretty bear lady turned around to her, „I’m Eloise Yellowstone. How can I help you?“

„I’m Flora Löffel and I must admit that I wanted to take a look only. But now that I see and smell your fantastic doughnuts I must buy some.“
Eloise smiled, „You are the owner of the Löffel bakery, right? Feel free to take a look.“
„My husband is, but I’m helping him very often.“, Flora inspired the gorgeous smelling bakery goods, „I would love to try those.“ She pointed on a strawberry doughnut and then on some chocolate biscuits, „And those for my childrens.“

„Of course.“, the bear lady picked up the goods and gave them, well packed into a nice box, to Flora.
After the rabbit had paid, she asked: „Since when are you staying in Marigold Creek?“
„Oh me and my children have arrived a month ago, at the moment we’re living in a hotel close-by. But we‘ve talked with Mr. Tuxedo who promised us to help finding a house.“
„I’m sure you’ll get one soon. Mr. Tuxedo is very reliable.“, she smiled, „Do you like it here?“
„Yes, I do. The people we’ve met are all so friendly and always offer their help. My children are a bit shy though.“
Flora nodded understanding, „It is a hard time for them. But all the children I know are very friendly too. I’m sure they’ll make friends soon.“
„Thank you.“
The women talked a bit about the village life, before Flora said goodbye and went back to the tailor’s shop.

Molly already was waiting for her and showed her the dress, she sewed for Rose.

„Oh wow! It looks amazing! It’s perfect!“

„Thank you, Flora.“, the mole lady smiled, „I hope Rose will like it too.“
„For sure she will! She loves your dresses. The nightdress you‘ve sewed her a year ago is always in use, although she has grown out of it.“
Molly giggled, „I’m glad to hear that.“
Flora also bought some new wool, then she had to return home.

„Oh, by the way, Flora!“, Molly stopped her, „Before I forget it… What would be the right present for Luna‘s birthday?“
„Hmh… I know that she talked about that new game… What was it called again….“

„Looping bee?“, Molly thought, „Muddy mentioned something like that.“
„Yes, that was it!“, Flora nodded, „But I don’t know about the prize, if it’s too expensive, maybe a book?“
„I’ll take a look together with Milly and Muddy tomorrow. They are already so excited about her birthday.“

Flora laughed, „Luna too. I’m planning some games for the children.“
„Great! If I should help with something, just let me know.“
„Thank you, Molly.“

Flora returned into their house and prepared the lunch, before she dressed little Rose in her new dress.

"Oh, my dear!", Flora was excited.
"Do I look pretty?", Rose asked.
"Of course you do! Let's take a look into the mirror."

Rose was as amazed as her mother - she didn't put off the dress for the rest of the day.
And Flora? Flora surprised her family with the delicious goods from the dougnut store and got the order to buy more on her next free day....


I know that the end was a bit abrupt, that's because I lost part of the pics during the move. They were on my old computer, but now I can't find them anymore. I hope you don't mind. Next time there will be a complete story again.

Here are more pics of my new shops :)

I hope I'll be able to do a new story soon, I have so many ideas and finally I have internet again XD. It was so weird beeing absent all the time. I promise to read all your posts on your blogs and websites in the coming days :)

Yours Kyra