My Sylvanian Families

Yes, I admit it: I love Sylvanian Families!

It's about little, just adorable, animal figures, for which you can buy a lot of houses, shops and furniture. Actual they're for kids, but there are a lot of adult collectors- like me.

Because I've just begun to collect, my collection is a bit moderate at the moment.

Anyway I try to give my figures a nice world to live in, which I want to document on this blog. I'm looking forward to your comments and/or animations.

Meet my families here! They love saying "Hello" to all of you :).

The Chocolate Rabbit Family

We have relatives in Sugarbush Valley!

Flora is the sister of Teri Chocolate.

We are also related to the Snow-Warrens!

Flora is the cousin of Lettuce Snow-Warren

Hans Löffel / Frasier Chocolate

He’s the Chocolate Families father and as the name says, he loves chocolate. Hans is the confectioner of Sylvania and creates together with his wife Flora the most delicious cakes and other pastries in the forest. Also he loves gardening and collecting flowers for his wife.

Flora Löffel / Teri Chocolate

Flora is a caring mother, who loves her family very much. She runs a bakery with her husband Hans, where she makes the fillings and glazings for the cakes. Therefore she’s using the fruits out of their beautiful garden. Flora likes singing and dancing- you see her and Hans often dancing together in their house.

Anton Löffel / Coco Chocolate

He’s the oldest child of the family and he already goes into the second grade (which he is very proud of). Anton likes playing with his friends in the forest, where they’re building tree houses. He’s a good brother to both of his sisters, but sometimes he jollies them together with his twin brother William.

William Löffel

William is the twin brother of Anton and just a few seconds younger than his brother. He enjoys baking very much, so you can often find him helping his father in the bakery. William dreams of beeing a great confectioner one day.

Luna Löffel / Freya Chocolate

Luna is the oldest girl of the family. This year was her first school day, which was a huge event. She likes school, so she’s always fast in finishing her homework. Luna loves to draw and dress up with her best friends Milly McBurrow and Anabel Buttercup.

Rose Löffel / Créme Chocolate

She’s the youngest family member and very shy. Both of her siblings are often playing with her, which she likes very much. Rose often wants to help her parents creating the cakes, but it’s always ending up with her eating the pastry (because it's so delicious).

Karl Löffel

Karl is an athletic, adventure loving grandfather. He's very interested in geography and in all cultures of the Sylvanian world. Together with his beloved wife he just returned from a trip around the world, which he enjoyed very much. Before his retirement he was a baker, like his son Hans. 

Elfriede Löffel

Elfriede has remained young and shares her husbands interests in cultures. Before retirement she made the cakes in the bakery, but she was very happy to teach Flora all her secrets in cake making. The two woman have a very good relationship and often talk for hours. 

I’m sure that you’ve noticed, that I’m calling my Chocolate Rabbit family with other names (Hans, Flora, Anton, Luna and Rose instead of Frasier, Teri, Coco, Freya and Créme), that’s because these are the official names for them in Germany. Also I like them a little bit more, because I think they sound cuter.
The family name “Löffel” would be translated as “spoon”, but it means the long shape of the ears.

The Breeze rabbit family

We also life in Sugarbush Valley!
Caleb Breeze
Grandpa Caleb Breeze has been a sailor all his life. Now retired, he still loves the ocean, but sailing has become too exhausting for him. He steill wears his smart sailor's jacket with gold cuffs, which he loves dearly, so he still looks the part!

Valerie Breeze
Grandma Valerie Breeze loves the ocean too, but from the shore. She used to sit for hours, accompanied by her two daughters Flora and Teri, staring out over the ocean waiting for Caleb to return from his trips. Valerie loves her grandchildren and feel blessed for having Freya and Creme so close by, but she miss her Löffel grandchildren and wishes they could visit more often.

The White Mouse Family

Michael Hawthorn

Michael finally returned to his family (read about the homecoming here) and is looking forward to his new life. Because he's a fisherman he's planning to sell his captured fish on the market in Marigold Creek. He adores his little family and enjoys the evenings, where they talk and eat different cheese sorts together. His favourite cheese is Camembert, but he also loves fish and oysters.

Katie Hawthorn

Katie is the younger sister of Imogen Hawthorn and the nursery teacher of Marigold creek. Because her husband Michael is a fisherman (he always calls himself a "real seamouse"), he isn't at home very often. But after the birth of their first baby, Michael wants to change his working place from the ocean to the Chrystal lake ("Finally fish is fish!" - he said).
Katie loves all kinds of cheese, but especially Edam. Because of that she often goes to the grocery together with her daughter, where they decide which new cheese they're going to test.

Mazie Hawthorn

Mazie is a curious little baby mouse, who loves to go shopping with her mother. Her favourite cheese is Camembert (like her father), but she also adores the cheesecake made by Flora Löffel / Teri Chocolate. She often plays with Rose Löffel / Cremé Chocolate. She always wants to share her favourite cheese with her brother, but often fails, because she eats faster. 

Harry Hawthorn

Harry is the youngest member of the Hawthorn family. He's as curious as his sister, you can often found him crawling around in the flat and looking in all cupboards. Michael takes Harry often with him to work, while his wife takes care of the other children in the nursery. Like his mother, Harry loves Edam, which he eat in little flower shapes, his mother made him.

Laurel Hawthorn

Laurel is the oldest adopted daughter of Michael and Katie. She's a very well behaving and gentle girl and enjoys looking over her younger siblings. Like her mum she wants to be a nursery teacher. She's a close friend of Milly McBurrow. Together they often do handicrafts.

Melanie Hawthorn

Melanie is the younger sister of Laurel and just got adopted in the Hawthorns household. She's the same age like Maizie. That's why they're playing very almost all the time together. She also loves Camembert, like her mother.

The McBurrows Mole Family

We have relatives in Sugarbush Valley!
Molly is the sister of Heidi McBurrow.

We have relatives in Mystique Valley!

Molly is the sister of Graber Digger.

Digger McBurrow

Digger is an expert at making tunnels and underground chambers – a talent, which he had inherited from his father. Tragically the McBurrow family lost their old house because of an earthquake and had to move into another village. At the moment Digger is building a new underground home for his family – in doing so his friend Hans Löffel is supporting him. Digger is a big fan of the cakes, which the Löffel family produces: He always buys more than 3 cakes… and ends up with stomach aches. After that Molly blusters, but still nurses him (with a smile, that says: I’ve told you that before!)

Molly McBurrow

Molly is a very house-proud and tidy mole lady. She cleans up every day, so no spider could even has the chance to nest. Together with her daughter she decorates their house seasonal. Molly loves her husband and children very much, they are her greatest treasures. Besides that, Molly McBurrow is a very talented tailor. After their move, she thinks about opening a dressmaker’s shop.

Muddy McBurrow

Muddy is a good tempered boy, who likes handicrafts very much. But other than his sister, he just can’t keep his clothes clean, which drives his mother up to the wall. Because of that he is trying to learn how to use the washing machine. He is very happy that the family had to leave their old home, because now he’s able to play with his best friends every day.

Milly McBurrow

Like her brother Milly loves handicrafts. She is very talented and creates beautiful gifts for her family and friends. Milly is also interested in sewing – one day, she would love to be a great tailor, like her mother. Because of that she’s practicing in making costumes together with her friends Luna Löffel and Anabel Buttercup.

Monty McBurrow

Monty is always full of energy and wriggles around in his cot. Monty loves to hear bed-time stories and for him, his dad is the best storyteller on earth.  

Mo McBurrow

Little Mo is the youngest member of the McBurrow family and she is very clinging to her mother. She loves apple mash and cookies the most. Like her brother monty she adores the stories of her father.

The Fresian Cow Family

We have relatives in Sugarbush Valley!
Gabriel Hornigold is the brother of the local Daisy Buttercup!

Hornbull Buttercup

Hornbull runs a charming farm together with his wife. He loves the nature – so you can find him all day long walking on his fields, watching his beloved plants grow. Every time Daisy has finished cooking, she has to look after her husband, who is taking care about their vegetables. If she doesn’t call him, Hornbull sometimes forget nearly to eat.

Daisy Buttercup

Daisy is always in a good temper. She loves cooking and advances the view, that everything will be okay, if you just have a delicious meal. Therefore she takes the vegetables out of their garden. Daisy is very nosey cow- she loves talking with her close friend Flora Löffel over a cup of tea, where they puzzle about the strange behavior of the villagers in Dandelion Village (a nearby colony).

Paddock Buttercup

Paddock inherited the temper from his mother. He is always running around and is laughing a lot. Like his two best friends Muddy McBurrow and Anton Löffel he is a second grader. Actually he likes school very much, but he just can’t sit on his chair quietly or without moving his legs for more than 20 minutes. Because of that the teacher gave him the permission to clean up the blackboard.

Anabel Buttercup

Other than her brother, Anabel is a very shy and gracefully girl. She would never run around, because she’s afraid of getting dirt on her dress. Like her friends she loves dressing up. Also Anabel likes fairy tales very much. Her parents read a new fairy tale every evening to their children. For Anabel this is always the best part of the day.

Elizabeth Buttercup

Elizabeth is the youngest member of the Buttercup family. She loves playing with her mother and her sister Anabel. Sometimes she tries to imitate her older sister by trying on her dress. But like Rose Löffel she's a little bit shy infront of unknown people.

Gabriel Hornigold

Gabriel is the pastor of Marigold Creek, but he also teaches arts and religion in the elementary school. He's a friendly young man, who loves hiking and reading good books. Also he adore ice cream and all kind of sweets. Gabriel fell in love with Elsie the first time he saw her.

Elsie Hornigold

Elsie is the younger sister of Daisy Buttercup. She moved after a bad relationship together with her parents to Marigold Creek, where she opened a new business: "Elsie's Ice Cream" - or also known as "Buttercup's Dairy". All the children and the adults loves to see the sweet looking bicycle - the new business is a huge success. Elsie is a very calm and romantic woman, who enjoys reading fantasy and romance books. In Gabriel she found the love of her life.

Angus Buttercup

Angus is known for his funny jokes and his calmness. He loves joking around with his son-in-law Hornbull and his grandchildren, who are always happy to see him. Together with his wife he had run a little milk shop in Pumpkinvilles, but because of the strange peoble (If you ask Bessie, she will explain this circumstance in all details to you :D), they decided to move back to Marigold Creek. He loves his wife, but sometimes Bessie really can make him see red, when she starts to panic for nothing.

Bessie Buttercup

Bessie is the typical care taking grandmother. She loves her daughter and their family as much as her husband Angus and tries to look after them the whole time. It was very hard for Bessie, when Hornbull and Daisy moved to Marigold Creek, because she missed them so much. Now after they left Pumkinvilles Bessie is over the moon with joy and tries to help her two daughers with everything, which can be sometimes... well... nerve-wracking for all involved parties. Luckily her husband normally can calm her down.

The Tuxedo Cat Family

Mason Tuxedo

Mason is the owner of Marigold Creeks first luxury hamburger restaurant. Together with his family he moved from a far away country to Marigold Creek. He wanted to show the world, that a hamburger could be more than fast food. In his free time he loves to play tennis, he shares this passion with his daughter Rosie.

Natalie Tuxedo

Natalie supports her husband with the restaurant and gives also piano lessons to children two times a week. She adores her daughters and her husband and tries to make them feel comfort all day long. Therefore she cooks special meals, pre-warms the towels and arrange their clothes for the next day.

Lily Tuxedo

Lily ist the twin-sister of Rose. She loves dancing and shopping, where she's always trying to find something in a rose or pink colour, which is her favourite. Besides dancing Lily enjoys playing with her dolls.

Rosie Tuxedo

Rosie, who is two minutes younger than her sister Lily, is a huge tennis fan. She collects all infos of her ideals in a secret book, where she also writes diary every day. But like her sister she's a girlie girl and loves to go shopping.

Moonlight Tuxedo

Moonlight is the youngest of the Tuxedo triplets. He's always full of energy and runs around in the house. Together with his two sisters, Moonlight tries to help his mother all the time and can drive her crazy with his millions of questions. But Natalie is proud of him at the same time and tries to answer his questions with lots of patience. He loves spaghetti and could eat it all the time.

Peppermint Tuxedo

Peppermint is the oldest of the triplets, but she doesn't care about that fact. She's very cooperative and always tries to facilitates her mother's life. Sometimes Peppermint is a bit too credulous, which makes her family laugh. But she always laugh with them.

Angelica Tuxedo

Angelica is a very emotional young girl, who always fears to do something bad. If an accident happens Angelica is heartbroken and the family needs a long time to cheer her up. But besides that Angelica is laughing a lot and enjoys playing with all her siblings. Her big idol is her older sister Rose and she often tries to behave like her.

The Petite Bear Family

Pete Petite

Pete is the new Postman of Marigold Creek. He is happy to live in a quiet and peaceful village now - especially because of his bad experiences with other villagers in his old hometown. Pete loves his job and he adores the happy faces of the people, when they receive their post. When he saw Margarete the first time, it was love at first sight. He adores her and is very happy, that she's laughing about his scatterbrainedness. The twins Ron and Victoria are Petes little treasures - he enjoys playing with them.

Margarete Petite  (born as Margarete Bellefleurs)

Margarete works at the Löffel's bakery, which she really enjoys. Although she hopes to open a shoe shop one day. She's one of the newest villagers in Marigold Creek and is very happy to find such a cozy home. Together with her husband Pete she lives in Riverside Lodge, a small, but beautiful home. The birth of the twins made her perfect life even more complete. Every evening Margarete and Pete read a book to their children, which they enjoy very much.

Ron Petite

Ron is a few seconds older than his sister Victoria, which made him think that he have to protect her all the time. He's a very good mooded little bear, who enjoys riding on his little bicycle. Ron's favourite book is called "The Legend of Earl the Earthworm".

Victoria Petite

Victoria is glad that her brother takes care of her, because than she's feeling more like a princess (To Pete's amusement she's calling her father always "king dad"). Victoria loves to dress up as a princess, after her mother read the book "Princess Vici and the magic garden" to her, because she hopes to find the magic garden on her own now. 

Pippin Petite

The twins Pippin and Marmalade are the youngest members of the Petite family. Pippin is very askance in front of other people, but not to his family. He is very cuddly to his mum and dad. 

Marmalade Petite

Marmalade is a very curious baby, who is the total opposite to her brother Pippin. She wants to meet new people all the time. Also she loves playing with her twin brother and tickeling her older sibling. 

The Roberts Badger Family

We have relatives inSugarbush Valley!
Bobby is the twin brother of Bobby Roberts (their parents were funny people^^)

Bobby Roberts

Bobby is Marigold Creeks first police officer. After a really bad relationship, he gave up his old life and moved to the peaceful village. Also he sometimes looks a bit crumpy, Bobby is a gentle, coffee loving man. Also he adores flowers and good films. Together with his daughter he often watches "Little bees in town", a famous children series. Becky is, beside his daughter, all the world for him. He is always amazed how lucky he is to have such a woman.

Becky Roberts (born as Becky Underwood)

Becky is an elementary school teacher with heart and soul. Children make her happy and teaching is her biggest joy. Bobby is the love of her life - meeting him was love at first sight. Like her husband she likes good movies and fairy tales, which she like to read to Marie.

Marie Roberts

Marie suddently appeared one foggy morning infront of her fathers door, sitting in a little basket. Bobby hadn't any idea, that he had a little daughter and although it was a huge shock for him, he immediatly took her to his heart. Marie is a shy, but funny little girl. In Becky she found the mum she always wanted.

The Snow-Warren Rabbit Family

We have relatives in Evergreen Village!

Lettuce is the cousin of Belinda Bluetail.
Clarence is the brother of Tom Snow.

We are related to the Löffel family!

Lettuce is the Cousin of Flora Löffel.

Clarence Snow-Warren

Clarence is a fruit farmer - and that with all his heartblood. As a child he often visited his grandparents farm, they inspired him to become a farmer himself.
He studied agrarian economy in Pumpkinvilles, where Clarence met his wife Lettuce. Together they passed their studium, helping each other in all situations. Clarence is very happy that they're moved to Marigold Creek. Finally his dream of an own farm shop can come true.

Lettuce Snow-Warren

Lettuce is the cousin of Flora Löffel, they grew up together and since childhood they are best friends. She found the love of her life in her husband Clarence,  who supports her with everything. She's looking forward to live in Marigold Creek, close to her cousin Flora.

Lucky Snow-Warren

Lucky just turned 6, so he'll visit school soon. He's very nervous about that, because he doesn’t know any of his future classmates yet. His one year older sister Sophie tries to calm him down, but because she’s also going to go into a new class, her tries are not very successfull. Lucky enjoys listening to stories, especially when his grandfather tells them. Also he's afraid of the school, Lucky is looking forward to learn how to read and write.

Sophie Snow-Warren

Sophie loves farming, like her father, and wants to help him all the time. She's good in school, but like her brother afraid of the changes. Luckily her cousin Anton will be in her class. At the moment she’s looking for decorations for the farm shop together with her mother.

Alice Snow-Warren

Little Alice is the youngest member of the Snow-Warren family. She just turned one year and is learning how to talk at the moment.  With her cute pronounciation Alices amuses her family. She's cuddled all the time, which makes her very happy.

Bernard Snow-Warren

Bernard is a famous author. He loves writing children books, but he also published adult romans. Especially the Thriller "After the milkman rung" was one of his absolutly bestsellers. Bernards wife Edith is his inspiration, he often calls her "my little honey muse".

Edith Snow-Warren

Edith was born on a farm and loves the country live. As a young woman she married Bernard and gave up the farming, but she never regret it. Edith is very good in drawing, that's why she illustrates Bernards books.

The von Stachel Hedgehog Family

Mortimer von Stachel

Mortimer runs the village store together with his wife. He is very proud of the business and takes care that just the best products will be sold. 
Mortimer is a very calm man, who enjoys spending time with his family. That's why he loves playing games, like Monopoly or Roulette. Friday evening is very important for the whole von Stachel family, because that's their official family day and all have fun together. Mortimer is also very proud of his children and he loves helping them with new game ideas.

Eleanor von Stachel

Eleanor is like her husband a very calm and gentle soul. You will never hear her blustering or argueing. She's mostly smiling and all customers adore her and try to spend some extra time in the shop, just to have a nice talk with Eleanor. She also takes care that her family always have a shiny fur and combed stings. Her favourite game is "Tabu", because her husband behaves very funny at this pantomime game.

Franz von Stachel

Franz is an always good-mooded boy, who loves telling jokes. Together with his twin sister Greta he often thinks of new games, which the family tests together on the family day. His big dream is to become an official game designer, when he will be grown up.

Greta von Stachel

Greta is as lovely as her mother, who is also her great idol. She loves playing games, especially Ludo. Greta and Franz aren't just siblings, they're also very close friends, who spend lots of time together. Anyway she's very curious to meet the oher children of Marigold Creek.

Peaches von Stachel

Little Peaches is always sleepy and very lazy, although she has a fantastic sense of humour, when she's awake. Because her parents were very worried because of her tiredness they let her checked by doctors - they found out that little Peaches was still effected by the winter sleep phase after her birth (That sometimes happen in Sylvanian), which wasn't bad and nobody had to worry. Although Eleanor hopes that Peaches will grow out of that winter sleep phase soon.

The Fisher Cat Family

Millicent Fisher

Millicent is a young woman, who just moved to Marigold Creek. She's a learned nursery teacher, but now she works together with Sarah Hunter-Smith at the orphanage. Her daughter Mallory is her treasure and she's guarding her jealously. Millicent is also a close friend of Natalie Tuxedo and loves spending time with her.
Her husband is an archaeologist and is spending one year away from his family to encounter the mysterious ruins in the Sylvanian jungle. Anyway he tries to visit his family as often as he can.

Mallory Fisher

Mallory loves beeing outside, where she can play with her friends or do rollerskating. She likes all kinds of sports, but she also enjoys reading a book together with her mother. The life of her father sounds like a big adventure to her and Mallory hopes to go with him one day. Ruby Hunter-Smith and Rose and Lily Tuxedo are close friends to her.

Amber Fisher

Amber is a very tidy young cat. She loves cleaning her room and taking care that there is no dust at all. Although she's afraid of dust, she would love to discover the jungle ruins with her father too. 

The Maces Mouse Family

We have relatives in Sugarbush Valley!

Cecil is Spencer Maces' brother.

Cecil Maces

Cecil is the first professionell photographer of Marigold Creek and now just opened his shop. He's a creative and commited man, who offers his help to everyone. Besides photography he enjoys hiking and visiting the museum.

Brie Maces

Brie is a children's nurse and very patient in her job. No child should be afraid of visiting the doctor or getting medicated. That's why she often plays games with the little ones before she starts the examination. Of course she takes good care of her own children too. Together with her husband Cecil she goes on long hiking tours.

John Maces

John is the twin brother of Louise and he loves to play in cardboard houses. He could play there for hours.

Louise Maces

Louise like her brother adores playing in the cardboard houses, which their father made for them. She enjoys playing "I'm a cook".

Cassandra Maces

Cassandra is the mother of Cecil and Spencer Maces. She lives in the forest of Marigold Creek, where she owns a small, alternative pharmacy. Cassandra collects all the herbes by her own, which she enjoys very much. She's a little bit mysterious and you can often here the rumour that Cassandra is a witch... If you ask her sons they will say, she's just a bit different, so... You must find out for yourself...

The Chocolate Labrador Family

Bruno Hunter-Smith

Bruno is the maths and social studies teacher of Marigold Creek's elementary school. He appears strict, but in reality he has a soft heart and tries to improve the learning terms for all his pupils. Bruno is very interested in the history of Sylvania and you can often find him studying history books. He loves his family and enjoys going to the museum with them. For him his wife bakes the best jam cookies in the world.

Sienna Hunter-Smith

Like her husband Sienna is a teacher, she teaches home economics and Sylvanian (the official language of Sylvania). All pupils adore her, especially when she teaches cooking, because after the lesson all children enjoy a delicious meal together. Also Sienna has a reading lesson every week, where she's telling stories to the pupils - to make a cozy atmosphere Sienna often brings jam cookies for the class.

Charly Hunter-Smith

Charly just turned 6 this year. He's very calm and quiete and enjoys history as much as his father. Sometimes he's a little bit shy infront of new children, but he's just so likeable, that he makes friends very fast. Charly is very intelligent and his parents suppose that he will be a professor one day.

Ruby Hunter-Smith

Ruby is a soft-hearted girl, who enjoys playing tennis (She has training with the Tuxedo sisters) and taking care of her three youngest siblings. It's totally clear for her that she wants to study education like her parents. She's good at school, but she doesn't like maths at all - a fact which sometimes drives her dad crazy.

Dylan Hunter-Smith

Dylan is like his other youngest siblings quiete and clings to his parents. You will find the triplets always together and always close to their mum or dad. While their parents are working, the triplets often stay with their aunt Sarah. Even if they like their aunt, they miss their parents terribly and can't wait until they return from work
Dylan loves teddy bears - his complete bed is filled with them. His dream is to get a teddy bear, which is bigger than him.

Jack Hunter-Smith

Jack enjoys playing with his family the most. He could play all the time, from morning to evening. It's very hard for him when his parents must prepare lessons and his older siblings do school word.

Helena Hunter-Smith

Helena always misses her parents the most, that's why her aunt has to deflect her as good as she can, which isn't easy all the time. She loves eating the cookies of her mother, while Sienna cuddles her.

Sarah Hunter-Smith

Sarah is the leader of the first orphanage of Marigold Creek. She lost her husband in a tragical accident and lives now together with her daughter Jane in the orphanage. Sarah is a kind and caring woman, but she can also be very strict if it comes to fights between the children. She's very happy to live in Marigold Creek now,  especially after the bad memories in Pumpkinvilles.

Jane Hunter-Smith

Jane is a very quiet, shy young girl, who loves books. She's still very sad about the loss of her dad, but she finds help and shelter in her mother's arms. Jane's close friends are Anabell Buttercup and Greta von Stachel.

The Truffle Wildboar Family 

Eustace Barrington Truffle 

Together with his beloved wife Victoria, with whom he had studied together, Eustace runs a dentist practice. Although Eustace's tusks sometimes scare the little patients, when they see him for the first time, he is a friendly doctor. He loves to makes jokes with the children to help them loose their fear. Eustace often surprises his wife with a huge flower bouquet and chocolates and almost every week he buys new toys for his children.

Victoria Truffle 

Victoria like her husband loves her job. She wants to give their practice a family friendly look, so all patients feel cozy. Victoria is a very tidy woman, but her three piglets are little mudlarks and often leave footprints in the house. Anyway Felicity, Susan and Charlie are her little treasures. Especially because she and Eustace had waited very long until Victoria finally got pregnant. Together with her husband she enjoys watching historical movies and series (They're favourite is the famous series Sylvanian Abbey).

Felicity Truffle 

Felicity is the oldest of the triplets. She is a good hearted little girl, who always tries to make as less dirt as possible. But she's also a bit clumsy, so she often makes more chaos than helping.

Susan Mary Truffle 

Susan loves the surprises of her father as much as her siblings. But she's often that excited about the toys that she can't really  concentrate on them. She's running from one toy to the other and drives her siblings crazy with her behaviour. But in the end all the piglets play in harmony together.

Charly Truffle 

Charly is a real chocolate lover. He could eat it the whole day - from morning to evening. Of course Eustace often brings him his favourite chocolate (which is Caramelchocolate), but unfortunatly (and to the "joy" of his mother) little Charly always eats the sweets after brushing his teeth.

The Bamboo Panda Family

Shinichi Bamboo

Shinichi Bamboo owns Marigold Creek's toyshop together with his wife. He and his family originally came from China, but they used to life in Japan (That's why they all have Japanese names). The moving to Marigold Creek was a big step for them, but they like their new home. Shinichi is a very friendly, humorous person. He likes entertaining his family and making jokes with them. Also the panda man enjoys cooking, especially traditional Japanese food.

Akane Bamboo

Akane Bamboo is a soft and caring person. She looks after her children and her husband all the time. Akane loves her job, because she adores the cuteness of the toys. She enjoys looking for new toys and tries to find the best toys in whole Sylvania. That's why all children and their parents like her very much. For her children Akane is the greatest, because she's giving them the newest toys to test them while playing (of course they can keep the toys).

Aki Bamboo

Aki is a very well-read young boy, who mostly enjoys fantasy literature. In Franz von Stachel and Charly Hunter-Smith he had found two great friends. They often meet after school to play or talk about the newest books.

Sayuri Bamboo

Sayuri, like her brother, loves reading, especially fairy tales. She is a more introverted girl, but she have a very close friend - Lavender Brightfield. The two are inseparable and are often sitting in the meadow, chatting about school, books and their dreams.

Chiko Bamboo

Chiko is the youngest member of the Bamboo family and is always busy with playing. Even when he's sleeping he seems to play with his teddybear in his arms. Chiko is still to young for the nursery, so he accompanies his parents in the toyshop (Where he of course can play even more).

Albus Bamboo

Other than his family Albus decided to have a Latin name. He was always called "wise" as a child and he liked that name so much, that he decided to be called "Albus". Albus adores sweets, that's why he opened a little sweet shop - or better said he owns a candy cart. He enjoys his tours through the village and the happy faces of his customers.

The Brightfield Goat Family 

We have relatives in Evergreen Village!
Cypruss is the brother of Billy Brightfield.

Cypruss Brightfield

Cypruss and his beloved wife Petunia own the first market garden in Marigold Creek. He loves working outside, smelling the fresh air and the sweet scent of the flowers. Cypruss is a very romantic guy, who loves to surprise his wife with a bouquet of fresh flowers everyday. His two daughters are his little treasures, he enjoys telling them all about flowers and plants.

Petunia Brightfield

Petunia like her husband enjoys working outside. Because she loves flowers so much she always wears dresses with a flower print (you would never see her in a striped or simple coloured dress). Petunia is very glad that the villagers of Marigold Creek prefer a nature related life. Moving into the beautiful wilderness, which surrounds the village, was the best desicion in her life. 

Lavender Brightfield

Lavender is a friendly, soft hearted young girl. She loves flowers as much as her parents and wants to be a gardner too. Together with her best friend Sayuri Bamboo she often picks beautiful flowers and arrange them in the classroom. For her mother and little sister Lavender enjoys making flower tiaras.

Maple Brightfield

Maple just turned two years old. Even so she's still very young the little goat loves helping her parents in the garden. She especially loves watering the plants. Maple is always good mooded and behaves very well. 

The Macavity Cat family

We have relatives in Sugarbush Valley!
Ichabod is the brother of Alonzo Macavity.

Ichabod Macavity

Ichabod is the doctor of Marigold Creek and opened the little clinic just a while ago. He is specialized in herbage based medicine, so he was very happy when he heard about Cassanda Maces, who owns a little alternative pharmacy.
Ichabod loves travelling with his little, but happy family. It's very exciting for him to discover new places.

Katrina Macavity

Katrina is a doctor's assistant and helps her beloved husband in the new practice. She is a very caring person, who always tries to make the patients feel comfortable. Katrina is, like her husband, very proud of her two daughters. She knows that both will have a great career one day.

Amber Macavity

Amber is a very intelligent little cat. She always counts her play dices and is already able to multiply and to divide (add and subtract was the first thing she learned after learning how to crawl - very much to the pleasure of her parents). 

Ivory Macavity

Ivory is as intelligent as her sister, but in a complete different way. Ivory is very creative and creates fantastic drawings with her little paws. If she and Amber aren't drawing or counting, they play together. 

The Woodbrook Beaver family

Andrew Woodbrook

Andrew is like Digger McBurrow a carpenter, but has himself specialized on making furniture. He is very talented in making furniture, but works very chaotic. That's why Andrew is very glad about the helping hand of his wife.

Aubrey Woodbrook

Aubrey organizes her husbands orders and tries to clean up his workshop - a never ending story. She loves reading about old Egyptian artifacts and the great Sylvanian pharaos of this time. Maybe that's why her two daughters got Egyptian names. Beside that Aubrey loves to create beautiful patchwork rugs.

Isis Woodbruck

Isis is the oldest daughter of the family and enjoys dancing and singing. She just got a guitar for her birthday and is now allowed to visit music lessions in her school- Isis is very excited about that.

Ethan Woodbruck

Ethan just turned two years old and can't wait to visit the nursery. He is always good mooded, loud and makes everyone laugh. Ethan feels himself responsible for his little sister Nefertiti and protects her.

Nefertiti Woodbruck

Nefertiti is the youngest member of the family and only a year old. Like her name says, she is a very pretty little girl....and she already knows that. Little Nefertiti can't pass a mirror without looking in it.

The Roquefort Brown Mouse Family

Armand Roquefort

Armand is a cheese specialist. He knows how to make all sorts of delicious cheese, from Edam to Cheddar. With his family he just moved from Sugarbush Valley to Maigold Creek, where he plans to open a cheese shop. Armand is always on the hunt for new flavours to refine the cheese sorts. But beside his job he is a gentle, always good mooded man. 

Amelie Roquefort

Amelie learned the techniques of making cheese from her husband. They met eachother in the nursery and after five minutes playing in the sandpit it was clear: Amelie and Armand would marry one day. And it came like that 20 years later.
Amelie dreams of a beautiful cheese shop, where she can arrange the different sorts in a nice way.

Nicolas Roquefort

Nicolas is a very friendly and gentle young boy. He has perfect manners and tries to help everyone. Like his parents Nicolas wants to become a cheese specialist himself one day. Together with Adeline he enjoys playing games and watching episodes of their favourite TV shoes (3 bees, 2 earthworms and a spider).

Adeline Roquefort 

Adeline was adopted by the Roqueforts, when she was a little baby. Although she is no mouse, she never felt like a stranger in her family. Adeline loves her parents and her siblings. Like her family she enjoys cheese very much. She hopes to open a cheese restaurant in the future.

Maelis Roquefort

Maelis is the youngest member of the Roquefort family. She is a very tidy little mouse, who takes good care that her room is always cleaned up. Besides cheese she loves romantic fairy tales (Her favourite is the novel: Prince Laughs a lot marries Princess Always happy).

The Puddleford Duck Family

Ernest Puddleford

Ernest is a serious man, but he also can be very funny, when he makes one of his famous jokes. Although he sometimes looks a bit severe, Ernest is still a very caring man, who loves all children. That's why he together with his wife opened a daycare center for the youngest Sylvanians.

Jemima Puddleford

Jemima, like her husband, loves all children. She enjoys taking care of them and playing with them. Opening a daycare center was always her biggest dream, so she's very happy that she could finally realize this project. Beside that Jemima likes baking and reading good books.

Quiek Puddleford

Quiek is a real late riser and never wants to leave her bed. She loves her teddy bear, who of course accompanies her all the time.

Quäk Puddleford

Quäk is the total opposite of her sister, she is an early riser and is always the first one awake in the house. She adores playing with her dolls.

Quak Puddleford

Quak is the only boy in the family. Living together with two sister, he enjoys the time with his father, when the two of them plays with the miniature train together.

The Dale Sheep Family

Ewan Dale

Ewan and his wife Barbara are planning to open a pizza restaurant, because they want to share their special recipes with the village. Although Ewan was always told that he didn't look like someone who makes or even likes pizza, he persuaded everyone with the first bite from one of his handmade pizzas. 

Barbara Dale

Barbara is a sauce specialist. She makes all kinds of sauces to appeal all tastes of their customers. Her sauces can be also used for pasta, which is a real insider tip. So if you will ever visit their pizza restaurant ask for some extra sauce and add it to your pasta at home.

Winton Dale

Winton loves gardening and is very proud about his own flowerbed, which his father made him. He can't wait to learn reading, so he will be able to read gardening books. Although he likes the pizza from his family, he can't imagine to own the restaurant later. He prefers going to Cypruss Brightfield and learn about plants. 

Iona Dale

Iona likes helping her mother trying out the new recipes. One day she wants to help in the family business. Besides cooking she love playing with her dollhouse.

The Dappledawn Rabbit Family

Hazel Dappledawn

Hazel owns Marigold Creeks beauty parlour - she is a beautician with heart and soul. Together with her granddaughter Rhianna she lives in a little appartement above her store. Hazel is a very friendly lady, who makes her customers feel like in heaven during their treatments. 

Rhianna Dappledawn

Rhianna lost her parents in an accident, when she was a little child. Since that she lives with her beloved grandma. Besides crafting, she likes helping out in the beauty parlour. Rhianna is very happy that her grandma allows her to play with her friends in the shop (they often painting their faces together).

                 The orphanage of Marigold Creek

Thomas Keats

Thomas is one of the orphans of Marigold Creek. He is the best friend of Minerva Dappledawn and you will never find them apart from each other. Thomas loves to imagine stories and he presents them with much joy to all orphans. He hopes to be a famous writer one day.

Minerva Dappledawn

Minerva was a baby when she was taken into the orphanage. She grew up with Thomas Keats and is his best friend since childhood. Minerva's biggest hobby is to cook and she's very happy that Sarah teaches her a lot. That's why she dreams of becoming a professionell cook later.

Sparky Huckleberry

Sparky is the youngest of the orphans and just entered the nusery. He enjoys playing with Monty McBurrow and together they plot lots of pranks. But those are always funny ones, because Sparky would never harm one.


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