Freitag, 30. Dezember 2016

A fantastic parcel from South Africa

Dear Readers,

I hope you had a wonderful christmas, filled with great, (sylvanian) toys, :)
I'm still very busy, because I'm writing my final thesis at the moment, but I haven't forgotten about my furry friends.

Today I will post about the parcel I got from lovely Eaton Blackberry. 

All the way from South Africa these wonderful items arrived at my house:

I adopted her hazelmouse family - Marigold Creek is very happy to welcome them.
I love those cuuuute faces, that's why I always wanted to have them and now there finally mine! :D

Next she got me the pig family...

...and a baby for my sheep family.

She also got me the pushchair *yippieh*...

... and a fancy fence :D. Which you see in the background of the first pic.
As a birthday present lovely EB got me the nursery swing set! It is so amazing - the nursery children will love it!

And she also bought me something for Christmas: the playpen. It is so detailed and I can't wait to take pics with lovely sylvanian babies. The playpen will go to the Hunter-Smith Family.

I'm so sorry for the bad quality of the pics - don't ask me, why they look the way they are...

Dear EB thank you so, so, so much for that parcel and all those wonderful goods! Words can't describe how happy I was when I received it. The items motivated me immediately for many new stories! Thank you :*

I have already taken the pics for a new story - so let your eyes open, I'll post a new story soon :).

Yours Kyra