Samstag, 4. Februar 2017

Those dark grey winterdays...

Dear Readers,

do you also have a fight with the weather when you're trying to take pictures? Since weeks I want to take pics for a story, but outside is dark and grey and all pics that I try to take are also dark and grey -.-.
But I still like to share some of the better pictures with you, which I took for fun while I hoped the weather would be better...

I really hope that it will be lighter soon!

Yours Kyra


  1. I know exactly what you mean Kyra. Same feeling here. This morning I wanted to take some pics for a coming story and the light was miserable.Another dark and rainy day! I can only take pictures at the weekend and only for a few hours in the morning so it´s really disappointing to look at the window and see the conditions are not the best for taking photos. Anyway, I took some. I´ll see how many of them are decent enough or if I have to delete most of them.
    By the way, the ones you posted are lovely! Sylvanian babies always look great!

    1. I'm so glad to hear that I'm not the only one! I totally understand, I also just have a bit free time on the weekend and when then the weather is bad I feel so disappointed^^.
      I cross the fingers that your pics turned out great!
      Thank you :*. I agree, babies are the cutest :)

  2. I also know how you feel. When you don't need to take photos the weather is nice but then when you do it is nasty. Luckily we are pretty fortunate where I live. Those pictures though are great. I think that SF babies look cute no matter what the photo is like. The babies picnic looks delicious!

    1. I'm glad you understand how I feel! Exactly, that happens to me all the time... lol.
      Aww, thank you :*. I think they enjoyed it XD

  3. Oh you Europeans! Complaining about such nice weather 😜 for me sometimes the sun is to bright and my pics are so yellow! Thanks for sharing Kyraja the pics are awesome!

    1. Haha 🙈 :D
      Oh, that's bad too! Sometimes I think best thing would be to have a photo studio😁
      Thank you dear EB :*

  4. These photos look lovely- who needs sunshine when we have these cheerful little characters to brighten our day X

  5. Liebe Kyra!!!

    I have had the same problem, oh yes!! But these photos you posted turned out fine!
    My favourite is the two babies on the swings. ❤

    Let's hope spring comes soon and brings along some sunshine!! :))

    Regards from Riverside,

    1. Liebe Nina,

      thank you so much! I'm glad you understand - and to hear you have the same problems. It's raining since days where I live- still no hope for better weather -.-. I now organized my Sylvanian stuff and thought of new stories (especially an easter story), but there was no Chance for picture taking yet.

      Let's hope the best.

      Many greetings,
      yours Kyra