Samstag, 19. November 2016

Nina's Blog Giveaway

Dear readers,

I would love to introduce you to Nina's fantastic blog  At the Periwinkles' and the giveaway, she's hosting at the moment.
Nina creates wonderful, funny stories, which often have a mysterious touch. You will find talking plants and witches, but also cute innocent baby rabbits with a toyduck :). Please check her lovely blog out!

And this is a pic of what you can win. Isn't she so generous?

Good luck to everyone, who enters her gorgeous giveaway! :)

Yours Kyra


  1. Danke für Deine lieben Worte und viel Glück. :)

  2. Nina really does have a wonderful blog...

  3. Good luck Kyraja! Nina´s giveaway is lovely!

    1. Oops!I left the previous comment when I was logged in with the account I have for my first graders blog. Just in case you were wondering who I was...

    2. Thank you :)
      :D don't worry, I thought it was you. By the way your first graders blog is really cute! :)